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  1. I thought it was a 2 year period for doctors but the rules change all the time. The bigger issue would be finding a job in the metro area. There is no shortage of GPs, not surprising as the medical system is world class and the lifestyle is great.
  2. I sent my 2 dogs with Jetpets who were great, they flew the direct Qantas flight from Sydney. It stops at Dubai but the dogs are not deplaned. They were fine, in a much better condition than I was after a 21 hr flight! As for shipping a lot depends on your budget and how old stuff is. Replacing all your furniture for a family of four will be time consuming and expensive but king size beds and sofas probably won't fit in a UK house. Check if the telly will work in the UK. Definitely bring all your clothing and kitchenware.
  3. I think you know why you came but haven't figured out why you returned after your stint back in the UK.
  4. Probably going to make an offer on a house I don't even like as it needs a lot of work. But it's a good location and I could style it how I like it. It's overpriced and agent advised cheeky offer. The question is how cheeky.
  5. The key thing to remember is it's a one size fits all form for anyone moving to the UK. As long as you can prove you are British citizens and have been out of the U K for more than 12 months you qualify. Don't panic about jobs or reasons for moving back and move dates can be estimates they don't have to be exact. Use a friend or families address, it doesn't have to be permanent. Good luck!
  6. Get on with it Sue. You have all the info you need now.It's a tedious process but it has to be done and if you delay you risk having to pay vat to get your cats back if you don't get your number in time. It's school hols shortly and that will slow things down as everyone takes their 2 weeks in the sun. It took me several days to do, as you can't save the online form as you I ended up doing a dummy run to figure out all the documentation I needed then had to collate and scan it all before doing it live.
  7. It doesn't end when you get here either. Still have to find house, friends job etc. Reckon it will be 6 to 9 months after landing before all that is sorted. House buying very long and stressful process. Still the gin is cheaper here 😉
  8. I would love to know what his blood alcohol level was when he was arrested.
  9. Before you go check the showing doesn't stipulate no free tickets. Most new openings do.
  10. I didn't make an appointment just went and asked the teller at the counter and they rang up their Forex dept to get a rate which was a couple of cents higher than the tourist rate. The money was transferred within 24 hrs. The bank took care of any financial regulations I didn't have to fill anything in. The bank have my tax file number on record. My bank is Westpac.
  11. This is so that they can deport terrorists or suspected terrorists , most Aussies will be more than happy to do so, Human rights lawyers may have a problem with it but the man in the street won't.
  12. And threatened the queen politely. Nice.
  13. If he doesn't get his benefits and has to pay for the kids education because he has not been habitually resident here for 3 years why would he come here?
  14. They don't deliver or store the containers , they unload them then load the stuff into a removals van for delivery you haven't purchased the container it will be reloaded pretty pronto for its next journey.
  15. Choir and running club. I do think it's easier for mums of young children to meet other mums. Not that the other mums will necessarily be welcoming but at least it's a start