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  1. legoman

    Poms Going Home to UK (register)

    my son used my bank card thankfully a mere 120 float but he would have cleared it the had e-mail re my credit score , he applied for loan and cc in my name, then said to bring more money from uk using his account as mine must be hacked, would have cleaned me out. I love both countries financially i am far better off in uk, but all this makes it very difficult
  2. legoman

    Poms Going Home to UK (register)

    My parents neighbours are Iragi Kurds they had to flee their country, they love my parents, treat them like their own, talk to them about Iraq and their family stuck there they cry, they love the UK, so we are very lucky in the choices we have
  3. legoman

    Poms Going Home to UK (register)

    time for me to put down roots never felt be here permanent, settle for uk and trips abroad.
  4. legoman

    Poms Going Home to UK (register)

    still perth but its dire now, economic downturn has hit hard. one son here is a nitemare, suspect poss meths, he married with kids, near to losing job marriage home and mega debts. younger back in UK, says simply does not like oz, fair enough his choice. no drugs smoking etc, has a job shortlisted for apprenticeship and a good solid bunch of pals. personally I feeli existing here, its nice but now kids grown up its pretty so so, son here hardly see and will lie about the colour of the sky has also i,m afraid to say ripped me off where had it been anybody else the police would be involved. sold my uk house last year, luckily pulled out due to brexit as pound bombed, house now worth lots more and good rental as booming back there. no surprises when i say i moving back july for good, already tapped up re jobs and back to reality and cannot wait. nothing wrong with oz, just not for me. looking forward to the short breaks in europe. lifes good, lucky to have the choice
  5. legoman

    Bemused by the Australian dream

    I believe now my place is back in the uk, own biz in gas plumbing ( its different here and they dont give you a chance ). No mortgage, europe can make enough money now to work 3-4 days a week and take feb off to visit son and kids in Perth, this was told to e a few times by family, I thought i knew best, an expensive learning curve but i will earn it all back. Time to put Oz to bed, otherwise a life in limbo deciding what and where to do and live. Oz is fab, UK is fab too ( in my case ) I dont see what many see here in Perth but thats me not Perth, I love hate both places and will never run down either country to pals. y grand children are aussies. I will wait my time, other half feels she must try it here herself and hopefully she will miss our younger son and see this place is not the utopia she believes from the uk. ( does it exist ). Anyhow I a pleased this thread has not become a Oz v Uk thread and some good responses and replies, i am by the way mid -fifties so not a good job prospect i guess and i need to settle down and make roots. mine will be the UK.
  6. legoman

    Bemused by the Australian dream

    I had brilliant uk life, making loadsa money mortgage free o the south coast but I just had to give perth another try for my elder so and grandkids, the emotional pull and emotional blackmail from my son persuaded me too. I built up a vision of Perth etc, luckily rented house due to weak pound. My younger son disliked Oz and 19 now/ fiance' obsessed with return saying she will return without me ad younger son. older is her stepson. I arrived first, 3 months and already know it was wrong, Job situ dire, money draining away and I a struggling, seen gran kids 3-4 times, son if I am lucky once a week and its pretty boring in Perth, the lustre has gone. I realise my elder son in reality doesnt want t be married and if he could he would return to uk, however, he cannot so would rather I wasnt' in the hope younger son will follow too. I now need to cut my losses and get away back and re start gas biz, rent back there til my house can be tenant free, more over my girl is arriving end of May, Itold her how I feel and she said she keeping some household stuff round my parents for my return. No concern about me leaving, says she got to try it. she 10 pound pom lived here for many years. she wont listen to anyone re the job market, she a care assistant. shipped 50 boxes over full of cr7p and heavily in debt as not paid storage bills. all her things. I fear its more than just money this trip will cost. however, its not Australia or Perth its how and what we see and want. very expensive lesson learned. I await her arrival, we need to talk and then part our ways, thats life I guess. a ssaid before Australia is not better or worse than uk, its different, if its going well in the UK why change. I have definitely scratched that itch re Oz now.
  7. legoman

    Perth Job Situ

    yes agree with both posts, I have tradie quals and previous maintenance work history here, never known it to be this bad work wise. but the guy who called re the job i applied for didnt seem to happy when i said i would travel, they provided transport so guess its the fuel thing. I live in Hocking. the bus drive was a fall back job which i thought would be simpler to get. seems i was wrong. never mind, will persevere I guess. just an initial shock to the system. thanks for the replies though
  8. legoman

    Perth Job Situ

    Been here 6 weeks now, moved to NOR as lived here before, knew job situ was poor due to downturn in mining but never realised just how bad. paid 3 months rent in advance but noticed seems more jobs SOR, in fact had guy call re a job application but wanted someone sor. If i break lease to move sor i assume any rent in advance will be repaid although I realise they in a advantageous position as have my money, guessing i will have to pay for advertising though the rental is brand spanking new and only 360pw any advice or stay put. My pal says they needed bus drivers in Freo, i have the necessary lic etc but its a long way to go.
  9. legoman


  10. legoman


    I do but they didnt show my TFN on them, however drama over, found my numbers were on a wps file, convereted this and up they popped lol, Thank you anyway
  11. legoman


    yes total of 6 years
  12. legoman


    Looking through my docs I cannot locate my TFN, grrr how do I go about finding it. due to leave 20 March for Perth
  13. legoman

    Renewing Child Passport (British)

    Can you apply for a british passport whilst in Australia and pay for it with an Australian Credit Card?
  14. legoman

    Is there lots of work in Perth?

    now you have me worried about arriving there, did well before but this time I am concerned, son tends to portray Perth as full of rainbows still, as he of course wants me there. I have gas fitter ticket and HR li but really concerned. renting house here now and rent from that should cover rental there, but that elusive job at 55 looks to be meaning a lot of patience if i waited 6 months a lot can happen here and there. £ plummeted again doh!
  15. We fly out on the 9th Oct, At the moment my life looks great here in the UK and I see no problems now lol. Think we follow you too!