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Found 71 results

  1. Hi all. I was wondering if anyone has an experience with transferring UK private pension to Australia? Any tips or recommendations appreciated. Thank you.
  2. tommyhawkes

    DASP Super Claim Overseas

    Hi all, So I have been trying to transfer my super from Australia back to the UK after making the decision to stay in the UK and I'm having to literally prove that I am who I am more times that care to mention. I went through the normal channel of filling out a DASP form on My.Gov, as prescribed. A few months later I get a communication requesting that I fill out the Super companies own DASP form and send this back, along with a certified copy of my bank statement (CommBank) and a certified copy of my passport ... in the post!? Now I know what Aussie post is like, never mind international post. I mean really!? I know they have to be cautious but I have made it as easy as possible for them. I have requested that it be paid into my Aussie bank account to cut down on transfer time and fees. I also did this because this is the bank account I have registered with my Super Annuation Fund and My.Gov to help them link to the beneficiary (me), I thought this was supposed to be the idea behind linking all the services on My.Gov, to make it easy... I dunno maybe I'm being unreasonable, but I also used to work at a financial institution and I know the tricks they play to delay or deny withdrawals. Any way, without whinging too much, I have 2 questions. Does any one else have experience dealing with SunSuper? Are they obstructive when it comes to this sort of matter? What are the turn around times, generally? They have given me a list of who can certify the docs in Australia.... I'm in England. Who could I get to certify these docs? Tried ringing them between 8 and 5 (AEST) but I can never seem to get through on the number they give!? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Martinbjulieb

    Residency when drawing your Super

    We have been back in the U.K. for just over two years now and were in Australia for 10. When we first moved we transferred a personal pension and my civil service works pension into 2 Australian super funds. My question is, when we reach 60 (our preservation ages) how long do you have to be resident in Australia for to withdraw your funds? For example could you take an extended holiday for a few months? Is so we would then transfer the money back to the U.K. using Moneycorp or the like and invest it here. Then we would just declare to HMRC the interest gained each year? Like you do on U.K. bank accounts/investments. Is that the way to do it? Otherwise we would just transfer amounts each year that would keep us under or just over the tax free threshold. Any advice greatly received! Thanks.
  4. Hi all, Currently enjoying life in Aus on a TSS visa, 1 year in. Our current plans are to move back to the Uk after a couple more years, to try for a kid. I’ve toyed with the idea of applying for a 190 PR visa to keep our options open but realistically if we did go to back and have a child (not guaranteed, I know) I can’t see us returning before the travel component of the PR expires. It feels a fair chance therefore its a waste of money and effort. I had a thought regarding superannuation though: when leaving on a temporary visa I can claim back my super minus 45% tax. However this tax is already not far off the cost of applying for PR at the moment and will increase over however longer we stay in Aus. Babies and life choices aside and looking at the financials alone, I’m wondering if one reason for me to apply for PR is to lock in the super as a small investment until I retire and be able to claim it without being taxed. I would have to assume that my PR would expire before I retire and that I settle in the UK in later life. If this happened Would the super still be available via an Australian bank account and tax free? Obviously there’s other benefits to applying to PR but is there logic is this approach from the financials? thanks
  5. Andrew from Vista Financial

    HMRC Overseas Pension List Re-released

    HMRC has re-released the Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme (ROPS) list released following the temporary suspension it put in place on 14 April. This follows the March UK budget where vast changes to the QROPS system were made and so required Scheme Managers of QROPS to essentially reconfirm in writing to HMRC that they remain QROPS by the 13 April. The new list is here: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/list-of-qualifying-recognised-overseas-pension-schemes-qrops/list-of-recognised-overseas-pension-schemes-notifications#australia The sole Australian Retail Scheme has again appeared on the new list which as a reminder is exclusive to members age 55 and over. Regards Andy
  6. Guest

    Super speedy Courier service?

    Hi everyone, With the change looming on the 1st July we are kinda worried that we will not get everything to DIAC in time. We are waiting for our ACS skill test, then have to apply for state sponsorship and once we get all that back only then can we apply to DIAC. So I just wanted to know if anyone knows of a courier company that is super speedy than the usual ones so that we can get applications over to australia in a hurry. Thank you Keglin
  7. Has anyone managed to claim back there super if you are a permanent resident and have moved back to the UK for Good. Any advice would be great or if they don't pay it out can you transfer the funds over to a UK pension? Thanks
  8. Lauren Jones

    Super hostage

    HI, i currently hold a Employer Nomination (Residence) (Class BW, Subclass 856) visa that was granted five years ago this October 2015. I have now left Asutalia and am trying to claim back my Super to no avail. Super says i need to ask tax office, tax office tells me to cancel my visa, immigration say i am unable to cancel my visa as it is not temporary. Please help!
  9. egrek

    Reclaim Super - success!

    So we have been back a few months now, but about 6 months since we left Australia and only tonight can I say I have my Super! The process is simple. You get the form from the ATO, fill it in and send it off. They come back saying yes, you've left and visa ended and forward it to your Superfund. The superfund then check details and give you back your money! In theory. Well we applied as soon as we left Australia - partly as we knew there was a 6 month timeframe to get it sorted. We were travlling around New Zealand. My partner gets an email saying she needs to get certified copies of everything and send them in. Not great when we're travelling but found a policeman who could help, if was bewildered why in the sounds, he was certifying UK docs for Oz reclaims! Send off and hear no more. So 3 months later we arrive back in the UK and start to chase - whats going on? My partner is told they send a letter and a cheque. Did we nto get them? No. I'm told they sent a letter - no emails - did I not get it? Somehow from 3 items posted, none reach our shores? (and yes, they both had the right address) Some chasing and hassle and a cheque is reissued and my partner gets hers. Mine? Well I get told a list of items I needed to get certified and then sent off. Certified, on the whole, by Autralian professionals (not easy when you're not in Oz) - but I manage it, send them off. Nothing. Thus I begin to call once a week. They had the documents but now they sent them to another department who needed another form. And email was recieved telling me with with 'the form attached' (nothing was attached). Replying got me no where. When I asked the 'financial support' I was told I 'had to do the process' - the fact there was no £$£$%$£%$£ing attachment seemed to bypass this simple instruction. Pointing this out. No reply. When I finally called and got through to someone I was told I needed to fill in the form. Can they send it? Yes. Could I get it online (as there seemed to be a 30 min delay from them sending emails to me getting them - i know as I wouldn't let the guy off the phone till I got it). And no. You can't search for this mythical form as it's not availiable online. Brialliant. Finally get it and find my 2 month delay is for me to fill in my name, address and sign. Obviously this couldn't have been sent and requested with all the other information I sent in. Nor could they process my claim without me writing out ALL THE SECURITY INFORMATION THEY ASK ME ON EVERY GADDAM CALL! So 2 months of chasing a form with nothing new on. Still. It's sent. Then nothing. I call up again. "They have it and no one is doing anything with it". What? Even the girl on the other end seemed a bit confused. "I can see you have sent in everything, just no one has checked or looked at your emails and information" ... At this point it was 'escalated' (I didn't have much faith 5 months after I started at this point) But 2 days later it seems it was sorted. The 38% tax rate (checked, that's what is is now) is removed and the money put into my bank (not all need to be cheques sent to the UK it seems - though my partner was told her Super couldn't put it in a Australian account) Not that anyone said anything. I had emailed. No response. When I called to try and speak to a manager at this point I'm first told my account is closed. Closed? Apparently a letter was sent out (probably never get it if it's anything like the initial ones) and all the requests I made in email, letter and on the phone - to be emailed and notified if ANYTHING happened with my account - were more wasted time and words. But it's done. Just need to transfer the last bit home and we're done with the AUD! Seems you CAN get your super back, but with varying degrees of chasing and hassle. And we both needed docs signed and verified before anything would go on. Not quite as easy as they make out! AMP. Can't say I recommend them. But being home, same crap here. Idiots in positions of power screwing up our lives. Have a good xmas all! One less pile of cr@p for me to stress over now (but plenty of others)
  10. Hi, does anyone please know what happens to your super in the following scenario... I am from the UK but have become an Australian Citizen and have 10 years worth of Super contributions over here. If down the line we need to move back to the UK for whatever reasons, what happens to my Super? My belief is it will stay over here in Australia until retirement age when I can then access it. If this is true, can I then move it back to the uk once it has been accessed? Any help would be greatly appreciated. :smile: Thanks
  11. I have been working for the same labour hire company for more than 6months and also been on the same site /company... Ive only got till september left now till i return to the Uk . Does anyone think this will affect my tax or getting super back ?
  12. whoiam

    Super fund - Care super

    Hi to all the financial pundits out there ! Any recommendations for a good super fund with low fees? Anyone using Caresuper? Just looking for personal recommendations or personal choices as I'm finding it difficult to make up my mind
  13. Guest

    Transfer Super to the UK?

    Afternoon all, I have a question that I have researched but I'm still not entirely sure what the answer is, so I thought I would fall back on the reliability and wealth of knowledge the vast majority of PIO users seem to posses.... So I now have my 457 Visa all confirmed, it's a done deal :-D meaning I will be in the country for at least 4 years! Thinking ahead, if I decide that I would like to return to the UK after the 4 years (doubtful, but there is always that chance and who knows, I might not be eligible for PR after my 4 year stay...), am I correct in thinking that I will be entitled to my Super? If so, what is the deal with this? Do I get the full amount, is a % deducted for claiming the super early? Can anyone advise me as plain and simple, how much I would be entitled to and what the implications would be as a result of doing this? I'm one of those annoying people who has to have everything planned out for the next 10 years!! I wasn't too sure where the appropriate place was to post this thread, so please feel free to re-direct it to a specific area on the site. Thanks again everyone and I look forward to any responses! Cheers Rick
  14. Hey all, First post. My visa runs out in early December and I'm not going back to the UK as I'm going round the world again (huzzah!) but I don't quite fully understand the process to withdraw my Super... I've spoken to THREE different companies today including my Superfund, and have been given all sorts of different and confusing info! Firstly I've been told I can't get my Super paid into my NAB account. As I'm not going back to the UK I'm going to continue to use my NAB (and a cash passport to top up with NAB account) for travelling but I've been told I have to cash the cheque in person in the UK! However, I've also been told I CAN get the Super paid into my NAB but the documents I need to withdraw my Super have to be sent to an overseas mailing address. I'll be in the Philippines, impossible! Plus I've been told the Aussie government takes 30% of Super when you leave the country because that's the tax you pay if withdrawing before the age of retirement! What a load of rubbish, I'm not going be here till my retirement. With that the case why do they feel the need to take Super off paid wages of WHV holders anyway? It's a scam! Anyway, can anyone explain in plain English the process I should go through. Remember I'm NOT going back to the UK for another year... Thanks guys! :smile:
  15. I have tried reading up on this as much as i could--but i understand there are many on here who can possibly explain a bit better and clarify a few queries! Here in the Uk there is a state pension and then you get any occupational pension if you've worked etc etc. What about in Oz land? I've seen that when you work you get to contribute to a super fund--which you can choose or you can even manage your own. But as I see it these super funds are private initiatives run by private companies. Now these are my queries-- 1. What if a person never worked or has worked only for a short while--what happens then? 2. Is there a government provision for pension for all above a certain age??? Would be glad if any one who knows anything about the Oz pension system can post what they know--because this could be helpful for those coming after me as well. Many thanks in advance!
  16. Tarby777

    Cost of pension transfer

    Hi all, I'm looking to bring my existing UK pensions over to a QROPS-compliant Aussie superannuation scheme. The companies I've spoken to so far - such as PTD - charge a %age of the pot, which seems awfully unfair for folks like me who have been paying in for quite a while... surely the cost to them in bringing the money over for a given individual is linked more to the number of UK providers they have to deal with and any complexities they encounter rather than the size of the pot.... So... my question: do you know of a reputable outfit who will do the transfer for a fixed(ish) price? TIA Tarby
  17. cartertucker

    UK Super king size bed frames in WA

    Do they sell the UK size 'super king' beds in Western Australia? :unsure: I have a mattress I may be shipping, but would not be bringing the frame, so need to make sure im gonna be able to buy one once there....Dont fancy a mattress on the floor! :confused:
  18. But which night did I watch Family Values?
  19. otsmith1

    ACS - Super Quick! What now?

    Can't believe it, got my positive skills assessment back from the ACS today and we only lodged it 13th September!!! This has completely thrown my schedule, we weren't planning on having any decisions to make before Xmas! :biggrin: Now, here we are. Am I right in thinking we can go ahead and apply for a 175 now? If we do, do I need to take the IELTS?? I read somewhere that a SS 176 requires IELTS but if we decide we can wait longer, can we just go ahead and apply for 175 without the IELTS? Would appreciate any advice on this unexpected jump to the next step :cool:
  20. Guest

    Super Hero Worship

    Filipino designer Herbert Chavez has taken his love for Superman up, up and away. Chavez has spent more than a decade undergoing a series of cosmetic procedures, from a nose job to bleaching his skin, in order to look like the Man of Steel. Years ago, he looked like an average brown-skinned Filipino. Post-surgery, he is whiter, his nose is pointier and his thighs are slimmer. He had his cheeks, lips, chin and thighs operated on and he took glutathione injections to whiten his skin. Next he is planning an operation that will give him a more muscular abdomen. He is also looking at specialised surgery in Japan that will insert metal in his legs to give him more height. Chavez said his love for Superman began when he was a kid and he saw the superhero lifting a pack of cars on the big screen. Chavez has collected bits and pieces of Superman memorabilia ever since and has amassed a huge collection through the years. His house is packed with Superman plastic cups, bed spreads, action figures and life-size statues of the superhero displayed around his home. Local villagers said they like the "Filipino Superman" because he entertains the children while teaching them good moral values. Just like Clark Kent's dual persona, Chavez has a day job working as a dress designer and pageant trainer and his Superman alter ego comes to life after work. His expertise with fabric has enabled him to design his own set of Superman costumes patterned after those on the big screen. But, unlike Superman, Chavez said he does not possess any special powers. Read more: http://www.3news.co.nz/Decade-of-surgery-makes-man-resemble-Superman/tabid/417/articleID/229410/Default.aspx#ixzz1ar7LdrLy Do you or have you known anyone who has a hero that they emulate, there are all the Elvis , Michael Jackson & Britney Tributes & wannabes. Is anyone on here donning the Lycra tights, whilst moonwalking into the Heartbreak Hotel ??? :wideeyed:
  21. Guest

    LAHFA and super

    Hello guys I am closing the salary package with my company to move to australia in october. Salary base will be 120 k $ + 10 % super + LAHFA (including accomod, food and school fees) My question is regarding super, is Super affected depending on the size of LAHFA included in the package? Regards
  22. Been reading some reviews online and customer service is getting a bad rap, but their prices are good. Anyone got any personal experiences? Looking to buy a new tv, fridge freezer and chaise lounge thingy
  23. Agent applied on 21/9 and visa granted 23/9.:biglaugh: Cannot believe it, so exciting. What a rollercoaster.:shocked: Thanks to everyone on the site for all their posts, reading some of them really helped.:wink: Time to try and find some short term accommodation and flights. Need to write my notice too. So many things, so little time.......
  24. Hi there every one, I have just moved to Melbourne from the UK, the move went fine; we are loving Melbourne and would highly recommend it to anyone thinking of taking the plunge! But I have a feeling that I may have made a particularly daft assumption about LAFHA, please read on if you fancy a laf...ha! (can’t believe I just typed that) During my job interview I queried with my manager if I would receive LAFHA? They confirmed that I would, to the tune of $12k. When I received my contract LAFHA was not mentioned anywhere so I asked for it to be added. I was told that it was a standard contract and so it could not be added, instead my manager confirmed for me in email that I would receive LAFHA. So I jumped to the logical assumption that I would receive LAFHA on top of my base salary, yes I know I feel pretty thick now! On reading my first pay slip I was shocked to see that my base salary had been reduced by $12k per year and every month I received $1k tax free, nice but not quite as nice as I was expecting. I am now in the situation where by I am $12k worse off, and wondering what my options are? Do I have a case to request that my LAFHA be added on top of my base salary, or will they just turn around and say no as I have signed a contract not mentioning LAFHA? Or do I have a case to increasing my LAFHA amount? After doing some further reading it would appear that the LAFHA amount of $12k is quite small considering the food component on its own comes to nearly $12k, not including the housing component, should I try and argue that this be reassessed? What are my chances? Interestingly I am receiving less super in my payslip than is listed in my contract, I assume this is because super is calculated not including the LAFHA amount, could I use this to argue any of the above points? Sorry for the long post and thanks in advance Barry
  25. Hey guys, someone pointed out to me today that my NET salary could be different depending on whether my employer applies the Super deduction after LAFHA or before it. Does anyone know which way round it is done at all? To explain... Is it like this: Gross - Super - (Food and Accommodation) - Tax + (Food and Accommodation) = NET (eg. $72,800) Or is like this: Gross - (Food and Accommodation) - Super - Tax + (Food and Accommodation) = NET (eg. $75,500) Do you get what I mean? Cheers