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Found 29 results

  1. Guest

    Schools in Baldivis

    Hi there We are looking at different area's for when we move out in March. Can anyone tell me if there are good secondary schools in Baldivis? Your help is appreciated Sharon:hug:
  2. hi everyone me and my partner (im 25, dp 33) have lived here 2 years, and recently moved surburbs to baldivis, we havent had much opportunity to make many friends, and was wondering if there are anyone is these areas interested in meeting. we have a boy ben, 2 and one due jan. tracy xxxxxxxxx
  3. Hi my 14 year old daughter and 15 year old son are visiting me us in Baldivis over Xmas and then again at Easter before they emigrate permanently. My daughter is into Dancing, playing keyboards, is learning Japanese and loves anything Japanese related, is a member of the Guides, and is heavily into anything Twilight related! My son is into music, playing guitar, Xbox, BMX and skateboarding. My daughter has an account on here set up, but she forgot to activate it so just waiting for that to be done then I'm sure she'll post her own messages. So if anybody is around and would like to meet up teens and parents then please give me a shout. Want to also get the low down on some of the schools in the area from both teens and parents points of view. Thanks Jayne
  4. Hi Guys This is a follow on from the other thread meet up for November. As we can't make that one thought it might be an idea to start a new thread for others that can't make it and for those who can make both!! :biggrin: DETAILS: Meet at the Chase in Baldivis from 4.30pm - 5.00p.m. onwards Saturday 3rd December.
  5. Hey guys, I am wondering if any of you would know of any short or preferably long term private rentals available in Baldivis, near enough to Settlers Primary School? I am looking for a 4 x 2 type of property available from end of December / early January. Thanks, Becks x
  6. Guest

    Vets in/near Baldivis

    Just wondering if anyone can recommend a good vet in the Baldivis area (WA). Luca leaves quarantine on Thursday 1st and we would like to speak to a vet to see what we need to do next. Any recommedations would be great.
  7. So we have been here for 18 Months now. Before we set off on this adventure we had every intention of putting ourselves out there! and finding a new great social circle. But as with everything else (work mainly) it has been all to easy to sit back until you suddenly realize your life is not quite how you had planed it! We have some friends but they are all NOR which is just a little far to travel for a beer. (especially when you've had a few to many :wink:) SO HERE COMES THE PLEA! Friends now wanted SOR, nothing to heavy just the odd BBQ/get together with the obvious addition of beer & wine... I am a plumber and turned 40 this year my wife is 41 although we still feel 30ish, young at heart! We have two Children a girl aged 15 and a boy aged 13. If there is anyone out there who would like to meet up and see if we have anything in common we are more than up for it. Cheers Rob.
  8. Guest

    safety bay to baldivis

    we have been looking at rentals around the safety bay waikiki and baldivis areas. would like some inside info on these areas. we're after a relatively quiet neighbourhood for us to settle in coz in the not to distant future our 18 and 19 year old son and daughter will want to be fleeing the prefurbial nest. we visited these areas on our reccie there in nov 08 and we really did take it to our hearts. but that was while we were in holiday mode. we would like to know what these areas are really like. i know that you can sometimes get a good idea of an area by the look of it and plus your gut feeling and first impressions are also a good sign . looking forward to some good replies..... rob and denise:biggrin:
  9. liverpoolloo


    Can anyone please give me some informaton on the Baldivis area please, i don't have kids so not bothered about schools or out of school activities, however i am 54 and single so just wondered if there was plenty of nice local walks for my dogs, also any nice pubs close by to meet new people. I haven't moved over yet as still waiting on my parent visa being processed. Hope to be over by next june and hope to by land and build but in the meantime will rent. Baldivis seems to have some good offers. Opinions very welcome on the area. cheers Ann:hug:
  10. Guest


    Myself and my family are looking to move down south in the next couple of months. We are thinking of Baldivis as an area and was wondering if anyone knew about the Settlers Primary School there. Is it a good school?
  11. All is sorted and we are arriving on 28th May, we are hoping to live in the Baldivis area and have looked at Kindy for my son who is just turning 4 this month, can anyone tell me anything about Makybe Rise in Baldivis? Its new this year and just wondered if anyone had heard any good or bad comments on it? Also my youngest son will be doing part time nursery does anyone know about the ABC nursery in Baldivis? Thanks !!!
  12. Hi, we are moving to perth on 18th september, and from the research we have done so far we are liking the sound of rockingham, secret harbour and baldivis, i am a carpenter, my wife works in admin, and we have two young children. We are after somewhere not to far from the beach, thats not too quite(has a little bit going on in terms of community), good schools and close to work/transport links. any tips on these three or anywhere else that you think we may have missed/or not thought about would be really appreciated. terry:wink:
  13. Hi My husband and I emigrated in Sept 2010 (living in Baldivis) and my eldest (who currently lives with his dad in the UK) will be emigrating in July / Auguest this year following completion of his GCSE's, with my daughter coming out after that. I am looking around at schools that will suit both of them and would appreciate any comments from people who have children at any of these schools or the state schools in the area. My son is not highly accademic but he does OK and is gaining C grades, his interests are more Outtdoor Education - Duke of Edinbugh Awards and the such. My daughter has been learning Japanese for about 10 months now in the UK and this is very much a direction she is keen to follow along with her art - which is also very Japanese themed! Living Water's I know has Japanese as an option which is one of the reasons I am looking at this school. So saying I am looking for the right school for them - if it means I have to arrange japanese lessons privately to continue that I would do. The children are visiting again in April from 8th and I would very much like them to meet up with kids their own ages too (son will be 16 in April and daughter is 14) and chat to them about schools and just make some friends really. I'm hoping to go along to Peter Carnley's Open Day next week and any other's I can arrange and am also hopefully going to take the kids on visits to the schools before the schools here break up for Easter. I would really apprecaite any comments. :smile:
  14. Guest

    Renting Baldivis

    Hi We are moving to Perth next week and we are looking to rent a house in Baldivis. We have got temporary accommodation for a while but want to find something more long term. What is Baldivis area like? We have two small children aged 1 and 2 and a half so want somewhere family friendly. Is it easy to secure a rental property? I would be grateful for any advice. :biggrin:
  15. Hi just wondering if anyone would be looking for a lease break rental in about 5 weeks time , we are in a 4x2 ( dog allowed ) air con , near parks , nice garden .. on settlers hills in Baldivis , please pm if your wanting any info .:smile: we are moving as we are buying down the road .
  16. Guest


    Hello all For those moving to Perth looking for rentals you cant go past the following sites: www.realestate.com.au www.reiwa.com.au Or look at this stunning property, almost new... Cockburn Central Property Executives Hope you find this helpful :wink: Congratulations on choosing the best City in OZ and hope to catch up for a beer...:biggrin: Cheers Karl
  17. Jackboots

    Baldivis.. re hairdressers?

    hi anyone living in baldivis area, do you know if there are any mobile hairdressers down there ? we are moveing there in sept so was wondering if anybody would be interested in having their hair done at home or my home , i am a fully qualified hairdresser have been for 22 years and am state registered here in wa .. so if any one is interested let me know please ,pm :wubclub: cheers all x
  18. hi everyone my eldest starts kindy next yr, we hopin he gets into tranby but if he doesnt it will have to be settlers or baldivis primary. I heard more good things about baldivis than settlers, what everyone elses thoughts thanks tracy
  19. cybervoodoo

    I just want to go now...

    Hi. I just don't know what to do. I'm 14 and I think most girls my age would hate to be moving to the other side of the world but I don't feel like that! I just want to go as soon as possible now. We have our visas and even had to make a validation trip because the house hadn't sold in time. After visiting Perth in august 09, I just want to go back and live there now!! Everyday I hope that the house sells and everytime we have a viewer I get my hopes up so high and then I'm crushed when we don't sell it! Obviously, I don't want to leave my friends and family but I don't feel happy in this country and want to leave like asap!!! I'm also in year 10 and I think that if we go soon, it will be better for me to settle into school and make friends instead of going when I will have to go straight into doing loads of exams! Does anyone else feel like this? Love From Elizabeth xxx
  20. Hello ... now if anyone can help then omg I will be sooo happy...... We are a family of 4 looking for a rental in Baldivis for middle of June...... We have tried many agents sending out emails ect but I have found they NEVER get back to you..... how the hell do rental agents make a living if they never return phone calls/emails etc.... and its no point doing anything at the weekends with these agents as we always get told.. ''oh ya have to come back during the week as the rental agents dont work weekends'' I work during the week.. so dont have the time to trial after agents when the cant be arsed..... sorry.. but it gets me sooo mad!!!!! Sooooo we are a nice family and are looking for long term rentals..... if you know anone or could help yourself then please contact me....... Thank you for reading my rant and query :cute:
  21. cybervoodoo


    Hi, I'm moving to Perth soon. I'm going to the Baldivis area. Settlers hills is where my parents are looking for somewhere for us to live. Does anybody know anything about this area? or Rockinham in general? I have been to Perth for a 3 week holiday in august 09 but obviously there is only so much you see then. Does anyone on here live around this area and if so, is it nice and did you fit in quite easily? I'm 14 and I'm happy for anyone to private mail me & if you want we can talk there or on msn? Thanks <3 xxx
  22. Hi, i would so love to meet anyone living in the baldivis area. Really new to the area and don't know a soul. Have lived in como south perth, north of baldivis for the last two years. Rising house prices have forced us down here, am quite nervous about starting again. Kids going to new schools etc. Anyone at all interested in meeting up in a nearby park beach etc, please let me know, thanks. I have two girls. Hannah 14 and Jennifer just turned 9.
  23. Hi there we busy going through the visa processs at the moment OH has a job in canningvale near Perth as a carpenter so getting a sponsered employers visa. His employers seem very nice and are helpful they trying to give advise on areas to settle and we would like to be quite near the coast and fancy Rockingham area. We have been offered a house to rent in Baldivis near Rockingham when we first arrive and are keen to hear from anyone from the uk who has emigrated and living in the Baldives area need to know what your thoughts are on schools and shopping and general info on settling in that area. Thanks for your time :smile:
  24. Guest

    Living in Baldivis?

    Hi all! We are not new to Australia but are very new to Baldivis. My 9 yr old daughter will be starting Settlers Hills primary school in Feb, i would just love to know if anyone else has children going to schools around this area especially around this age, or teenage yrs as i also have a 14yr old. Would love to meet anyone, please please let me know. Thank you, xxx :hug:
  25. Hi there, Were thinking of moving to Baldivis or possibly Rockingham, would anyone be able to give me any advice on the areas such as: 1. Would you recommend Baldivis over Rockingham - we have an 8 year old daughter so would like it to be central enough for her when she gets older. 2. How many primary schools are in Baldivis and which do you think are the best? 3. What area in Baldivis would your recommend? my favourite is sherwood but out of our price range..and i would love to be able to walk to the primary school. thanks in advance for your help :biggrin: