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  1. Northernpommy

    ENS 186 Visa - Perth Processing Office

    Hi we applied for transition stream on 28th dr through a ma. Nothing heard. Ours was Perth office
  2. Northernpommy

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Congrats to those that have been approved. WOW Jon, that was quick. !! I wonder why they dont work in date order and pick some applications that are recent when others have been waiting for ages. Which office did you apply through Jon. Our timeline: Nomination and 186 transition stream DR using MA submitted 28/7/13 - all medicals/police checks etc sent with application Nothing heard. We cant chase as we went through MA (big regret with that one but thats another story). Fingers crossed for an early approval.
  3. Northernpommy

    New Visa Application Charges from 1st of July 2013

    OH MY GOD... This is a nightmare for our family... We cant apply for our ENS 186 until 26th July (2 year rule) and cant apply AFTER 7th August (husband 50) and we just cant find another $3665 in the next four weeks... myself, my just turned 18 dependant son still at school, and my other 15 year old. I knew that there were likely to be increases in cost, but never ever expected this kind of rise... Thanks Australia, you sure know how to make life hard for the LEGAL immigrants.
  4. Northernpommy

    What is Sanctuary Lakes like to live?

    hi, i live in Sanctuary lakes and its a lovely place to live. PM me if you have questions.... Commute a pain though.
  5. Northernpommy

    Household Items for Sale - Melbourne

    Hi, Can you send me info on the dining table set, the queen bed set and the king bedroom set please. pics/prices and so forth.
  6. Northernpommy

    Ford Focus 2007 CL in grey for sale

    Good condition. Manual petrol. 113,000 kms - looking for approx 7k for it (book price is 8500). Happy to supply photos or can take for test drive. Genuine reason for sale.
  7. Northernpommy

    Ford Focus 2007 (melbourne)

    Hi Sorry we are looking for approx $7k ...
  8. Northernpommy

    Ford Focus 2007 (melbourne)

    Hi we are getting a bigger car (growing family) and so selling our Ford Focus and remember how we needed a trustworthy place to buy when we first came over here. Its done 113,000 km and is in very good condition . its in dark silver and is five door, manual. Registration until September 2013. PM me and i will send photos. Thanks Elaine
  9. Northernpommy

    Football for my 14yr old when we move over

    Hi Craig, although Torquay is gorgeous, you will struggle for good teams.. South Melbourne have a great set up for the soccer, the aim here is to try and get into the ntc (national training centre)... trials are usually around march/april . This is based at the ntc training centre in Dareben, which is north melbourne. They usually train around four or five times a week. There will be a lot of opportunities if he plays summer league for a zone to be seen by the likes of Melbourne Victory or Melbourne Heart and invited to trial for youth team. This is usually (around the age of 17/18... There will also be trials for state teams in March too for each age group.. Take a look at the ffv website for some further information. Good luck with your move, when you looking at it.? There is also a great school called SEDA which is a sport academy and they have a talented player programme. Hi,
  10. Northernpommy

    Point Cook- 1 important question

    hi Craig, we live in sanctuary lakes and never smelt the refinery. as for mossies. yes there are lots in summer, but there are mossies all over Australia, comes with the climate. Point cook/sanctuary lakes is a lovely place to live.
  11. Northernpommy

    Football for my 14yr old when we move over

    hi, both my boys play soccer here, and one of them played at Huddersfield school of excellence, the other at Blackburn.T My eldest son plays for Green Gully (they are in the Victorian Premier league as seniors/reserves)... and youngest for Altona City. The eldest also plays for summer victorian champions league (which is the cream of the players for regions) and he last year representeind Victoria at state football in the championship in Queensland. (they came second Where you going to be living? I can recommend some good clubs depending on where you will be setting. Elaine
  12. Thanks all. We have instructed a migration agent to look into it. We moved here in our mid 40`s Rupert and 457 visa was the only way to go for us at the time... We did it for the future of our teenage boys as there was nothing left in Bradford for us... Admittedly we didnt expect so many issues, and if the rules hadnt changed and he hadnt been made redundant we would have our pr by now and all would be well.
  13. We have been living in Australia (Melbourne) for two and a half years... We came over with our teenage boys on a 457 visa. We have had such a nightmare on this visa.. My husband has had three jobs and been made redundant from two... His third job he took in Perth so spent the first six months living there along (with my kids and I here - we were going to go with him, but the teenagers put their foot down and said didnt want to move again).... Anyway, to cut a long story short, hubby been back in Melbourne for last few months on secondment, but his boss wants him back up in Perth in the next two weeks.. Here is the problem: 1. He just doesnt want to go up there and live alone again. we didnt sign up for this. 2. IF he does go back it would only be so that he can get pr (goalpost changed with immigration in JUly this year which means now have to work for two years with same comp before u can get a transition visa) 3. If he doesnt go, he turns 50 in August next year, which means theres no other way of getting pr UNLESS SOMEONE KNOWS OF A WAY????? 4. if he does go, the track record of the company he works for currently means that they may not sponsor him for pr by next August - they do change things depending on circumstances on a whim. SO, how else do we get PR ....??? i have been working part time for a company as a sales exec for two years... (i am 46). Its getting to the point where we might just jack it all in and go back to the UK, but what is there there for us???? AGHHHHH help and advice gratefully received. Thanks
  14. Northernpommy

    457 to perm residency

    Hi all, need some help. My husband worked in this country for two years on a 457 visa , he changed employers due to being made redundant after the first year, and is now happy with current employer. We were bouncing along nicely as they agreed to sponsor pr in July this year, when he has worked for them for 12 months. I now find that this may not be the case as there have been some changes to the visas from 1st july this year. Does these changes mean that we now have to wait 2 years, or if your already on a 457 visa do the old rules still apply. I hope it doesnt mean we have to wait as he will be 50 if we do. Thanks all.
  15. seriously, dont panic. We have lived here for two years, not seen a hooner, nor had a break in etc etc, however its a new area, and new areas attract crime... I would never recommend anyone move from one side of the world to the other without seeing what they are moving to first anyway. Please dont forget that Point Cook is huge and covers a massive area, these facebook comments are made my few from an area of many.! (thousands). Agree with others though, things are very hard with traffic and infastructure, but that is being addressed. Yes you need a car, especially if you are in saltwater as that is way way out of the loop for buses, and shops etc. they are building new shops at Sanctaury lakes at the moment, Seabrook is close to the railway, a new station will be soon at the top of Palmers, so a house around there would mean walking distance to town centre and railway station. Good luck with your search.