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  1. twinsmom65

    Favourite Place to Get a Coffee in Australia

    Agree with you Kev. I remember being shell shocked when I first arrived in OZ with the price of coffee. Was never into Starbucks in Canada, Canadians love their Tim Hortons coffee which is just regular drip coffee. I pay $2 for an extra large here. I remember paying $7 for a coffee in Perth, mind you it was a cap. In Oz, I used to get my coffee from McDonalds. I guess I am not a huge lover of fancy coffees, just a plain and simple girl! Cheers Karen
  2. twinsmom65

    Top Gear...RIP

    There are rumors that Netflix is looking to develop a show with Clarkson, with perhaps May and Hammond as well.
  3. twinsmom65

    How to convince your 81 year old mum to come and visit

    My grandmother used to fly out to Canada from the UK on a regular basis, usually every 2 years, she did it up until her mid eighties, however, I could see that as she got older, the flight took more of a toll on her. The flight from the UK to Canada is only about 7 hours. The flight to Australia is bloody long, no matter which way you look at it, and I don't know if it was me, I if would put that pressure on my parents at that age. I think the key to being a successful migrant, is you have to be selfish. I find the most successful ones are the most selfish. Not being negative against them, I think it is great, if you have the attitude, that it is your life to live, and buggar anyone else. Unfortunately I don't have that attitude. Some days I wish I did LOL. Cheers Karen
  4. twinsmom65

    Cuba one week all inclusive for $9

    Nope our All Inclusive's in Mexico and the Caribbean include flight, transfers, all meals, all drinks including alcoholic drinks and usually non motorized water sports. Now granted the $9 deal is for a 3 star in Cuba, which is not what I would go for, but for a cheap and cheerful getaway, it can't be beat. We are currently off season, as it is summer here in the northern hemisphere. The most expensive time to go is usually Christmas and Feb and March. I am looking for a 4 star in either Mexico,Cuba or Dominican Republic, so I am trying to gauge how much it will cost me in September, looking at what they are going for last minute right now, I will end up paying between $500 and $800 per person. These sites are legitimate by the way, I guess I am lucky living only a 4 hour flight away from the Caribbean. As far as cruises go Very Stormy, you can get some great deals last minute leaving from the USA. My brother got a sweet deal for a one week for $300. Cheers Karen
  5. Was trawling through the travel sites, as I am looking to go away in September, so checking out how low things go at the last minute. I cannot believe that they are offering a 7 day holiday, flight, hotel, all meals and all drinks for $9 plus taxes, even when you add in the taxes, it is less than $400. Do you get these types of deals in Australia as well ?? http://www.selloffvacations.com/Last-Minute-Travel-Vacation-Deals.asp Cheers Karen
  6. twinsmom65

    Last Minute Vacation Deals

    I am taking my daughter on a vacation when she finishes college at the end of August. We will end up either in Cuba or Dominican Republic. I keep checking the website, and boy it is well worth it to book last minute. I was just checking prices for June and they have packages to Cuba at a 4 1/2 star All Inclusive for 7 days for $505 Canadian, that is about £250. That price includes airfare from Toronto, hotel, all your meals and unlimited drinks. Looks like I will wait to book until the last minute for our trip, hopefully I can get a similar price in September. Does anyone else book last minute? Cheers Karen
  7. twinsmom65

    Beer prices

    Beer is beer, at that price does it matter the caliber of people in the pub. I would much rather have a cheap pint, besides working class folk are much more fun:)
  8. twinsmom65

    Your FAILURE to settle in Oz

    Nobody should be considered a failure if they return to the UK or wherever. No one has a crystal ball and sometimes things don't work out. That does not equal failure. I still can't understand why it is a competition between those living in Oz and those who have returned. We have to remember that everyone at the start of their journey all had the same intentions, move to Oz, start a new life. For some the journey was easy, jobs came easy, they settled well in their new life. For others the journey wasn't quite as smooth, difficulty finding employment, poor health, the pull of family and friends. Nowhere in the visa application does it mention that you must love Australia in order to emigrate. So if you don't settle you are not a failure, you gave it a shot which takes courage. I just wish people on both sides of the camps could put themselves in each others shoes, then perhaps more empathy would be expressed. Cheers Karen
  9. Hi KiwiinAus, Just wanted to send hugs and fingers crossed for next week. I was being tested earlier this year for uterian cancer, luckily the biopsy results came back clear. I think the not knowing and waiting was the hardest part for me. Cheers Karen
  10. Hi EW, it's been 4 1/2 years since we moved back to Canada from Australia. It was not hard to slip back into our old life. My daughters were 17 when we moved back. They ended up at 2 high schools, and I did wonder if they would cope with all the moving around we did. They have turned out great, my one starts college in September for Dental Hygiene and the other is just finishing up an esthetician course. I do feel for you, I have read your posts for numerous years and knew how unhappy you have been in Australia. I think your trips back to the UK did keep you somewhat sane lol. I wish you all the best and hope that you eventually get to move back to the UK. Cheers Karen
  11. twinsmom65

    Australia - Share your money saving tips!

    I haven't lived in Oz for over four years, but I am a certified credit counsellor and here are some of my tips. Buy fruit and veg when in season, freeze for later use. Buy in bulk non perishable items when they are on sale. Places like Best for Less are great for underwear and such. Remember, any place you live will only be as expensive as you make it. Once you lived in a place for a while, you will find cheaper places to shop at. Cheers Karen
  12. twinsmom65

    RIP Robin Williams

    Yep dominating the news here on CNN. RIP Robin, you were a talented comedian.
  13. twinsmom65

    D-Day Rememberance.

    At the request of the OP, this thread is now closed. Thanks everyone for your contributions.
  14. Well I was having a lovely nap today until the phone rang. It was the OPP ( our Provincial Police). They were asking for my daughter, who has been at work since 8am. Apparently they received a call from her phone. They then asked where she worked and the phone number. So I go and pick her up and asked if the OPP called her at work. She spoke to them and is not in trouble for the pocket dial. I guess the IPhone has an emergency button on it's home screen. Britt said she felt safe, because if she was ever to go missing, it seems like the cops can get all your details. I still don't know how they got my home number a it was her cell phone that pocket dialed. Kids eh lol. Cheers Karen
  15. Have been reading this thread with interest. In Canada we have universal health care, and are not charged a cent to visit any doctor, it is always bulk billed. When I lived in Perth, I went to a doctor who bulk billed and it was great, reminded me of the Canadian system. My fear for Australia is that it's health system is looking more like the American system. They even have private hospitals in Australa (we don't have have them here in Canada). For everyone who says it's only $7, are probably employed and on a decent wage. For me the biggest worry is for the low income earners or people on fixed income, benefits and pensions. $7 is a lot to them. It can mean the difference between buying food or a visit to the doctor. My role in Australa was a welfare officer, so I was exposed to those who were at the lowest end of the economic scale. Those folks are the ones who will be affected the most. I think it is easy to say, it doesn't affect me, I'll be alright. But we have to remember we are all only a paycheck away from it happening to us. I would hate to see Australia end up the way the USA have gone with their health system. Great for the haves but lousy for the have nots. Cheers Karen