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  1. I too will be returning, I have been here over 2 years now and miss England. Coming to Australia was a long time dream of mine and I had it all planned and set up for when I left the British Army after 22 years service, I figured it would be just as easy as starting off in civi st, and as I spent years living and working abroad I didn't think I would miss the UK that much. The problem for me is the cost of living, the poor service, everything seems so overcomplicated out here and the house prices and quality of build. I have seen it mentioned on this forum before and I have to agree that the average Aussie is just so xenophobic and boring, everything has to be about Australia, I am proud to be English but if I see someone gifted or talented from another country I can only admire them, but here they only concentrate on what is Australian, Australian owned and run, blah blah blah, I just don't find them stimulating at all. Apart from that the rain here is double what I experienced in the UK, I have been flooded out twice, I have the heating on more here than I ever did in the UK as there is no insulation double glazing etc and when the sun does come out it is unbearable. The only upside for me is my job as I earn a great wage and can save quite a bit, but even that won't be enough to keep me here, I did plan on working a lot longer and putting a sizeable amount on a house in the UK, but I can't bear the boredom or constant long drives to get to anywhere. I miss the close proximity of Europe and underestimated the impact the history and culture of the UK would have on me, it just feels very sterile here, no character. My friends keep saying I should have researched it more, but I did, this was 10 years in the planning, It doesn't matter what research you do, you won't know until you have actually lived and worked here for at least a year. I am glad I came for those reasons, I just had to get it out of my system, but now it's time to move on.
  2. mark roberts

    Moving Home and Super $$$

    Thanks, so I guess my only option would be to leave it in Australia then claim it when I am 55?, not ideal but at least I know now.
  3. mark roberts

    Moving Home and Super $$$

    I thought that you could cash in your super if you forgo your visa, although there would be a penalty. I too am thinking of returning to the UK and cashing in my super within the next couple of years.
  4. mark roberts

    Positives stories about moving back to the UK

    Thats how I feel at the moment, I desperately want to move back to the UK, but I can save almost as much as I can earn in the UK here, so a few more years here will make it worthwhile in the end. But part of me thinks that life is for living and to hell with the finances.
  5. mark roberts

    short term lease available Victoria

    No not yet, but I have to go to NSW on Friday to start my new job, so I will have to relocate the family at a later date.
  6. mark roberts

    breaking a rental lease????

    Is it possible to move out then go for the procedure for breaking the lease agreement, I will be moving to another state so I don't know how easy it will be to deal with the real estate agency.
  7. mark roberts

    moving within Australia

    Has anybody got any information on moving costs between states, I am looking at moving from Victoria to NSW.
  8. I need to relocate to NSW but I currently have a lease agreement until February 2012, I have spoken to the rental agency and will be able to sign over the lease agreement. It is situated in Werribee, about 40 min drive to Melbourne, 1hr by train. It has 3 bedrooms built in wardrobes, 2 bathrooms, toilets, ensuite and walk in wardrobe to main bedroom. 5 min drive to train station, schools and shops walking distance. Good home to find your feet, $265 per week. Need to move ASAP.
  9. mark roberts

    tax breaks

    Yes thanks, I am declaring it and have received the forms to get my tax back from the UK, as I am on a permanent resident visa, I just got some bum advice on having to pay tax in the UK because it is a military pension, and I am not of pensionable age.
  10. mark roberts

    tax breaks

    Is there a time limit whereby I have to make the decision to transfer my pension, I haven't been here for a full financial year yet, and although I have a permanent residency visa I am not sure if I will be staying in Australia for much longer.
  11. mark roberts

    tax breaks

    I have a military pension being paid into my UK account, which is being taxed at 20%, I have been told that I shouldn't be paying tax in both countries. However if I notify the Australian tax authorities of my UK income,(which I have to do to claim my tax back in the UK) does that mean that they will then add that sum to my taxable income here, and then tax me on the full amount, if so I may as well keep my mouth shut and just pay the 20% in the UK. Am I wrong, any advice anyone.
  12. mark roberts

    Visa 176 and 2 year obligation

    I am having a similar dilemma, I applied for 175 and then a 176 visa to Victoria, I was told that they were processing my 175 visa, but when it arrived it was a 176, I didn't complain because I was glad to get it. I have been in Victoria for 8 months now and whilst I am in employment it is not in my chosen field, I now have been given an opportunity for a fantastic job in NSW, I want to tell my prospective employers that I can leave the state, and take their offer, if it's only a moral obligation I am willing to break it to provide a better life for my family, as that is why I came to Australia in the first place, if it wasn't for that idiot Chris Evans, most people would not have bothered going for state sponsorship, he screwed it up so bad and had us all jumping through hoops it's to be expected that some people made some rash decisions, I include myself as one of those. You have my sympathy.
  13. mark roberts

    Anyone used Destination Oz?

    I used destination Oz and found them to be fantastic and great value for money, Mick made sure all my paperwork was correct and was always at the end of the phone helping me through the immigration process, which became very turbulent as a result of all the recent changes. I was on his books for 3 years in total, as I was timing my visa to coincide with my release from the British Army, I always felt that Mick and destination OZ gave me a lot of support and relevant advice throughout that time, where I could have easily been forgotten because of the length of time I was with them . As I write this I am sitting in a temporary rental in Point Cook Victoria having been here for 3 days, my application went through easily and I can only thank Mick for that as I am sure I would have made a lot of mistakes myself. If you want good value and don't mind filling in forms and writing a couple of statements on yourself, I would definitely go destination OZ you will save more money. Alternatively if you want to pay thousands and expect to be carried on the plane without any effort on your part then by all means go to the more expensive services, it is only a process of form filling in, not rocket science, you just need someone to guide you, give you good advice and to make sure you have done it correctly, and I can't praise destination OZ enough.
  14. mark roberts

    Sanctuary Lakes - What's it like to live there ?

    I would really appreciate it if you could give me a contact for an agent in that area, thank you.
  15. mark roberts

    Sanctuary Lakes - What's it like to live there ?

    This is beginning to worry me a bit now, I don't want to land in Melbourne and be homeless, what is the solution?, any help and advice will be greatly appreciated. Regards, Mark.