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Found 5 results

  1. I have lodged my student visa subclass500 on 9th November 2022.Later on I was asked to do repeat x-ray and sputum culture test and found that I had completely healed from TB.Even though all the required documents have been submitted, Bupa Medical says the case is referred to Australian TB expert medical panel(EMP). I have already waited for 6 months. Does anyone know how much time EMP takes to reach a decision?
  2. Hi everyone I'm hoping someone here may have some knowledge and advice....My husband and I are looking to emigrate under skilled migration, we pass points test, very positive meeting today with our proposed migration agent... However we realise that the medical assessment needed involves an eye test, and this also includes fundoscopy (which looks at the back of the eye) My husband has an eye condition which is progressive. He was diagnosed with it 14 or so years ago during a routine eye test for his glasses. No cause for concern before this point, it was a huge surprise as he had not noticed any change in his vision. It is where pigment appears on the retina which worsens over time There is no known treatment, and no cure. There are certain things you can take which have been proven to slow its progression (which he does take). In severe cases, people can have seriously impaired vision. My husband however is one of the 'lucky' ones, and hasn't been seriously affected by this so far. Since he was diagnosed: - the progression of his disease has been very VERY slow (compared to some with this condition who have it from childhood)- minimal changes each year, it is not going to get better however - He needs no visual aids or assistance to live his life independently and actively - It does not impair his capacity to do his job - In the forseeable future, based on his medical history thus far and opticians monitoring - he has yearly eye examinations to monitor it - he won't need any assistance to live an independent life We are concerned as you can imagine that this condition will mean we are refused a visa on health grounds. He does not have a condition which poses a threat to the people of Oz, he is not going to be a financial cost for Oz (there is no treatment), he can still do his job.... At the moment we are very very early in this process but we don't want to spend the £10k going through this visa process is there is a chance of us being refused at the final hurdle. I'm conscious that this retinal pigment will be picked up his eye test, the panel doc here in the UK will state it's 'abnormal' and 'further testing' is needed.... Our migration agent has recommended that we have a private consultation with a former panel doc in Manchester which he recommended (who doesn't do Oz medicals anymore but still does NZ ones), to see what he says, before we progress any further. He is not an ophthalmologist however, and probably won't know much about this condition. So should we try to find an ophthalmologist who can help? We can always ask the one who does my husband's current testing, we would need to anyway I'm sure in order to take a full report to a panel doctor if we had submitted our visa application. He would confirm my points above: Very slow progression, doesn't impact daily life, can still do his job etc - which I assume is what the MOC/DIAC want to know. Would we be able to go to him for the 'further testing' if needs be when the time comes, or does it have to be someone of the DIAC choosing? I've searched for cases of others who have eye conditions in terms of visa approvals but have had no joy. Can anyone give us some advice please? I know we can't get an idea of what the MOC/DIAC would say (we can't even apply for an early medical to see if we're wasting our time) as they take into account your personal diagnosis.... Does anyone know of an ophthalmologist in the UK who has given them advice? And when considering implications financial and community services wise, when looking at an applicant's health condition, does anyone know how far in advance does the MOC/DIAC look?? Based on my hubby's history so far (14 plus years since diagnosis), we can safely say the slow progression will continue...but we cannot assume or predict anything with this condition....it affects everyone so very differently! Am I right in understanding that when looking at health issues, the MOC/DIAC can only consider the next 5 years or so, and only provable facts (ie. Mr xx WILL need hospital treatment/community care/ etc) - not assumptions? As we can't say (and any ophthalmologist will say the same) exactly how this is going to progress....we don't have a crystal ball!!! I'm so so sorry for the long post. Anyone who has got this far...I thank you for bearing with me. As you can imagine this has been whirling around our heads today since our meeting this morning.
  3. Dear All, I would like to know if anyone here has ever used the My Health Declarations Service to undergo medical examinations before lodging a 189 visa application. If so, I would love to hear some comments on the experience. Thank you.
  4. Hi Forum, Myself on a 457 visa and looking to get permanent residency. My question is - I have white coat hypertension and am a nervous wreck when it comes to BP check. This is only, the time when my bp is monitored and on all other times, am very much normal. Indeed the doctors who checked me last time back in my country made me ran through series of tests which all came back normal including the ECG, Echo cardiogram and serum tests. I am from a high risk country and my weight is about 5 kilos more than what it should be for my height. I am neither diabetic nor have high cholesterol / have any other disease. I am in my late 20's. Please suggest if this would pose a concern for my health assessment. Thanks everyone. NP
  5. Hi all! We've just submitted our Partner Visa last week and Immi got back to us with a request to have my non-migrating son complete a health assessment. Can anyone give me the reasons why they need this? - I have sent an email to immi but the reply is taking a while. Background - my son is only little, his mother and I are no longer together and she has informal custody, I still support him financially and where I can. I want to have as much information as possible to help explain this to my son's mother as I don't think she will be too favourable to the idea of him undergoing this assessment. Any help is appreciated.