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Found 60 results

  1. http://www.immi.gov.au/allforms/new-visa-charges-1july2013/ This also confirms the introduction of a new per applicant component to the amount to be paid to the Department of Immigration. This charge will be paid by each additional applicant included in or added to a combined visa application (unless an exemption applies). The amount varies according to the age of the applicant and the visa subclass, and is added to the base application charge. For subclass 189 and 190 visa applicants the Additional Applicant Charge (AAC) for those aged 18 or over is 50% of the base charge. The amount for those aged under 18 the AAC is 25% of the base charge. The proposed visa pricing details from 1st of July 2013 are here: http://www.immi.gov.au/allforms/new-visa-charges-1july2013/_pdf/visa-pricing-table.pdf Best regards.
  2. Hi, I would like to sponsor my gf for de facto partner PR visa on shore. She has been in OZ on a student visa. I have a question how much would the visa application fee be? Here is a table: http://www.immi.gov.au/allforms/990i/partner.htm and it says: If you currently hold a Transitional (temporary) visa and were granted this visa on the basis that you satisfied the requirements for the grant of an extended eligibility entry permit under the Migration Regulations 1989. $345 I don`t understand the `grant of an extended eligibility entry` part. Can she pay this fare as a student visa holder? There s a huge difference between 350 and 3000 AUD.
  3. Hi can anyone advise if the private schools in this area are all over subscribed. I have read many conflicting opinions but these go back 4-5 years, so was wondering what the current situation is like. Our children are in years prep , 4 and 9 as of the new school year jan 2012. They are not baptised into any faith. Many thanks
  4. Guest

    Nursery Fee's in Melbourne

    Hello, Please can anybody give me an idea of how much nursery fee's are in Melbourne (eastern suburbs). I'm thinking of getting a part time job for 3 days per week. I saw another post on this forum saying center link helps with the cost but I know it's hard to know the exact amount we would be earning so I don't know if we would qualify. Thanks Hayley
  5. The Pom Queen

    No Excess Baggage Fee

    JETSTAR check-in staff at Cairns airport will not charge travellers for excess baggage on Friday. The action, dubbed No Weigh Day, is the first industrial action the airline has faced in its eight-year history. The Australian Services Union said yesterday the Qantas-owned carrier’s check-in staff would waive excess baggage fees for 24 hours in protest at stalled workplace agreement negotiations. The No Weigh Day will affect passengers at airports in Cairns and also at Sydney, Melbourne, Avalon, Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Excess baggage fees will be waived between 3.30am on Friday and 3.30am on Saturday. ASU Assistant National Secretary Linda White said workers at the airline had been negotiating a new workplace agreement for the past 12 months covering about 400 employees at seven Australian airports, including Cairns. "The decision to take industrial action was a last resort but management has left their workers with no other option," Ms White said. "They’re not interested in listening to workers’ reasonable requests for a fair pay rise. Rather, they are looking to push wages and conditions in the industry to new depths. Our members just want Jetstar to value their work. "This Friday, ASU members will send a message that it’s time for management to start seriously negotiating with their workers and valuing their work. "We’re happy to say that this will have no negative impact on passengers, in fact it will be a bonus." Some passengers immediately took to social networking site Twitter to welcome the decision. "Jetstar won’t charge excess baggage fees this Friday … time to take Aunty Gloria in Adelaide that Banana Tree Pot Plant I got her," one person wrote. Jetstar said it was disappointed check-in workers were taking industrial action which is estimated to cost the airline $50,000 in lost fees. No Weigh Day comes as Qantas faces its own industrial relations problems. The airline’s ground staff, engineers and pilots have all carried out recent industrial action.
  6. hi dear all, one of my friend is holding a 475 visa currently. he has fulfilled all the requirements to apply PR. He just wants to know whether he needs to pay application fee again when apply the PR?. need your help please.. thanks :idea: Samk6
  7. Guest

    Which agent to choose

    Hi Hopefully this week we will be appointing an agent to apply for our visa. Our dilemma is we are not sure which one to pick. We have narrowed it down to two. The first one is a company called immigration 2 Oz and we are dealing with John Adams. He has quoted us £1800 plus vat for a state sponsored visa. Another company has quoted no visa no fee. Would anyone have any feedback on Immigration 2oz or used them in past ? Or has anyone used a company in the past that offered them no visa no fee. Any feedback would be welcome. Thanks
  8. I joined husband and I up to Qantas FF to start claiming miles seeing as BA Exec club won't be much use anymore! It was free to join as we are currently in the UK, but will we have to stump up the membership fee when living in Oz? I anticipate we'll be stacking up a fair amount of points as I wanna get the Amex card and other loyalty things thet get Qantas miles :biggrin:
  9. Hi, just want to inquire on behalf of my sister whose planning to come here in Melbourne on a student visa. She'll be taking up a masters degree and that entitles her husband to work full time. They have a 6year old daughter and will go to a primary school. Tuition fee is bloody expensive at 8,000 per year. Just want to find out if they can get some sort of discount or refund once her partner starts working fulltime. Cheers!
  10. Hi Everyone, We had an email from the Australian shipment company handling our goods this end. They want us to pay $168 for an AQIS Inspection to them, but our goods haven't arrived at the docks yet. I have queried why we should pay an inspection fee when we haven't been inspected, and from what I've read, nobody knows the cost of the inspection except AQIS, who haven't inspected anything yet. We only have a partial container with about 18 boxes, and I presumed the money we paid for the service included everything, as we were quoted on a door to door service. Has anybody else had any experience with this? Thanks Jord
  11. The Hippo

    $15k Settling in fee

    Due to come across to Melbourne in June with the family on a 2-year secondment with my work. As part of the relocation package (which seems to be quite fair) the company will in the first months wage pay me a $15k taxable 'settling in fee'. I've got a couple of questions and looking for some general advice on this, as we will not be coming over with any of our own money (still mortgaged up to the hilt). Any assistance in helping us here would be much appreciated. With regards to the tax on the $15k, what rate would this be taxed at? As we are coming across in the last month of the taxable year, will this be taxed at a lower rate i.e. 0% on first $6k and 15% on the remaining $9k? If this is the case this will leave after tax $13,765 as a best case scenario and I'll assume $11k as a worst case scenario. The company shall put the family into serviced apartments for the first 4-weeks along with 4-weeks car hire. In this time we will have loads to do and organise, but I'm looking at trying to get a handle on what this 'settling in fee' has to be used for and is it enough? Rental bond and 1st months rent, looking at point cook area with approx. $400 p/w rent, Car, insurance, registration & breakdown cover; looking at an older family sized car, Car seat for the daughter, Mobile phones on a payg deal, Any help/sugegstions on anything I may have missed and costs I should be allocating against each would be much appreciated. Thanks The Hippo
  12. Hey people, pretty simple one really. If we paid for a GSM visa then during the process obtained 457 sponsored visa, would we get the GSM visa fee refunded? Cheers guys
  13. Hi all, I am Tunisian citizen. I am planning to apply for GSM visa-Subclass 175. However, I am confused with regard to the method to pay the visa charge fees (2575 AUD). I went through the DIAC website and I didn’t get the exact information about how to pay the Visa charge fees. I can’t have international credit card here in Tunisia as well as there are no local banks affiliated with Australian banks and no Australian banks in Tunisia. I am wondering if it’s possible for me to pay these fees via International Money Order from France and apply for visa by courier from Tunisia. Any clarification or answer will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  14. I recently received my permanent residency. I am currently enrolled in an undergraduate degree at an Australian university. I know I have to pay the international student fee for this semester since I received my permanent residency only after the census date at uni. However, for next semester what fees will I have to pay? I know I am not eligible for a Commonwealth supported place as I am not a citizen yet but is there a different fee for permananent residents?... or do I still have to continue paying international student fees until the end of my course since I was not a permanent resident at the time I applied for the course? The new domestic fees will only apply to me for any new courses that I enrol in...? :confused:
  15. Hi I lodged my application under a 176 visa in December 2008 under ASCO 2299-79 which is now Information and Organization Professional NEC ANZSCO 224999. Since this whole delay for Priority 4 applications, I also got a new ACS Skill Assessment for 262113 Systems Administrator. Now I want to lodge a new application under this SOL 4 occupation with a state sponsorship from ACT/SA, but I want to know how I can transfer my visa processing fee from my previous application to this one. It is not fair that I have to pay again the Visa Processing Fee, when it is DIAC who has delayed the process and changed their regulations. At least I have spent money on a new skill assessment, on a state sponsorship, the least they could do is give me a break and transfer my visa processing fee or refund it to me. Any ideas who to approach and how to go about this for a favorable reply.
  16. Hi All, Me& hubby havin Aus PR and validated it last year. Now planning to apply for our 2 kids. m puzzled, need to know can I apply with a single fee & 2 seperate forms for both the gals.Has anyone done this before..:biggrin:Pls confirm. I am planning to apply for them in the last week of march'11. Also, anyone has any idea on how long the Child visa takes at London Australia house.:rolleyes: Cheers!:cute: ash
  17. WeegieDave

    Agent Fee's ?

    Hello everyone, I contacted Visa-Go emigration agents based in Edinburgh today and I was wondering if anyone else has used them and if so.. are they any good and what are their fee's? I feel a bit apprehensive about parting with a lot of cash.
  18. Im going to be applying for the 856 Permanent visa.As i havent the two years experience in my Job as a mechanic here in OZ, i understand i will have to be skills assessed. Has anybody taken this and know how much it will cost me?. Thankyou.
  19. dazla80

    visa fee for 176

    Hi all, just wondering about the 2nd installment for the 176 visa, i'm a little confused. on the immigration website it says "The 2nd instalment of the Visa Application Charge for dependents aged 18 years or over with less than functional English must be paid before the visa is granted". Does this mean only people over 18 with less functional english pay? or does it mean they pay before their visa is granted, but i still have to pay, but after our visa is granted? We're not going through a migration agent so thought i would ask on here. Thanks for any help!
  20. I've been searching the site for the answer to this but there is just so much info it's hard to pin point the right info. I am looking into 2 visas, the standard independant skilled migration and the ENS. I have an employer who would be willing to sponsor me, they continually have positions come up in my field. But if that doesn't come about I'm looking at the regular visa. My question is, what is the exact cost for each of these visas? I'm getting confused about the 2nd installment bit which says it is for dependants 18 or over with less than functional English. So does this mean that the application will only be $2575 and not $6050. Because for a long time I thought it was $6050, and that was a stepping stone I couldn't get up to. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.
  21. mr luvpants

    Quarantine inspection fee?

    Hi all I have just received an invoice from PSS's agents in Oz who have invoiced me for a "Quarantine inspection fee". Is this normal as I thought I would only get an invoice from AQIS if they needed to clean something? JOHN
  22. RockDr

    No Fee for NZ Police Check?

    So I was looking at the forms for the NZ Police check (from the website on the DIAC police check list), as although I haven't technically been resident there for a full 12months , I have spent a cumulative total of a year and a half there over the past ten years, and figured a picky CO might want a check. Anyway, have I missed something or is there just not a fee for this service in NZ?
  23. Morning all... I've got a credit card which allows overseas usage without loading on the normal fees and it also provides the best exchange rate at the time of use. This seems like the perfect way of paying some of the day to day expenses in Australia whilst waiting for the exchange rate to improve. The idea of changing all ones savings into AUD just to have it sitting in a bank in Australia seems to make no sense. i believe things will improve and as such want to keep the bulk of my money in the UK for now. I will be keeping a UK address and bank account and will have a UK income so can clear the balance each month so there will be now interest charges. Anyone else work things this way and if so.....which card do you use....just want to make sure I've got the best one!! :biggrin:
  24. Smithy Family

    School fee's

    Were in Adelaide at the mo :arghh: and we have to pay school fee's. Do we have to pay fee's in Queensland :wideeyed: if so how much are they for secondry school (state) Thanks in advance Debs xx
  25. Hi Can anyone help me please just trying to find out the fee for my application and registration to the Australian nursing board but I cant open the document on their website! :arghh: Does anyone by any chance know how much it is for each, its only thing left to do on my application and really really want to send it off!!! Thanks very much Lara x