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  1. Oops, less than 6 months on passport...

    You're stuck either way. If you stay in KL and fly from there you still have to transit in Singapore. I'd go to Penang then go to the consulate. If they can't help book a flight with Singapore airlines from Penang to Singapore for the offending passport holder then they don't have to clear immigration at Singapore Although to be honest what exactly will the Singaporeans do? They can't deport you to Malaysia as you don't have a valid passport for there either.
  2. It does not measure the cost of living there so it can be very liveable and very expensive at the same time.
  3. They may well try but they can't legally increase the price until the lease is up so as long as you pay the original rent there is nothing they can do. The bond is held by an independent bond board so they can't touch that either, although they can make empty threats. They can't evict you either check the listing and make sure it stipulates it's leased and the end of the lease date. If not stay for the inspection and make sure you tell anyone viewing. They cannot force you to leave during the inspection although I imagine they will want you too but they are hardly going to have a raging argument with buyers looking on.
  4. Hi @suesmalls Glad you and the cats got here OK.
  5. Tell me about it. My dogs flight was delayed 5 hours. I was a nervous wreck, they were in a much better state than I was when I picked them up.
  6. Customs clearance times

    Shared containers take longer, my shipment was stored for 8 weeks before being shipped and the ship took about 7 weeks from Sydney.
  7. Rubbish! When does he expect tenants who work in the daytime are going to view? I rented last year and most viewings were weekend or weekday evenings after 5pm
  8. They need your consent, you can stipulate the time. Threaten to report them to Fair Trading if they carry on.
  9. That message is the same one I got, TOR came 3 weeks later. If you don't get the TOR in time your cats will still be shipped but you will have to pay VAT when you pick them up then claim it back.
  10. Tricky situation

    If you move back it will be stressful because big moves are, pregnant or not. Realistically it would take a month to move you and the dog then you could plausibly end up in a situation where your husband is still looking for work when bub arrives and you are still living with parents. I moved back in April for very different reasons but I am still living with family, not at all what I planned. I don't know you so I am not going to advise one way or another. Having a chat with a nurse or doctor at your practice, a female who has had children and understands the hormonal thing may help. Nothing as formal as a mental health plan just someone to talk to. They can advise you if you need further help,
  11. Where to have a holiday?

    Who woulc have thought tossing a few bits of wood and rocks around would be so popular?
  12. Tricky situation

    Equally why should your wants trump his? Tricky situation indeed.
  13. Age restrictions on 457 visa

    Dependng what you do and where you end up living consider doing short term contracts such as mat leave backfills. Mat leave is not mandatory in Aus but many large companies, particularly affiliates of global corporates offer it anyway. They tend to be based in Sydney and Melbourne.
  14. Age restrictions on 457 visa

    Find out what the school cost are if any and negotiate them as part of your husbands salary package. It is a perfectly reasonable request for an employee who is relocating on a temporary basis, if you were permanent you wouldn't have to pay it and you don't have to pay in the UK. If you don't ask you don't get 😁
  15. Customs clearance times

    My stuff cleared customs last week, much quicker than I expected I had been told it would take 1 to 2 weeks as it was a shared container but it took 2 days assuming the ship docked on the day they said it would. My stuff was packed by the shippers not me, apparently self packed consignments more likely to be checked. It actually took longer for the Uk company to arrange delivery but to be fair I didn't push them as it is going into storage until I get a house