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  1. When we started looking into places for our son to start school, we were lucky as the Christmas before we went back to the UK and had the chance to take our son around the possible schools. So that he could pick the one that he felt most comfortable with and wanted to go too. He made his choice and then we emailed them direct about places. We looked on the local council website and that gave us all the dates and forms that we needed to fill in. All correspondence was performed either by telephone or email. Thank the lord for the TPG free international calls package that is all we can say lol. It helped us out a great deal being still in Sydney and trying to sort out things for our sons move. We did not think about holding our son back at all and even if we had, we would not have done so. In the end it turned out to be the right decision. If there was anything that we needed to do to help him get up to speed we would have, but as it turned out all was OK. Going into year one will be a bit of a shock for the little ones, but it is something they need to all go through to get them from day-care mode into school life. We would not recommend holding them back at all. To answer the question posed in the title of the post, as we did all the communications and set up via email and phone, while in Sydney, we were able to take our son one week before the new term started. One week to get the last minute things started and then one week with him while he did his first week in school.
  2. Lol good luck with that one. In saying that though we are going to try and keep shipping bits back to a minimum. When we came over we brought everything. Some boxes are still in the garage after 6 years. We will have a big sort out before we go so we don't make that mistake again.
  3. Last year we took our eldest back to start high school with the rest of the kids in the new term. This was in the hope that he would better fit in and to make the move back a bit smoother for us all. Looking back on it now it was the right decision and he has made great progress. He has made friends is doing really well in all of his classes. He has already moved up a set in English and moved up to top set in Maths. We were wondering if he would need to go back a year, but from what we have seen, he has been fine. From your description, your kids seem a little older than our son, but hopefully the move will go as smooth for them, as it did for our son. We know the area that we wanted to move back to and our son ended up going to our old school. We secured him a place via communication with the local council and the school directly. We told them our position (his parents still in Australia) and they were all OK. His form tutor lets know if there is anything that we should hear and we also get his reports via email too. On the whole it is a good arrangement until we get back. From what we have heard kids need to be in the UK for 4 years to get free fees, if not they are classed as foreign students and will have to pay the fees as such. One thing that we have sound fantastic is to get our son into scouts. This gives him something that not only does he enjoy doing, but he gets to meet people with the same interests. He goes away camping and hiking, helping to fill his time and get out and about. He is doing far more in the UK, so much more than he could of hoped to here, simply due to our own position.
  4. I must admit for that kind of money I do not blame you. Sell it here and then take the cash back. You will be able to get something decent in the UK for that kind of money and you will not have the issue of the duty, tax, insurance and all of that fun. Like said before, we would only consider it for a classic, one that had no rust and is worth the effort. Take it from the link that price was just for shipping the car on its own. Have you thought about adding it in the container of personal effects that you are going to ship back with you?
  5. We are in the same in the same position, however our car is not a new as yours and we brought it over with us when we came. It will be coming back with us though as it is a classic we have been working on for a long time now. When we came over it was in the container with all our stuff, which took about three months to get here. That is the kind of time frame that we are working on for getting her back to the UK. Our car is an early 80’s model so hopefully there will not be the tax issues that new cars may face and also ours was first registered in the UK, so she is on the system. You need to check that there tax/import duty will not mean that it is not viable. The cost of the container with the car in was around 3.5k and we have heard that containers back start from 5-8k. Most of the posts we have seen on here say that it is not worth taking a car back, but not sure if that is a new one or any in total. The cost of cars is quite cheap in the UK, so would you be better of selling it here and taking the money back with you to get another one there? The one reason we are taking ours back is due to its age and the fact that we have had it so long and worked on it all this time. Have seen a few posts from Iron Chef before about this and he does seem to be the person to go to for advice. I have seen him advise that it is not worth it with some cars so be ready for tha
  6. After, after, after lol. For us, if we found our self in your position the option we would take is having our baby in Australia and then moving back after a few months. That way you gi through the same process that you have already been through with your first born, you know the ropes. You also do not have to worry about getting registered in the UK and having the trouble of all that. Yes going back with a new born may be a bit of an issue and you will have to take more stuff for them, but it just has to be done. We went back last Christmas with our new born, he was 3 months old. We had sterilised bottled and baby powder in jiffy bags. We made enough bottles for the whole journey and made up his milk when we needed it, an extra bag but nothing too bad. The main driver for us would be the fact that we would be able to stay and get them their birth certificate here and then passport. It will be far easier here. That way, like people have said before both your kids will have the option to come and go as they wish. That is worth its weight in gold. All three of our kids have both UK and Aus passports. We see it as something we can give them for the future as you never know what direction they will take. With the cost, time and troubles we got to get here, the least we can do is save our kids going through that, if they want to live here in the future.
  7. True and that is why it seems that more and more people are realising that the UK is not as bad as what others may have you think and are returning back "home". That is one thing we have never called Australia.
  8. Must admit that we hear this quite a bit these days, that the cost of living is forcing people to pack up and go back to the UK. These days, the whole idea of the work life balance seems to be more and more un-achievable for people. The sheer cost of house prices and general living is going up so much that the lion’s share of peoples wage is spent on just getting through. When it is like this you kind of think what is the point in chasing the dream that is getting further and further away? We are not in that position, but still want to move back to the UK. Our reasons are simply due to missing family members, the desire to be back in familiar surroundings and simply it turning from a dream into something well less than a dream. It is not a nightmare, but it is not the dream we thought it would be.
  9. Not totally sure, but my initial thought would be no. Lots of multi national companies run there separate country operations like separate entities, so a company in one country will not recognise the same company in another country.
  10. Everyone has a little bit of blame in the overall game of life. May be if there were not so many false or “enhanced” claims to start with, then possibly the insurance companies would not be making people dishonest? Everyone on this merry go round has a hand in spinning it faster and faster, resulting in the situation we have now. One thing is for certain though, if there were no more claims, the premiums would not go down.
  11. True and they should not be allowed to get away with it. However, if you look further back, people are coming up with ways to play the system, because they know someone will listen and get them money for it. Take these people away and then the number will come down.
  12. I personally feel that things like this are getting out of control. These days’ people do see things like this as winning the jackpot, a way of getting a nice payout at the end of it. It is a shame as the genuine cases get treated as frauds. The trouble is that it affects us all. For example, the price of insurance goes up for everyone and then you find yourself living in a “nanny state”. Governments go all H&S mad to try and eliminate any chance of claims being brought. However, we cannot blame to people bringing the claims. They are just doing what they can get away with and it is only human nature to do so. The people to blame are the ones who are promoting this and letting people get away with it. No win no fee layers and such like. They are the ones who should have to answer here.
  13. It is great to hear that making a list is helping you with all the planning that you have done and still need to do. Oh yes they can be a bit daunting at the start, but the one good thing about them is that when you start marking things off, you get a great feeling of satisfaction knowing that tasks are getting completed. We use an online site called “Trello” for all our lists and tasks. This way we can have all our devices connecting to it and can see the list when we want. Being only half way through the year though, the to-do list is still bigger than the done/closed list. This is for work on the house and the car to name but a few lol. It would be good to hear more about the pension and super situation you find yourself in.
  14. That is true and the one thing that anyone moving back to the UK (including us) needs to remember. They done it one way, when most of the time they were moving to new areas which they did not know about and had limited friends there. So moving back to the UK should be slightly easier in that aspect, especially if people move back to areas in the UK they know well. “You are moving to the greatest place on earth” cannot disagree with that at all. The good thing about living away is that you realise how good things were in the UK.
  15. What is/was the rental market like where you are? If you were not making anything on the house (or even making a loss), could you not rent it out a bit and see if the market picks up? That way you might stand a chance of making some money on it or even not making such a loss.