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Found 234 results

  1. Hi ... We are looking to move, but are staying within the manly area of Brisbane. We wondered if anyone could recommend a good, reasonable company? We've considered Wridgeways and Grace but they are pretty pricey .... unfortunately we don't have enough burly strong mates that we could do it ourselves - sad, but true :twitcy:
  2. MMoran1

    VISA application Help

    Hi, Myself, my wife and 2 kids ( 2 & 4) have decided to emigrate to Melbourne from the UK. Prior to kids my now wife and I lived in Sydney for 1 year on a working holiday visa and loved it. We are now wondering if anyone could recommend a company to deal with the visa application. I think we are looking at the skilled independent Visa as both our professions are on the list. I am a Design draughtsman and my wife is a secondary Maths teacher. We thought about doing the application ourself but seems a bit complicated and would really like to get it correct first time. Any help/information would be greatly appreciated. Martin
  3. Hey Friends, I am planning to start a business of mug printing and for that, I need to build some contacts, do you guys have any reference from where I can get some good quality custom mugs and with same day mug printing facility. I search on the google with this phrase and some of the websites were there: check them out and recommend if you know any of them: https://www.bigwphotos.com.au/products/standard-mug https://www.photobox.com.au/shop/home-gifts/photo-mug https://www.printyo.net.au/personalised-mugs Please suggest me a good company from any of these or else
  4. I have an 8 year old son in Australia & his mother is willing to be my Sponsor so I can be a Father to him. I am applying for a Contributory (Migrant) Parent Visa (Subclass 143). My problem is that the mother is a part time student & therefore does not have the income to support an Assurance of Support. Addtionally her parents are both retired so are not eligible & I do not know anyone else who is an Australian Resident well enough to ask them to make this commitment. I can put the money up for the AUD10k Bond, however, I understand there are companies that will be the Assurance of Support. I am not looking for them to put up the money just issue the bond with my money & be acceptable to Centrelink. Has anyone come across this before & know any of the companies please?
  5. Hey all, When nominating a person for the 856 would you say immigration will need to be shown evidence of training in the company. And if so does the amount spent on training need to be a certain amount? Are they strict on this issue? Did your sponsor need to show this when nominating you for an 856?? Thanks so much.
  6. Hi, i wonder if anyone can advise me on the situation that has arisen. I will be arriving in Perth in December on my de-facto visa to start my new life in the sunshine, my current employer has offered me the chance to stay employed and work from Perth for them on offshore projects in Australian waters. The question is: when i receive my wage should i be paying tax on it in the UK or will i have to pay tax in Australia? Anyone in the same position or has knowledge of the tax system advice would be much appreciated. Thanks
  7. I've run this past a mod and have been given the ok to post. Thought it might help people when they are researching for a shipping company to move their belongings. This is for UK - Australia shipping. Am polling to see which companies people use(d). I've listed 9 companies but if you have used another one and wish to suggest it please post in the thread. I went for the higher returning ones on a Google search. Important bit of blurb below for legal reasons. Please read and post your replies accordingly. * Feel free to reply in this thread to say if you would would use or not use the company again. Something simple like **Name of company - 'Would use them again'** **Name of company - Yes** or **Name of company - 'Would not use them again'** **Name of company - No** will suffice. Please stick to PM only with reasons if not. This is due to legal implications for Poms In Oz and I don't wish to cause them problems or have this thread locked/deleted. If you wish you can gives costs quoted or actual costs in reply. Its not expected as some people don't wish to share such information but if you do, thanks in advance for the info. Gives those looking for an idea of expense something to work with. Please could you state then if its for a part or whole container. Thanks in advance. Cheers
  8. Anyone used any good and reasonably priced shipping companies in Scotland? Trying to get some quotes and decide on the best company to use! Any tips would be appreciated!
  9. Hi everyone I was just wondering if there was anybody who could recommend the cheapest or best shipping company that they have used as I am just starting to look through them and they all seem the same? I would be looking to move some stuff to Perth in a few months so I would appreciate any help at all!! Cheers xx:smile::smile:
  10. Guest

    Immigration Company

    Hi, Anybody used Downunder Emigration?? My b/f & myself are thinking of goin with them Thanks Laura & Matt
  11. Guest

    removal company

    Hi just a few questions, we have 8 weeks left till we move and can't decide on removal company, had afew good quotes and the best one is PSS which advertise on here but never heard about them before. Please can you tell if they are good or bad! What about their insurance it doesn't say a lot in the paper work just 2.8% of value. Also they say about if you have boxes for some items then they will be better packed in them, but i thought if you pack them in original boxes you would have to proof they are over a year old, i have no receipts. Thank you for your help.:wacko:
  12. hi, i am a fully qualified cnc setter/operator ( city&guilds and n.v.q level 2 and 3) but for the last 5 years i have been programming and running a cnc router. metal machinist is on the sol so would i be restricted to machining metal? also whats the best route to go down if i'm seeking company sponsorship. have had a look on line and majority of cnc machinist jobs you need to be in aus already. are there any agencies that specialize in companies who sponsor? any help would be appreciated
  13. Hi, We are flying out to Perth in November and would love to take our 54 Plate Audi A4, could anyone recommend a good company for doing this. Thanks
  14. Can anybody shed some light on the requirements for a ENS 856. From my understanding the company must be lawfully opearting, have a training strategy and the position has to be available for at least three years. What is the requirements for the training strategy and how much evidence is required for a company to be approved?
  15. Hi Guys So we havent been successful at selling our UK property and with our impending move to Oz (next week) we need to rent, we have a standard UK Mortgage with HSBC does anyone else have a property with these guys and rent it ? and did you inform them you were renting it I hear they will let you rent for 12 months but then want you to convert to a Buy-To-Let Mortgage ? From researching on the net I find a lot of people rent and dont tell the mortgage company I dont think its a great idea as technically they own the house ! I fear my head will explode in the next week... Cheers Jess and Matt
  16. Hi there, If this has been covered in a previous thread, apologies! We have got our PR visas and were planning on going out to QLD in 2012 and looking for work. However, my hubby's company have started discussing the option of employing him remotely in AUS. (He's a web designer). Does anyone have experience of working for a UK company whilst in AUS? Did you get paid into a UK bank account -pay UK taxes or did you have it transferred into Aussie bank account and pay full taxes that end. We are going to consult an Aussie accountant when we go to validate our visas in Feb, but any advice from people in a similar situation would be gratefully received!!
  17. Hi all I'm heading home for a while and need to ship a few boxes. Most of the info I can find is around whole house moves and talking in terms of containers. I just need to send a few boxes - any ideas on the best people to use? Thanks! Ruth
  18. Could someone please advise where possible, how my employer would be able to pay me in Australia. I work for a UK company but I will be going out to Australia soon on a 457 visa. The company will pay me from their UK bank account monthly into my Australian bank account and want to be able to deduct Oz tax from my salary. This will happen until they generate revenue in Australia and subsequently set up an Australian Company. What do they need to do for this? Please advise if you need more info Thanks in advance
  19. Hi all Can anyone help with advice regarding the following scenario? Subclass 457 Visa, Overseas company sponsoring an overseas employee. Basically this means a UK Company is sending one of their employees over to Australia to work. Visa is approved. Employee is residing in Australia Uk Company pays salary to employee. Do they deduct tax first and if so, do they deduct UK tax or Aussie tax? If Aussie tax, how do they do this? :confused: Have spoken to Australian Tax Office but no answer from them yet. Many thanks
  20. Found this whilst looking for work for myself on Seek. Thought there might be someone out there who would find this useful. Here's the link to the advert. http://www.seek.com.au/Job/auto-electrician-sponsorship-available/in/melbourne-melbourne/21055108
  21. Guest

    which shipping company to use

    We are trying to arrange a shipping company, we have had a few quotes from anglo pacific,doree bonner, they were roughly the same. Then a quote from Fox came in about £700 cheaper but cheap is not always best.Has anyone used Fox's and if so how did they find their service.Also had a reasonable quote from PSS...im soo confused.Any recommendations???:confused: We are moving from Kent to Brisbane and need to be out of our house by end of sept.
  22. well that's the first quote in, the rep was here a total of 20 mins, didn't measure anything just estimated and came up with 850 cubic ft. sole usage of a 20ft container, mentioned that if over 3/4 of a container full then its cheaper to get the whole container and not groupage. I spent a whole afternoon measuring what we wanted to take and got it at 535 cubic ft, thats with taking legs off tables, flat packing bed etc..... and also measuring all settees as if they were cubes so able to fit extra boxes on top of settee, if you know what I mean..... 300 cubic ft difference, seems a lot to me...................next quote on Friday morning...........
  23. Hi, I have been to Perth and back again... Nothing has changed. Needed a 20ft container going and needed a 20ft container coming back. Yet, have had 6 shipping companies out for quotes and even though they know I have already done the trip (twice) some still insist on telling me I have more then a 20ft container... And YES the prices are sooooooooooo different. After looking at other shipping posts I see everyone gets different quotes and there is no basis for why? So, WHO WAS THE CHEAPEST? WHAT WAS THE START OF QUOTE? AND HOW MUCH/HOW LONG DID IT COME DOWN? I am in Essex, last time we went with Anglo and was very happy with them... However this time they are the MOST expensive out of the lot!
  24. hi , in perth for a reccy till 4th november...44 yr old male from england looking for friends for nights out anywhere in and around perth...staying with friends in burns beach area who have kids so dont go out much........anyone in simular situation?....wayne
  25. alimal

    Removal company

    We are moving from Canning Vale to Baldivis. (Our own Aussie home - Yeah):jiggy: Can anyone recommend a good (cheap) local removal company? Thanks Ali