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  1. THE, best health service in the world.

    When you live in the Uk, you take the NHS for granted. it is only when you move away, you realise that it is great and how well we have it in the UK. We will for sure be returning back home with a greater appreciation of what the UK has to offer, including the fantastic NHS. There should however be far greater respect and protection to healthcare staff.
  2. Customs clearance times

    Yep same as ScottieGirl, so can take longer. it sounds like you were lucky
  3. Advice on renting

    We rent our house out in the UK and we pay management fees, finder’s fee and annual checks like gas and electric and the landlords insurance. These costs are all included in the rent that the tenants pay. The tenant themselves on top of the rent, pay all bills e.g. gas electric water council tax and tenancy renewal fee.
  4. When is the best month to arrive? (school enrolment)

    We have always taken the approach that the sooner we can get our kids socialising with other kids, the better, it really helped with their social skills and growing up. We have friends who kept their children with them as long as they could, not taking them to day-care or such like and when they get to start school, it is really noticeable. You can really tell the kids who have been mixing with others from them who have been kept in a little bubble for as long as possible. With regards to year 3’s being exposed to year 4 or 5 work, the fact that they are being driven to strive and learn more can only be a good thing. Life is not sugar coated and there will be pressure, the sooner we start coping with it the better later on in life.
  5. Taking my car home

    Ours is a 1980 Triumph TR7. Not quite the thing you need if you have a family of five, but had it over 12 years now so you could almost say we are a family of six [emoji2] Sent from my SM-G900FD using PomsinOz mobile app
  6. Taking my car home

    With the costs that you have mentioned along with the trouble you went through, it does make you ask if it is all worth it all. We will be bringing our classic car back with us when we return, however she was originally registered in the UK and if we do a search on the DVLA website, she is still on there. We like to think of it as she has been on a long holiday with us lol. We are hoping that we will not have the issues of importing a new car. However, the insurance and the no claims will still be an issue.
  7. Taking my car home

    For just that reason (not having any no claims bonus) we will be driving our old Citroen C3 when we get back. On leaving the UK we gave it to family and now it has worked its way back to us. She is an 04 plate, but all paid for and after a bit of work she will be goat to run around until she gives up the goat. She does not owe us anything now. So we can drive her for a year on 3rd party and get the no claims building up From talking to friends back in the UK, the price of car insurance has gone up and up year on year.
  8. Customs clearance times

    We have not moved back yet, but from what we hear we are counting on a few months on the boat and a few weeks to be cleared.
  9. UK is second most powerful country in the world

    It is great to hear that the UK is so high up. I would have thought that Russia (the sleeping giant) would have been a bit higher, but I am glad we are two. Everyone can see that things will change in time as they say China will be the next biggest superpower, with India coming online when China go offline. Others words, not mine. The good thing with the UK being recognised in this is that it can only be good for the economy and the whole Brexit thing. I know that there is another thread for Brexit, but good press will be good for the country. More and more people should take reports like this and use them to be more upbeat about the UK. Living away for the last 6 years, we can see that the UK is not as bad as what people think or say about it. In our eyes, it is the best place to be. Our son has recently started high school in the UK and he is able to do far more there than he could ever do in Sydney. We cannot wait to get back for good.
  10. Ticket is bought!

    From reading your story, this sure seems the right thing to do and at the end of the day, you have to do what is right for you and your family. We wish you all the very best with the move and are you are moving back to family and friends, we are confident it will be the right one. However, if in a few years you feel different, like you say you all have the passports so you can come and go as you want. Then you would officially join the “Ping-Pong Poms” group. Scotland does seem to be getting more and more popular these days. Have read a few posts on here where people are returning back to the UK and have decided to go to Scotland. Sure know what you mean about a cold Christmas though. We have spent only one Christmas here in 6 years and have our flights booked back in December, to spend Christmas in the UK. Sitting at the table sweating is not Christmas for us. The one thing that we are looking forward to being able to get (when we want) is proper sausages and sausage rolls. Dare we say it, when we are back we always go and get some from Greggs. Strange what you crave when you cannot get it. Know exactly what you mean about sorting things out and not taking back anything that is no longer needed. When we came out here it was a mad last minute rush, as Phil had a job offre out of the blue. So we did not have chance to sort much out and we brought everything. As a result we have boxes in our garage with items in them that we have not used since we have been out here. For sure we will be having a big clean out. One thing we have said before is that we will ‘help’ the packers with their job. What we mean by that is grouping things together and helping more things go in the boxes. When the guys were packing in the UK we saw them just placing things in the boxes without a care for space saving. One example was a box contained 15 wooden coat hangers that had just been thrown in. If they were cable ties in groups of 5 we could of got more in the boxes. Eventually cutting down on the amount of boxes we shipped. We will be a bit smarter and hopefully not so rushed this time around. When we came over we used Pickford’s. They were ok but they did scratch the front of the car we brought over. We have heard a few times on there that Chess are a good company and quite reasonable with their prices. We have our house in the UK that is being rented out. Last year we took our son back to start high school. This worked out well as our tenants had just moved out and it needed a bit of work before the new tenants moved in. With nothing being in the house, it was easy to do the work it needed and to give it a bit of tlc. When you move back you will not have your things yet, so you can move around the house freely and do the work needed. You will be surprised at how fast you can make an impact when there are not things there to get in your way. Hope that the move goes well and at the end of the day now that the flights are booked you have a light at the end of the tunnel, something to look forward to and work towards. We are planning on moving back late next year, but will be keeping our place here and renting it out. Before then we need to get some jobs done around the place and things with strata do not move fast so we may have to delay our plans. At least you have not got that worry :-)
  11. Taking my car home

    That is a good point, as with my old British car, I have to get the bits shipped in from the UK. The funny thing is that is cheaper than trying to get the bits here. In the UK, you may have the same issue and then you have to take into account the over prices of Australia. It always makes me laugh how prices are so high here. The other day I was looking at ebay for some male and female spade connectors for my car. On the first page it showed me ones from Australia. One place wanted $10 for the connectors and then $8.50 for the shipping. For gosh sakes they were only down the road. However, on page two it was the overseas suppliers. One place were asking $2.30 for the same connectors and free p&p from China. Can you guess which one I went for in the end? So I can only imagine what troubles you will face trying to get bits when you need them. Also it will be harder to shift when and if you want to trade in or move on.
  12. The cost of living

    That is a nice amount to live on currently and if you cannot, you need to take a long hard look at your lifestyle and make the necessary changes. The old saying comes true here; you have to live within your means. If you have 24k a year coming in and 26k going out, you have issues. One thing to remember though, if your 24k is fixed from now until the day you meet your maker. The cost of living and inflation will not be. Your pound today will get you more today than it will tomorrow. With that in mind it may be an idea to not try and spend all the money each year, but to save year on year to give you more when you may need it. As you are returning back to the UK after a long period, does that mean that UK pensions and benefits will not be there for a bit, if ever? If that is the case things may be different.
  13. Returning to Blighty after nearly 8 years in Queensland!!

    Totally agree about Worcester and we feel that way about the surrounding areas too. We are originally from Kidderminster and would often go to Worcester. We are heading back this Christmas and it is a shame that we will miss the Victorian Market. The prices of houses in Worcester is going up, but then again they are all throughout the country.
  14. Returning to Blighty after nearly 8 years in Queensland!!

    Thanks for the comments on our post and we feel for you in your position, but like you say your mum needs you now. It is a shame to hear that it has all fallen on you to do, but like you say you have to pity the others as they are missing out on what can only be classed as limited time. At least one thing, you are there when your mum needs you most. You can always say that.
  15. Returning to Blighty after nearly 8 years in Queensland!!

    Totally agree. We will be moving back to Kidderminster. Good old carpet town.