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  1. Thank you admin Really appreciated I wonder who runs the forum sometimes Time for a break for sure
  2. HelensvaleHoward

    Theme park rides.

    I remember that very well So twisty Probably why my neck is bad now :laugh:
  3. I've not seen this on prescriptions myself maybe a few cents that's all
  4. I asked You didn't listen Simples :laugh:
  5. OMG your so funny I knew you were still on this forum for some reason :laugh::laugh::laugh: Or should I call you Mo for short :laugh::laugh::laugh:
  6. HelensvaleHoward

    Theme park rides.

    Superman fast!!! I can't go on them now because of my neck Damn shame really cos I been on some great ones around the world
  7. HelensvaleHoward

    Fight Night

    A personnel dig at you That aint in my nature But again you come back and call me Helen Seems to happen when you're losing I've asked you politely to stop doing so But you don't listen Oh well
  8. We're all doomed I tell ya Simmo please give the record a change We get it you love Australia really but have to manage with living in the UK So boring it must be I feel a yawn coming on now
  9. HelensvaleHoward

    Gang Culture Australia

    Don't worry yourself about it... Enjoy your own little bubble in the UK
  10. HelensvaleHoward

    Fight Night

    Great find Simmo I read about this the other day in the paper How did you find it? Is the weather that bad you have nothing else to do but google search Australia for news At this rate I won't need to buy a paper anymore If I had the spare time I could Google UK news but then that would be so petty Plus I hear about the UK from friends and family so no need to do so I'm sure I'll be told that I'm negative about the UK all the time (which is a lie) :laugh::laugh::laugh:
  11. HelensvaleHoward

    Formula One 2016

    I'm replying to the comment you made Pretty big job really
  12. HelensvaleHoward

    Best puddings

    I better wear my disguise No more flat cap for me on a Sunday
  13. HelensvaleHoward

    I know no one will care but...........

    Where's the bullshit button when you need it