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Found 95 results

  1. Hi ... We are looking to move, but are staying within the manly area of Brisbane. We wondered if anyone could recommend a good, reasonable company? We've considered Wridgeways and Grace but they are pretty pricey .... unfortunately we don't have enough burly strong mates that we could do it ourselves - sad, but true :twitcy:
  2. Castling

    UK plug removal??

    Hi, has anyone been advised to remove all UK plugs from their electrical goods before they pack them up? That’s what John Mason advise before shipping. I was just going to get them re-plugged (is that even the term?!) once we arrive, so that we can use things and get them converted at our own pace. Anyone had any experience with this? TIA [emoji846]
  3. We are about to have all our worldly possessions shipped over to Perth [emoji51] and for some reason have LOADS of vacuum pack bags. We have had mixed messages about whether to use them or not. One removal company said yes the other said no- you could get mould due to items sweating inside the plastic. What did anyone else do? Anyone had experience or advice about this? Just thinking it could save us money with the space!! TIA [emoji846]
  4. Our belongings have just arrived from Sydney and I thought I would share our experience as we were looking for similar information when we were planning our move from London. We were hesitating between a number of 'traditional' removal companies (think Anglo Pacific, PSS etc) and Movecube (which seemed like a great; we went with Doree Bonner at the end as the communication was clear, easy (trust me I had LOTS of questions - and was very stressed as we had to organise the pick up 10 days after our booking) and reassuring. The quote was similar to what we had elsewhere. Summary of our experience below: While we read about unexpected costs appearing out of nowhere, the only additional costs were a very small admin fee and insurances. Most of them we didn't need (e.g bad weather - it's worth asking for details) and we ended up booking the only insurance we really needed (marine) with Letton Percival. As soon as the movers came to pick up our belongings we realised we made the right decision vs a Movecube. The Movecube wasn't that much cheaper and would have been a lot more stressful as self packed. The movers were really professional, friendly and quick - and turns out also efficient. As... Our belongings arrived 3 months after we arrived. We knew this was the sort of timeline (2.5 to 3 months) we were looking at - so no big surprise there. Everything made it in one piece (including my extensive collection of glasswear and a big mirror). We still need to test a couple of speakers but in the great realm of things we are extremely happy with the state of our goods. And we didn't have to pay any quarantine fee, which was a great surprise as the Australian borders can be tricky. It's important to keep in mind Doree Bonner (as I am guessing most companies) work with a local company to deliver the goods to the final destination. We found them slightly frustrating to work with but the movers were once again very friendly and helpful. We would definitely recommend Doree Bonner and use them again in the future.
  5. crypticat

    Removalists or Self Pack - Melb to UK

    Hey PomsInOzzers, After two years, we are calling time on our Melbourne adventure and are looking to head back to the UK. We are looking at the usual removals companies here in Melb but wondered in anyone has attempted a self-pack shipment. We are skint given the amount of money shelled out to get here and the fact we've gone backwards financially given the exorbitant cost of living (or more accurately housing). Looking to save some coin if possible. Any advice or experiences would be very much appreciated. Thanks all, Rush
  6. lisaharrison

    Removal from Jurisdiction

    Hi - is anybody going through this lengthy process through the courts at the moment? All threads on here go back over a year. I am due my third court hearing in August (final hearing) to get an order to remove my child and live in Oz. CAFCASS have done report and my child can't wait to go!!! Husband has secured an excellent job and is already there. Ex sees my child odd weekends and is totally against move. Would love to hear from anyone who is going through the same. Horrible time and very lonely! Lisa
  7. SussexBear

    Best removal firm to UK

    We have had a few quotes now and Wridgeways come out on top for price and service. Has anyone used them for their move and would you recomennd them?
  8. Guest

    Interstate removal firms

    Hi, we are moving up to the Gold Coast from Adelaide as soon as the house is sold. Yay at last.:jiggy: Could anyone tell me if they know (or people they know) of any interstate removalist that are value for money. We will need something bigger than a 20ft container as that is what we had when we came over from england and we have accumulated more stuff since then. We won't need to transport our car as we are driving up there. Thanks. Julie
  9. The Scientist

    Residency 856 de facto removal

    cut a long story short, with my partner for over 3 years, came to oz in 2009 and we got residency in september of this year through my company. soon as we got it she left me. how do i go about removing her from the residency. basically she has admitted that she used me for the residency and moved out straight away. any advice would be good before i go down the legal route.
  10. Guest

    removal company

    Hi just a few questions, we have 8 weeks left till we move and can't decide on removal company, had afew good quotes and the best one is PSS which advertise on here but never heard about them before. Please can you tell if they are good or bad! What about their insurance it doesn't say a lot in the paper work just 2.8% of value. Also they say about if you have boxes for some items then they will be better packed in them, but i thought if you pack them in original boxes you would have to proof they are over a year old, i have no receipts. Thank you for your help.:wacko:
  11. Hi everyone ,Cant wait to get out of here ,We use a company in kildare to ship our car and belongings ,Called Aace Removals .have to say the lads were brilliant ,no hastle,good craic and very obliging,given a car till we leave for free so that saved the few euro on hire,all in all going to plan ,cant wait for the sunshine ,
  12. alimal

    Removal company

    We are moving from Canning Vale to Baldivis. (Our own Aussie home - Yeah):jiggy: Can anyone recommend a good (cheap) local removal company? Thanks Ali
  13. JuliePaul

    Removal Companies from Oz to UK

    Hi Guys Just wondering from all you guys that have returned or are returning to the UK which removal companies are good ones to get quotes from to take furniture and belongings back to the UK...? Thanks :wacko:
  14. Guest


    HI guys Has any body used Hunts International removers before and if so what was they like any info would be appreciated many thanks Regards pom64
  15. Guest

    Removal Costs

    Hi all, I am looking for some help regarding removal costs and the information companies give you. I spoke with a Pickfords agent today and he seemed to be giving me a sales pitch which conflicted with the research I had already done and I don't know whether I can trust the info given. I know I might be being a little too suspicious but from working in a sales background myself, I know what some people would do for a sale!!!! I was told the following and really need to know if anyone else has been told/experienced the same and whether there is any truth in it: 1. The removals company must do all the packing otherwise Customs really pick on privately packed items and will go over it more than if the company packed it. I was told I would incur extra charges then for Customs keeping our belongings for longer. 2. There is no point in shipping cars as it would cost too much - 50% of the value of the car in duty plus shipping costs. 3. You can't put any items in the car except for tools belonging to the car and spare wheel. This is the opposite to information given by other companies. 4. Shipping Insurance would be 3% of the value of goods shipped and it is really easy to make a claim. Any advice welcome as I don't want to get stitched up by a sales guy. Cheers
  16. The removal men: Pickfords is on Channel 5 today (6th July 2011) at 20:00 Not sure if anyone else has posted about this but I thought this might be of interest to anyone else who like us is trying to work out which removal company to entrust with shipping all our treasured possessions over the other side of the world! Not too sure what kind of a light it's going to portray Pickfords but as we've never used a removal company (always a Luton and our own muscle power) it'll be of interest to us. :wink:
  17. whopperdaisy

    Gardening & Rubbish Removal

    Does anyone have a recommendation in the Capalaba/Redlands area for someone to do a quick end of lease gardening job and also remove some rubbish to the tip? I know there are a few around but figured someone here might have found someone who will do a decent job.
  18. Hi there Just wanted to know if anyone else who has experienced simliar can shed a little light on something for me please. I've started court proceedings (no solicitor) to get a court order to take two of my children to Oz with me - the absent father will not give permission for me to take them, even though he doesn't maintain a decent level oc contact with them! I've had the first (directions) hearing and the court has ordered CAFCASS to file a report which is ''Limited to the Mothers application to remove the children from jurisdiction'' Obviously this "limited to" specifys in some way the report that CAFCASS will produce, what exactly do they mean by this though? Thank you in advance for replys Saffy x
  19. Guest

    Interstate removal

    Hi Has anyone had personal experience of Interstate removals. Will be moving from Adelaide to Melbourne at some point and any recommendations and prices for good firms would be excellent. Thank you:laugh:
  20. Guest

    Removal quotes on average?

    We are looking at some removal quotes and was wondering how much on average should it cost to move from the uk to australia. We would not be taking our sofa and bed, however we would take our baby's crib. Other than that we would take some framed photos, ornaments and personal possessions. What would people recommend doing, and how much could we be looking at paying? Thanks Carlie, Dan and Helena
  21. Has anyone done their container removal without insurance? I am seriously considering that option. The reason for this is that a) the insurance would cost me more than half of the removal quote (PSS, self packing) and b) the sum I could get back would not cover the cost of the lost items, especially not those of "sentimental value". c) If the ship would get captured (let's say, by pirates) or be involved into any kind of war action I would not get anything. The same with natural diaster. (Those thoughts might seem odd but think about the recent desaster in Japan where one could see hundreds of containers lying around on the shore.) Should I rather pay for insurance or not? Anyone?:wubclub:
  22. Hi guys, we`ve just been granted visas to Oz and planning to move in Feb. We`ve contacted 2 removal companies and are waiting to hear back from them. Which company did you use to move your house and how much did that cost you? We are not moving our furniture, only most important items like clothes, our children`s toys and a few bigger items like 2 adult bikes, a child bike, 50inch TV and a few more. I`d be grateful for any replies Merry Christmas to all of you
  23. scmercer

    Removal Companies

    Hi Can anyone recommend any good removal companies to ship from Adelaide to the UK? I have had an estimate from Wridgways which was $9000 for a 20ft container and $13000 for a 40 ft container, which seems a bit pricey. I was only budgeting for around $7000 and that hopefully would be for them to pack everything for us. Thanks Sheila
  24. Hi everyone, we're emigrating to Adelaide on the 1st May and we are currently trying to decide which removal company to use. It's between John Mason's and White & Co. John Mason's have a fantastic reputation but are £260 more expensive than White & Co who don't seem to have a reputation at all, good or bad. If anyone has used White & Co, we would love to hear all about it Cheers Ali & Will
  25. Guest

    removal company

    Hi every 1 just looking at removal companies got flights booked for later in the year just would like to know if any 1 has used the company pickfords and what was your experiance with them thanks :biggrin: