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Found 106 results

  1. The Pom Queen

    PetAir UK - Pet Travel Service

    Bob at PetAir http://www.petairuk.com/ has teamed up with Pomsinoz to bring you all the ins and outs on shipping your loved ones to the other side of the world. As Bob is a qualified vet I am sure he will also be happy to answer any other worries or concerns you may have during this process. Bob can also explain all the latest updates in regards to the rabies vaccination etc. To ask Bob a question please visit his forum at http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/shipping-pets-ask-pet-air/
  2. Guest

    Super speedy Courier service?

    Hi everyone, With the change looming on the 1st July we are kinda worried that we will not get everything to DIAC in time. We are waiting for our ACS skill test, then have to apply for state sponsorship and once we get all that back only then can we apply to DIAC. So I just wanted to know if anyone knows of a courier company that is super speedy than the usual ones so that we can get applications over to australia in a hurry. Thank you Keglin
  3. Major country dealership requires a SERVICE MANAGER with extensive agricultural equipment experience especially tractors. Car provided, bonus, relocation assistance,Good rate of pay, job security, visa supplied, met at the airport, assistance to settle. email me for more information gary@pgarecruitment.com
  4. hi everyone, have a query which i hope some one will be able to help me with. we are in Oz and applying for ENS visa. Went for my medical and have received a letter referring me to the health undertaking service for TB testing. Now, this has come as a shock and am left wondering where this leaves us with our application. I do have an abnormal x-ray due to a bad case of pneumonia. This was declared for our last visa and was passed through the radiologist and then LCU with no probs. Thought there may have been an issue then, but since there wasn't put it out of my mind. Now, after medical here, again declaring the info and showing letter from my old consultant regarding the pneumonia I have received this referral and need to attend the chest clinic as a suspected TB case. Have never had TB, have been immunised against it, and only have abnormal xray due to lung scarring after the pneumonia, which I have already demonstrated to them. Am obviously really concerned now that this will affect our visa application and am wondering if anyone has experienced this? many thanks
  5. Guest

    Prison Service in Australia

    Hi my name is Richard and i am new to this site, i am a serving Prison officer in the U.K wishing to relocate to Australia and work in there Prison service. I have been a Prison Officer for 10 years, but desperately want to move out to Oz, and would love to carry on in the job over there, can anyone help with any advice at all please??
  6. Morning/Afternoon/Evening at the moment I work for the ambulance service in Manchester (UK) and have been thinking for sometime about emmigrating to Australia. I am looking for some general information about how the service works in Oz. If you work in the service or know someone who does please could you get in contact. Thanks Daniel
  7. Morning/Afternoon/Evening at the moment I work for the ambulance service in Manchester (UK) and have been thinking for sometime about emmigrating to Australia. I am looking for some general information about how the service works in Oz. If you work in the service or know someone who does please could you get in contact. Thanks Daniel
  8. aussiechick2006

    Military service records/discharge papers

    Hi everyone, On my husbands Spouse Visa app it's asking for proof of Military Service records/Discharge papers. The thing is he doesn't actually have a copy of Service records and as he's still officially working he doesn't have discharge papers. So what have others used as proof? Would his ID and a few pay slips be enough? Many thanks AC
  9. Could anyone tell me whether there is an official governing body with which we could raise a complaint against a Relocation agent we used to relocate from London to Sydney? The Relocation Agent promised us she would not charge a fee should she not be able to find us a suitable property to rent in Sydney. Long story short... she didn't find us a property and has now taken payment for a full service fee (to which we had not agreed). Does anyone know how we can raise this dispute with a formal governing body in order to get our monies back??
  10. Hi All, I have a question related to mig. lawyer. We have used his service with preparing our application (and paid hefty fees). However, I am now on 820 (Partner Temp. Res) and should be getting PR by mid 2012. Last time we got billed over $800 for having letter from DIAC forwarded to us. I mean, I was a bit worried initially whether I can do everything by myself but now I think that there shouldn`t be any problem - we just keep our records, if they ask for an interview, that`s no biggie. So if I stop using his service, should I then call DIAC and tell them to contact me directly? Any experience with that - thanks :dull:
  11. My husband has 20 years in the Fire Service Final Salary Pension Scheme. We are emigrating to Oz in July but despite asking for a value since Oct 08 we are hitting a brick wall. The pensions department say the government are reworking how they calculate the values and they can't therefore give any valuations ! Personally I think this should be illegal - that they should have to provide you with a value within a set time limit. Our worry is that we may end up being resident in Oz for over 6 months before we even get a valuation (we've been pestering for 6 months already so we feel this is a distinct possibility). Also - has anyone transferred a Fire Service pension ? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Does anyone have any experience working for the police service in Queensland? Any existing coppers or new recruits? I'm thinking of a career change and always fancied being in the Police. I've researched a bit on this and all I could find was posts on WA and SA police (as they recruit direct from UK), WA came off fine but general consensus was to stay away from SAPOL! was hoping QLDPOL wasnt in the same class as rubbish employers! Thanks Mac
  13. I have worked as a Community Service Supervisor in Scotland and I can honestly say that this job gave me the most satisfaction out of the jobs I have done. Where would I find info on the same or similar position in Oz?
  14. The Pom Queen

    Climate Smart Home Service $50

    Following on from Tonymans post re free shower heads, You can get the Climate SmartHome Service for $50if you live in Queensland http://www.climatesmarthome.com/what_you_get.html
  15. Hi, im a 32yr male, i work for the NHS Ambulance service back here in the UK as an Emergency Medical Technician, currently awaiting a paramedic conversion course but have been woooed by the opportunity to come to Perth and work for the WA St Johns Ambulance, i would be able to be converted to a Grade 2 Ambulance officer initially. I do hold 2 degrees and have spent time in HM Forces and as a police officer for West Mercia Constabulary, i meet the grading criteria/points score to allow me to apply to emigrate.Are there any other ex-UK Paramedics or IHCD EMT's here in Perth, i would love to know more about the differences in Pre Hospital care compared to the UK. Also i am loking for general advice from anybody regarding moving over here, the WA St.John would be paying for my VISA and associated costs, i would have to find somewhere to live and sort out a bank account, car etc...I am only applying for the position so far so have not yet been offered a position, any info at all about living over there would be of great benefit to myself. My cousing spent 3 years living in Oz but on the East coast and i do not know of anybody else who lives there... Thanks in advance Mark
  16. Hi I am looking for part-time administration work or customer service work. I have over 16 years experience based in Call Centres for Corporate IT Companies and 3 years working for BUPA as a Senior Bookings Clerk all my roles were Team Leader based. I have put this note up as a last resort have beening looking for work here in Newcastle since May. We are on a 457 visa so a lot of companies will not employ me. I am from the UK. If you know anyone that's looking for a reliable, committed hardworking person with good administration experience pls PM me I can also work from home and have owned my own Virtual PA business in the UK for a year. I have a certificate as a Virtual PA as well. So don't hesitate to contact me pls. PM me with any info Thanks Kind regards Maria
  17. So got a summons for jury service back in April but had a holiday booked in Thailand so got it deferred and now it's in September. Being del employed and a business owner there must be some way of getting out of this? Any ideas please as I really can't be bothered with the 2 weeks of sitting around wasting my time when I havea business to run!
  18. I have sent my 885 paper appications last friday by express post in Australia. The staff said my applicans would be delivered on 27th of June. When I sent it, I received tracking number for checking tracking. Today, I thought my applications have been delivered and checked tracking number. But, my tracking number is not available, so I contacted Australia Post. They emailed me that they can't find any record and they should investigate. Unfortunately, I must lodge my applications before the end of June. Don't use Australian Post service if you need to send important things.
  19. Guest

    migrant health service charge

    hi guy`s, just came across another charge that i had not been aware of in the past, did`nt notice it when i submitted my 103 in 2009. MIGRANT HEALTH SERVICE CHARGE ??. $1334, ??. is this a new charge that has come to the fore, and what do we get for it if anything.. ringo
  20. Discussion on the radio yesterday (Jeremy Vine Radio Two, should be able to get it on replay I imagine) about the whys and wherefores of some of our soldiers receiving free tickets to the Olympics, the discussion whilst being mainly targeted at this particular topic also went further and discussed such things as medals, they are paid, why a special case, and so on. I was somewhat surprised at the tenure of at least 50% of the comments. To try and keep it as succinct as possible some were saying that they were NOT a special case, why should they get this sort of 'special' treatment. I wholly agree that some jobs out there do not get the rewards they deserve, (monetary and public) police, nurses, all types of jobs that 'should' in the cold light of day be rewarded and looked upon with thanks by us, BUT. I do maintain that though (now) entering the services is on a voluntary basis I wholeheartedly agree that our service personal should receive due reward and thanks from a very often apathetic populous. And for one reason ONLY. They do a job that maintains our freedoms, and enables us to live the lives we presently lead. This can be said for generations of soldiers and their families, without them I doubt very much that some of the freedoms we seem to take for granted nowadays would exist. So, in your opinion, are our service personal 'just' doing their job, and should receive little or no extra 'privileges, or are they doing a job that should be rewarded by our country in many ways? I don't want to cause a stir, but with had on heart I was amazed at the sometimes vitriolic debate that took part yesterday on the radio from some members of the public, and what was even more surprising was the fact the a few of the callers had perviously been ex service personnel,:shocked:. Cheers Tony.:wink:
  21. HI im trying to find employment as a gas service engineer / technician in Adelaide so i can emigrate on a 457 sponsorship visa Can anyone out there help
  22. seems online visa status site is down.
  23. Well recomend them :cool: Just say where and who, might be helpfull or the thread might fail badly lol Heres mine for today Kennedys Barbers in fremantle, tis a pommy fella who runs it and he does a damn good haircut!!!! for us blokes. http://www.kennedysbarbershop.com.au/
  24. aussietool

    Perth Airport Taxi Service.

    Hi Everyone, Just wanted to let people know that are in the UK,and who are moving to Perth WA,that I have a new Airport Pickup Service business up and running,Its a single man operation(ie me..),where by I can pick up newly relocating families from the UK and take them from the airport to their accomodation,As an expat myself hailing from the Midlands,hopefully I will be able to give a helping hand and a friendly face on arrival and perhaps give a little bit of advice too. I cover a wide area range,so its not just Perth but the surrounding areas too and will pick up from the airport any time day or night. So if anyone is interested please don't hesitate to PM me for more details. Thanks Geoff.
  25. Based in Melbourne a gas heating technician wanted Servicing and repairing domestic gas central heating systems in and around Melbourne