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  1. Ah thanks Amber Snowball and Marisa Wright that's good to know.Thanks for the helpful info, much appreciated
  2. Hi guys, just a few questions.With move cube do they drop off the boxes you need or do you have to source your own.Also can i ship artifical plants back to the Uk or shall i start selling them off now? Pls advize Brit Girl
  3. Are you still in Perth Mary Rose or have you gone back to Sydney? Brit Girl
  4. Brit Girl

    HMRC Overseas Pension List Re-released

    Hi Andrew or anyone else on here do u have any recommendations for a Uk based Tax accountant.Am asking for a friend. Cheers Brit Girl
  5. Brit Girl

    Bemused by the Australian dream

    Hi Top Toh Scnal, no worries, glad we are both on the same wave length. Sometimes it's nice to have your thoughts validated by a fellow health professional who has gone through a similar situation. Just take each day as it comes, embrace the experience, good or bad. I know that when i changed jobs in 2015 i was happier, so once you start your new job maybe things might change for the better? A nurse i know moved from Queensland and is much more settled in Perth but as you've moved to be near family, moving interstate would defeat the object really. Yes i'm definately counting down to my long service leave for sure and will put it all down to experience, hey i could even write a book about it to recoup the money spent but i don't think anyone would believe me!Haha! I hear you about the work culture, difficulty in making friends, wages and the high cost of living, nothing prepares you for any of it unitl you are living and working here! Good that you've been able to spend some time with your family,you could view it as a secondement/overseas posting that wasn't for you long term,that's what my cousin did when NZ wasn't for him.Good luck on whatever you decide, keep us posted.
  6. Brit Girl

    Perth Meet Up - 9th April 2017

    Thanks Pom Queenxx
  7. Brit Girl

    Adelaide Meet Up

    Hi katherine, i made the move to Perth 7 years ago on my own. So anything you need to know just let me know. My best advice is to accept all invatations to social gatherings and actively get out there and meet as many people as you can! Adelaide is lovely i have visited there a few times and would have moved there if there had a been any nursing job opportunities in my speciality.Good luck with the move over. Brit Girl :-)
  8. Brit Girl

    Perth Meet Up - 9th April 2017

    Thanks to Kate/ Pom Queen and John for organising such a great Meetup as usual at La Boheme (nice venue and yummy food). Congratulations to John on his marriage, he is now officially off the market ladies! Sob Sob! Catch up with everyone next year at the new venue, to be decided......... Take care. Brit Girl/ Debbie x
  9. Brit Girl

    Bemused by the Australian dream

    Hi Top Toh Scnal, totally understand where you are coming from as a fellow nurse! I have been here 7 years and i started the process in 2008/9 when it was much easier. For what ever reason it has become harder year on year for UK nurses to get their qualifications recognised and get a job. Our UK experience doesn't count at all, they aren't interested in looking at fresh ideas even when you do get a job here in Perth! As for promotion it is hard to obtain without jumping through many hoops especially in community nursing where i work. I'm due my long service leave in Feb 2020 which i am holding out for and then i will make my final descion re moving back. On the positives i have been able to travel around Australia and bought a unit (which is another battle to sort out as it has been so poorly built).I have made a few friends (but not that many despite me being a sociable, friendly person). I think you are doing the right thing in questioning whether Australia is for you. In my experience it is more expensive to live here and you really need two wages here to be comfortable financially and therfore not having to worry about money. Also as a single woman/child free woman here in Perth it is much harder and not as socially accepted here as it is in the UK. Good luck with your decision you won't be the first or the last to head home just think of it as as an extended holiday and you'll be fine.
  10. Brit Girl

    Perth Meet Up 9th April

    Add me Poms Queen please ( Brit Girl )and will there be gluten free food please
  11. Brit Girl

    Perth Meet Up - 9th April 2017

    Count me in and save me a spot please (John and Pom Queen). I am Gluten and lactose free re diet too. Cheers Brit Girl :-)
  12. Brit Girl

    Has anyone else moved on their own?

    I'm on my own in living in Perth single and it is very different living out here being single as i'm constantly asked if i'm married with children and why not? Which i find rude! My single status was never questioned when i lived in the UK. I've made a few friends here, have a well paid job, travelled around Australia, but miss my old life back in the UK. My long service leave is up in Feb 2020 and i will be heading back to the UK on my own, no problem! My advice is go where you are happiest and feel you belong.
  13. Brit Girl

    A huge thank you Moneycorp - 2016 Pomsinoz Meet Up in Perth

    Well done to Kate and John for organising another great meet up! I had such fun! Meet some new friends (Shirley and Naomi) and reconnected with my other friends! Win win! Lovely to catch up with you again Fiona. Chris Good luck with the move back to the UK and enjoy your new adventure! Catch up with you lovely people again next year! xx