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  1. oppyddrum

    I'm a mummy!

    Beautiful. Congrats!!
  2. oppyddrum

    FBI and state check?

    I only sent in the FBI one. for the work visas i had before that, i only sent state. I would say get the FBI one. based on the information on the immi website, they direct you to the FBI for the PCC. no need for state.
  3. You would have to hold the PR for at least 1 year (not being out of the country for more than 3 months within that time) before you can apply for citizenship. you need a minimum of 4 years of residence in Australia and at least 1 year out of that has to be as a permanent resident.
  4. oppyddrum

    PCC requirement for citizenship applications

    thanks, i know. the "and" between the first 3 clauses suggests that all 3 have to apply. not just one of the three. that's what i wanted to know, if i was/am right to think that. and by overseas, i meant 120 days in one country. but in this case, second clause does not apply.
  5. oppyddrum

    PCC requirement for citizenship applications

    i know someone has the answer...
  6. I am hoping someone can help with this little confusion i have. I think i just need to know if what i am thinking is correct. I copied the below statement from the immigration website: "You will need to provide original penal clearance certificates from overseas countries if, since the grant of your permanent Australian visa: you lived or travelled overseas since the age of 18 years or over, and the total time spent overseas added up to 12 months or more, and the time spent in any one country was more than 90 days, or you are requested to do so by the department." My understanding of this is that you will need a PCC when applying for citizenship if you meet all of the first 3 criteria, OR if they ask you to get one. So, if you were overseas for 120 days but did not spend up to 12 months in total overseas, you don't have to get the overseas PCC. Is this correct? Thanks in advance!
  7. oppyddrum

    Time to move back

    I am confused, wondering why the attacks on me but i have noticed you are just a grouch and are attacking others too. i won't feed this rubbish. say or do what you will. it is easy to be a troll from the safety of your house hiding behind your computer. thanks and bye.
  8. oppyddrum

    Can my brother be sponsor for my visa

    If he has an engineering company, i would think sponsoring you on a 457 (temporary work visa) or a permanent sponsored skilled visa (i forget the subclass) might be a better way to go. Family streams tend to take forever. Talking to a migration agent might be worth it in this case.
  9. oppyddrum

    Time to move back

    Ridiculous as in ridiculously hot.
  10. oppyddrum

    Time to move back

    it read 43 around noon on sunday in Newy... just ridiculous!
  11. oppyddrum

    Got my Australian passport today!

    wow... lol Congrats AA... i had a flip through my passport everyday for almost 2 weeks when i first got it. it is a good feeling. enjoy.
  12. oppyddrum

    Age Group and Points of Age

    seems like time is of the essence here mate... you've got 7 months to do the needful. good luck Kemkaltech.
  13. you might also want to have a chat to a good, MARA registered agent...
  14. oppyddrum

    IP Visa's

    someone needs to find a way to shut those clowns down... they are just ridiculous!!
  15. oppyddrum

    Migrating to AUS with subclass 175 - need information

    wow, 7 years? massive kudos to you for hanging in there. that is amazing and congratulations on the eventual grant. Things you need are exactly as Lady Rainicorn said. can't think of anything else to add.