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  1. Hi We going back to the UK for a holiday shortly. Does anyone know about bringing money/cash back in to Australia. I know you have to declare anything over 10k but if it's over then what happens. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks Alimal
  2. alimal

    Removal company

    Thanks Moving2Melbourne I've manage to get an OK price from a company based in Fremantle. Move next Thurs - getting excited now! :yellow_guy_smiling_ Ali X
  3. We would like to meet up too but like sharon have kids that would be very bored and a bit of a pain in a pub. :animal-monkey::animal-monkey: Could we not meet in Steel Tree Park and have BBQ and drinks (drinks would be cheaper lol)? Ali X
  4. alimal

    Removal company

    We are moving from Canning Vale to Baldivis. (Our own Aussie home - Yeah):jiggy: Can anyone recommend a good (cheap) local removal company? Thanks Ali
  5. alimal

    South of the River

    We rent in a lovely suburb. The kids have settled into school and have made lots of new friends. I have just got a job in the local Big W that fits in really well around the family. After nearly two years here we feel really settled in our new life. The problem is although we can easily cover the rent each week the house prices here are more than we can afford. For us to buy in Oz we will have to up root and begin again in a cheaper suburb. This I am not looking forward to. Just something you might want to think about when looking for your rental. Wishing you all the best, Ali x
  6. alimal

    English shop

    Funny that - I'm from Middlesbrough too! Ali:biglaugh:
  7. alimal

    Evacuation warnings ??????

    Thinking of you all who live in the affected areas or who have family there. Lets hope the conditions improve soon. Take care and keep safe. Ali and Mal X
  8. Hi Joanna I hope Archie will be fine as I'm sure he will. We feel worse than the dogs do about all this. Lots of people say their dogs come through this just fine. We brought our two collies over last year and used Golden Arrow - they were great. The kennels, as you know, are beautiful and in such an idilic location. I could have booked myself in for a few days to get away from all the stress, lol. My friend Sharon (Jackboots) used a dog walking service and they kept her updated with lots of photos and information on how her dog Jack was doing. Hope all goes well with the move and give Archie an extra cuddle from me when you see him. Ali x
  9. alimal


    Thanks Deb One more little question. Do you know if dogs are allowed on the beach there? Ali x
  10. alimal


    Hi We are thinking (when we can afford too!) of buying a property nearer coast. The prices in Waikiki seem quite low compared to others. Does anyone know the reason for this or what the suburb is like. Also we have primary age school children so has anyone got any views on the schools in that area? Any info would be appreciated. Ali X
  11. alimal

    Canning Vale

    Hi We are renting in Canning Vale. Our two boys 6 and 7 yr olds go to Ranford Primary and we are quite happy with the school. Campbell Primary is said to be a good school too. Don't know much about the high schools in the area though. Haven't thought that far ahead as we don't know where we will be settling. Ali X
  12. alimal


    Thank you all for your replies. I will pass this information on to my friend. Jejuniper - I hope you get good news soon. Best wishes Ali x
  13. alimal

    English shop

    Do you know where in Willetton? Ali
  14. alimal

    Pet shipping and house buying

    Don't know anything about Par Air but we used Golden Arrow. They are a small family run business who were very friendly and helpful. They were the cheaper of two quotes. Our two collies arrived in Oz none the worse for wear. Ali