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Found 9 results

  1. First time writing on this forum. We are thinking of moving back to UK (we left London in late 2010 and spent 2 yrs in Singapore, then the past 5 years in Sydney). Hubby is Aussie and I am Irish. Daughter is 12 in Nov and currently in Year 6. She’ll be going to secondary (year 7) in Jan (if we stay in Oz). Other daughter is 6. If we leave for the UK in Jan, will my eldest be eligible to go to secondary in UK in Aug/Sept? Would it work like that? Any advice would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks. 
  2. Hi there, We are a couple both 21 years old and are moving back to the UK from Perth hopefully in August. We have made our decision together and are both looking forward to moving. We'd love to keep this positive and hear lots of positive stories about anyone else moving back to the UK from Australia! As this is the first time we are moving without parents or anyone else we are looking for some advice or tips on making the move easier for us. We're not too sure where to start with the process so would love any help with any part of of it, please and thank you!! When is the best time to ship your belongings over, how early? Are there any shipping companies you would recommend? We don't have much stuff to ship over, maybe one large bedroom full?. How far in advance do you book your tickets? Last minute or when you decide on a date? Any preferred airlines with baggage allowance/price etc? Is there any point in looking for jobs now and applying or waiting until we are over there? What reasons do you have for moving back? What has made you go back to the home land? We appreciate any help or positive support from anyone, so thank you in advance! Abby and Robert
  3. TopTohScnal

    Bemused by the Australian dream

    I've been reading through a few of the threads on here there seems to be a running theme that people feel homesick and miss their family as they're so far away. My situation is slightly different in that my only remaining close relatives, my brother and sister (both younger than me) live in Australia (both parents are deceased now). I moved here 4 months ago as I'd been out on long holidays to visit and they were encouraging me to come over and live here too. Before I hit 40, I thought 'why not', I'll give it a go, so I applied for my skilled visa, it took a few months and I even managed to secure a job offer before I came out. I did the move on my own, with no partner or kids. After the initial Christmas with family and seeing my nephew for only the second time, then some traveling on the east coast and visiting Perth, I'm now in a situation thinking 'what the hell have I done!' Despite my job offer starting mid January, I still had to wait to be registered with AHPRA to practice here, this was a long, laborious, tedious, time consuming wait, which they state on the application should take 6-8 weeks, it did in fact take 5 months! So while waiting for this, the initial adventure and new start then turned into savings very quickly disappearing, money for deposits for a house eaten into just to survive the wait to start work. I came here fresh and ready for a new challenge but now I just feel drained of the whole thing, barely able to afford food to last me before my first payment and I'm staying in dorm accommodation at a backpackers as it's all I can afford! I began to think the whole process is deliberately set up to rid you of your money, just utter bureaucratic nonsense that could easily have been dealt with in a coupe of weeks, but just so much red tape and hurdles to jump through!! I have never experienced such a backwards system! I can understand the security aspect but to take 5 months! I left a great lifestyle back home, friends for support, not worrying too much about money, and I feel now like I've lost so much. I'm stuck, I now have my registration to work but I'm not even sure I want to... I just feel like flying back home, I've tried it but it doesn't seem to be working for me. I'm usually a very positive person that can pick myself up again but this has been so stressful, I'm not sure it's worth it. I am torn as my siblings are here but I don't think that's a strong enough pull for me to stay here. I am probably in the stage of being homesick which I'm surprised at how bad it's hit me to be honest but having not much else to focus on, it's quite overwhelming. Having read some comments on here, I miss the English countryside, a walk to a local pub, the seasons. It's all very same-y here and where my sister lived in Perth was suburban hell, totally snoozeville! Even the bush walks were dull, dried out, brown dense trees, no views at all! Give me the Lake District or Peak District any day. i just wanted to share my experience and to say the Australian dream as been shattered for me!
  4. PatrickA

    Uni fees for returning residents

    We have been in Australia for 11 years and are planning to go back to UK in Nov 2018 after my daughter finishes year 12. I have really set my mind up on the move…until I read that you have to be in the country for 3 years to qualify for home university fees. My daughter will be starting uni next year. My son finishes year 9 this year, so if we went back to the UK he would be able to pay home fees in 3 years time. Has anyone been in a similar situation. Is the fess dependent on each uni? This has put our hopes down:-(
  5. We have been living in Sydney for the past 6 years and the for the past year we have been back and forth in deciding what to do long term? We never actually moved to OZ with the intention to stay, we came as backpackers and an opportunity arose and we decided to make a go of it! Up until recently we had decided to move back to England but recently we have started to doubt our decision....we had a visit from family recently from the UK and even they thought we were mad leaving Oz when we both have great jobs with very good money! One of of our main reasons for wanting to leave Sydney was the ridiculous house prices! I'm sure this same issue comes up again and again so it will be interesting to see what other people have decided. We also do miss family and friends but in all honestly it's the cost of housing is really getting to us! We can afford to go back to the UK mortgage free but if we chose to stay in Sydney we would have to take out a mortgage! we have looked at the Central Coast in the past but decided the travel would be too much but we have started to re-think things.....my husband would work N.sydney so the travel wouldn't be too bad for him but for me it would be tough. My job is in Mascot! Would I be absolutely crazy to move to the Central Coast and work in Mascot? I really don't want to change jobs as I really do enjoy my job and I'm paid very well. Does anyone have a similar journey to work? Is it really too much? We don't have children at the moment but plan to in the next year or so? my thoughts are OZ is such a great place to bring up our kids, it would be a same to move back to the UK just because the cost of the housing. any input would be greatly received! Thanks all!
  6. sazm2k12

    Struggling to reach a decision...

    I posted on here a few months ago about moving home to the UK and we felt it was the right decision but then changed our mind. The problem is we are really struggling to reach a decision and I'm really scared of doing something I'll regret. It would really be good to hear from somebody who has been through the same thing and how they reached a decision and if they moved back and regretted it. We live in Darwin and even though I love Darwin people are constantly leaving and its been hard to make a steady group of friends. I've had a really difficult 2 years at work and this has really impacted on my personal life and caused me to be depressed. I now have a great new job to go to but I feel like all of the work problems have taken it out of me and I don't have the energy anymore. I also enrolled at university about a year ago and have been studying part-time and getting really good marks. I eventually want to qualify as a solicitor and I believe this is achievable in Australia. I have doubts if I would be able to qualify in the UK - I've been travelling and living overseas now for almost 5 years and would be up against new graduates and those who have been working in UK law firms for a few years. My self-esteem is also very low and I'm not even sure how I would come across in an interview anymore. My fiancé and I are nearly 30 now as well and the thought of going back home and starting at the bottom again when all of our friends have houses and good jobs scares me. Our reasons for wanting to move back are that we have both been quite homesick over the last year and missed a lot about the UK and our family. We also know that we don't want to live in Australia for ever and when we decide to start a family we will move back to be closer to family. We both love to travel and ironically living in Australia has meant we can do hardly any (we thought it would be the opposite) as all of our trips are spent going back to the UK for weddings or new family members being born etc. On the other hand though we both have reasonably good jobs here now and have managed to save good money. We are supposed to be getting married in August 2016 and moving home would definitely mean we would have to postpone our wedding. I also feel like it would be a waste having endured a job I have hated for 2 years to get our permanent residence only to leave and don't want us leaving to be me running away from the bad situation I was in with work. Would people suggest me giving my new job a chance and/or even trying out a new city in Australia? I am worried the grass is always greener and we are just viewing the UK from our trips home where everyone makes an effort and we don't have to go to work. I look back to when I was in the UK and I seemed to have so much energy and in Darwin I've got into a complete rut. In the UK I was constantly doing things, running, charity work, weekends away with friends. Here I barely get out of bed at the weekends and I know this is partly to do with the job and the depression and anxiety it has caused but I want to feel like my old self again. We applied for our citizenship early this month so will at least wait for that to go through but if we are moving back the process will take some time anyway (selling cars, furniture, cancelling all of our contracts etc) and I'd rather just get on with it. The same with if we are going to move interstate.
  7. shoebox20

    Creative Industry Ping Pong Pom

    Hi all....and HAPPY NEW YEAR! So this is my first post here, Having been in Aus 4 years, on the cusp of citizenship (applying in feb) and I'm a few months into a new job (not totally my dream role but a good senior brand/packaging designer job, great team, decent agency and so far enjoying the work and challenges, learning lots and earning much more than my last role...BUT...I went 'home' for a month last year and somehow felt like I belonged again, realised how much I miss being close to my mum and the buzz of london (as a creative the European culture seems much more in touch there than here in Sydney) and so I've booked flights to move back ...now they're booked (for June) I'm all unsure, have I made the wrong decision, I'll miss my life here, but then I felt so happy there after being away so long, and surely I owe it to myself to go back and see how it goes and pans out...it feels right to try. I will get my citizenship first, but with all going well (on paper at least...but just because the boxes are ticked, good job, good lifestyle, nice apartment, etc doesn't mean we're happy, and despite having friends I often have such solitary moments) am I MAD to give it all up for a stint back in the UK? What if I don't get work there, and what if should I choose to come back here in 6 months theres no work here then...eek panic alert :-/ Advice, reassurance, experience, tips all welcome, I know you guys here are the experts Thanks Lisa
  8. Deborah Downunder Salmon

    Moving back to UK with pets

    Hi All Its been a while since coming on here as 2 years ago just over I up sticks and moved to Perth, now after some time and a marriage breakdown I am looking at shipping myself and my 2 cats and dog back to Blighty. Wondered if anyone had any advice on shipping pets from Perth and what the general costs are ? I assume its going to be anywhere between $5/7k :arghh: God that's a frightening amount of money. Anyway also would love to know how people have settled back into life over there as I have been away from the UK for such a long time as before Perth I was living in Europe. Would love to hear what people think and any ideas to make the process smoother would certainly be very welcome. Hope to hear from you all soon.. enjoy the day guys wherever you are in the world :tongue:
  9. We have received the email below which may be of interest to anyone moving back to the UK. "I’m getting in touch regarding the Channel 4 series Relocation Relocation. We are in the process of making the new series and we’re looking to make contact with ExPats who are looking to move back to the UK. The programme offers an unrivalled opportunity, with access to some of the best property hunting expertise in the business. Over the last decade, presenters and property experts Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer have successfully helped hundreds of house hunters into new homes. We are looking for people who intend to return to the UK and would appreciate our help buying a suitable property. If any of your members are interested, we’d love to hear from them. Thanks for your time and best wishes. Tony" If anyone is interested please PM me and I will pass on the contact details. Rob Admin