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  1. The weather 😁

    It was a wee bit windy when Ophelia blew through but you are right it's not cold which is just as well as my stuff including all my winter clothes is still in storage ☹
  2. The weather 😁

    I bought a lovely thick velour dressing gown last week. Put it on that evening and realised it was way too warm for a house with central heating, would have been perfect for the Sydney winter 😁
  3. The weather 😁

    I am surprised anyone would base their decision on where to live on what the weather is like. It bewilders me.
  4. Mortgage on Temp Visa (Aus Partner)

    Not sure how good records are retrospectively but going forward I think it will be very easy to check. Just ask for the applicants NI number/TFN/ US sociial security number etc, etc. The UK have changed stamp duty so that people pay 3% extra if they already own a property, anywhere not just the UK. I would assume therefore they are looking into ways of auditing this.
  5. Mortgage on Temp Visa (Aus Partner)

    Hard to check the world but the ATO and HMRC have mutual links.My UK bank demanded my TFN a year or so ago as the ATO had requested details of accounts of all Australian residents. A more relevant question is whether anyone would actually bother to verify the claims of a first time buyer. No idea but I suspect the higher value transactions are more likely to be audited so don't go buying a multi million penthouse ☺
  6. Mortgage on Temp Visa (Aus Partner)

    Pretty easy to check, ask for your addresses for last 5 years and check with HMRC to see who paid the stamp duty.
  7. Moving Tobacco and alcohol

    Buy it in Sainsbury's wrap it in a plastic bag and put it in your suitcase. That's what I do loads cheaper than duty free at Sydney airport. Plus you can't buy it at duty free at an Airport outside Australia, a rort to get people to buy on arrival.
  8. Shipping valuable small items

    Put it in your suitcase it won't take up that much space as you can fill it, stuff it with undies.
  9. Maisonette

    Vickyplum is right a maisonette is a flat or unit with its own front entance so no communal spaces inside. For leasehold think strata and freehold think torrens title.
  10. I think the mind does know what it wants, Australian sized houses near a beach with warm sunny weather in the UK. Well that is what mine wants. It is just that that's not possible so the art is knowing where to compromise. I also know it takes a couple of years to settle, buying a house fixing it up how you likeit and making new friends takes time.
  11. So Good To Be Back In The UK

    Moi aussi....
  12. Shipping Question

    You need a UK super king base, about 3 cm shorter but as long as it is a flat base doubt that will matter
  13. Brexit

    I have seen posts predicting decades of economic misery. Sure it could be very painful for a while but this just makes me laugh, even the global depression of the 30s lasted less than a decade.
  14. Brexit

    Oh yes you can the Media are going ballistic. Scary really that people can be swayed like this. She has a cold big deal so do I could hardly get a note out at choir last night. Still who cares what she says it's all about what she looks like. And if Corbyn gets in it will be no different, a couple of months then they will go after him. Image is far more importnat than ability in a leader today.
  15. Brexit

    I dislike her because she is a hypocrite