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Found 6 results

  1. The Pom Queen

    PetAir UK - Pet Travel Service

    Bob at PetAir http://www.petairuk.com/ has teamed up with Pomsinoz to bring you all the ins and outs on shipping your loved ones to the other side of the world. As Bob is a qualified vet I am sure he will also be happy to answer any other worries or concerns you may have during this process. Bob can also explain all the latest updates in regards to the rabies vaccination etc. To ask Bob a question please visit his forum at http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/shipping-pets-ask-pet-air/
  2. Mbandvb

    Dog to Australia

    My husband and I are moving out to Australia at the end of January 2018 and we are taking our beloved pooch with us. We have chosen a travel company to fly her with but I am so nervous for her to fly and the idea of her being in her crate for over 24 hours scares me a little. I would love to hear some people's stories on there pets journey to Oz from the UK just to get more of an idea of the process the dog goes through and how you dogs got on after the flight and quarantine. Thanks in advance.
  3. Dear All, I am working through a to do list for emigrating to Sydney in August. The hardest decision is which company takes my two cats get out there. The forum has been really useful and I have narrowed it down to the above transport carriers. Did Pet air send out the wooden crate beforehand as they say they will? (Airpets dont do this) Was the boarding cattery ok in Windsor which pet air use? - no photos.. Is newspaper better (Airpets) or absorbent vet bed (pet air) in the crate as am worried if they have newspaper it will be wet & might clog up the water bowl but they can hide their business. Both have good reviews on this forum but does anyone have any experiences of either that would help make my decision easier? I just need to make a decision.. Many thanks for any replies.. Merlinphoenix
  4. Guest

    petair or ryslip group(boxer dog)

    Hi has anybody taken their dog to australia and used either petair or ryslip,they both seem very good but cant find any reviews on any of them,dont no which one to go with even though one of them is a grand cheaper than the other:eek:
  5. Guest

    Pets to Oz: PetAir UK

    Hi All I get asked to do some unusual things for Poms in Oz Members! At the moment I am investigating how to get some ponies out to Oz. In this context I have been exchanging e-mails with a company called PetAir UK, which is run by qualified and very experienced vets who specialise in air travel for pets and I have been chatting with one of the vets - a super guy. He is totally committed to the health & welfare of the pets, and tells me that they always use passenger flights for pet travel. (Some companies use cargo flights for them.) I hope I have managed to persuade PetAir to join Poms in Oz. I think they would be a very valuable addition to the Poms in Oz "advisory team" because lots of people ask about the wisdom of, say, trying to fly a very elderly or a very jittery pet out to Oz. Another question that often crops up is that a dog has a routine innoculation and then fails the blood test for travel to Oz. The PetAir vets would be able to answer and tell us the things that should be considered, plus explain how the pets should be properly cared for whilst en route. This input would enable people with pets to grill the pet travel companies and find out precisely how their pet would be cared for by the company in question. For instance, I didn't know until today that a vet would not choose a cargo flight for a pet. PetAir UK's website is here: PetAir UK - worldwide air pet transport by qualified vets I have no hesitation in recommending that anybody considering taking a pet to Australia should at least contact PetAir before making a decision about which company to use for the job. I am immensely impressed by the vet's help about the ponies even though they do not fly horses themselves. He has given me the names of two very reputable horse travel companies (which I would never have found on my own) plus has told me how the air travel for horses is actually arranged. I had assumed that horses/ponies go on cargo flights but apparently not. PetAir UK are based in Dorset. I do not know whether they can arrange travel from anywhere in the UK. That is something they would be able to tell us if they join PiO, as I hope they will. (I've a feeling that if someone were determined to use PetAir and twisted their arm a bit if need be, the PetAir vets are nice enough that they would arrange something via a good vet close to you.) I am in NO doubt that they really do care about the animals entrusted to them, which is so imporant. Best wishes Gill
  6. Guest

    Has anyone used PETAIR???

    I am thinking of using Petair to transport our beloved little doggie, Bunny, to Brisbane. I have had a quote for £2285 to include collection from home, all paperwork and qurantine in Sydney (I need to pay for her to fly from Sydney to Brisbane separately). How does this compare with others? H'd love to know if anyone any experience of this company??? Bunny is a little Tibetan Terrier-9 kilos. Debby