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  1. And it's probably best not to ask her whether blondes really have more fun 😁
  2. No Aussies will be behind the Brits. Launch order is prioritised on population size, whilst this brings in the most cash companies can argue they are serving more patients. Hopefully common sense will prevail and we will negotiate to piggyback off the EMEA. Which Australia is currently looking into as a means of speeding up access.
  3. I am looking forward to driverless cars where I don't have to worry about having an extra glass of wine or some numpty millennial texting while driving.
  4. Always horrified me how they report road deaths in Aus over Xmas. A map of the country with tallies by state as if it's some kind of competition.
  5. I also prefer the brunette look.
  6. I have just moved back. I shipped a few newer items but like VS said if its old and/or cheap not worth it. Don't however assume stuff will be much cheaper here. White goods cost less but sofas, dining tables and beds seem to be a similar price. I got quotes from Chess, Pickfords and Crown. Chess and Pickfords were the same price. It is much cheaper to share a container but it takes longer, ultimately its down to your budget as to which is best for you.
  7. No obligation to pay your flights if you resign.
  8. It does when it comes to economic viability. Sure the GFC hurt many people but the US survived. Size doesn't help if you are a rabbit though - the prize for the week from hell has to go to the poor sods who work in United Airlines PR dept. Just when you thought things couldn't get any worse....
  9. The UK is the 5th largest economy in the world. Not withstanding the difficulties of leaving the EU it should be entirely viable to exist outside it. Whether or not it does better or worse remains to be seen but it is certainly viable.
  10. If you live in the burbs you could live on 100K but 60k would not be enough. Don't forget to do your sums on take home figures as tax rates are higher.
  11. Not me. I prefer a nice warm conservatory.
  12. Just as well you like cats then ☺
  13. I used the first email and the initial quote. The date for arrival has to be an estimate. Goods can be shipped without the code but it is at the discretion of the shipping company. The one I used asked for the email from HMRC as proof I had applied for it. Customs have minimum values for cats and dogs that they charge. I think it is 300 GBP for a dog which is 60 GBP vat. Few pets will be worth that unless they are youngsters but it doesn't matter as you can claim it back once you get tbe ToR number.
  14. I assume you work for one of the large consultancies and are well remunerated. With hindsight do you wish you had bought somewhere? Capital gains on a Sydney property would have outstripped costs in the last 2 years.
  15. They have to have their rabies shot 4 weeks before they fly and be declared fit to fly by a vet the day before. The animal transport companies arrange the final vet check, certificate and do the paperwork. You must provide the original rabies certificate signed by an AQIS registered vet. If you lose it they have to have another shot as copies are not accepted. You don't get a physical passport. Likr human visas the regulations change all the time.