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  1. The Yuills

    How long will Stacey last in Australia ?

    I've been away from here for quite a while now! So youre coming back Stacey!! YAY...you'll last as long as you last Just enoy it
  2. The Yuills

    Mrs tonymans Dad passed away today , i need help !

    Just wanted to offer my condolences Tonyman....sorry not been about for a while. When these things happen it makes you realise just how far we are..xx
  3. The Yuills

    TV Presenter Arrested

    really....he has "the Look"!! I only hope you are joking! Not sure what to make of all these historical abuse cases.
  4. The Yuills

    His Visa should be cancelled

    Yep...Kate....happens here in Secret Harbour too...a lovely working family are unable to get PR...their just 2 months short of the 2years needed when he was laid off.....can't get another job..so they have to return to UK. Yet another family who have been to court because the kids have beaten people up get to stay! and get their citizenship. Its all wrong
  5. The Yuills

    Evidence of DeFacto relationship

    Having a child is not a foregone conclusion I have a friend that was applying when we applied for Spouse visa..they had been together for 10 years.... she was aussie his was english....... married for 8 years and a 7 year old child..... refused spouse visa!!! we go ours I was gutted for them.....did appeal go no where.
  6. The Yuills

    Bread Trouble

    try the Pantry Man or the health foods section in coles
  7. The Yuills

    What rights do i have?

    and if a payment was made at termination...they may argue that that was you flight money.
  8. The Yuills

    What rights do i have?

    yes sadly too many times you hear these stories and we try telling those coming on these visa's don't but still they come......
  9. and we from down south...so definitely billy no mates!!! lol
  10. The Yuills

    Perth City to Surf for Sids and Kids

    Thank you very much.... all helps xxx
  11. The Yuills

    Perth City to Surf for Sids and Kids

    Yes MC....did the 12km walk last year and hoped to move up to the run this year...but still battling my weight so probably best not to push it!! lol Good luck....might see you there then
  12. Its that time of year again.....Perth City to Surf is on 25th August. I will once again with a very good friend be doing the 12 km walk in memory of my 4 week old baby..Jake Sonny Yuill. We lost Jake 3 years ago on the 8th April at the age of 4 weeks to SIDS. He was a healthy baby and I put him to bed that previous night but sadly he never woke up. Being only in Australia for a year and not having many friends I could have and would have if it wasn't for SIDS and Kids WA being contacted by a fellow member from this forum I wouldn't be here today. This is why I do fundraising for SIDS and Kids WA and in memory of Jake. Every little helps. Thanks in advance xx :angel_happy_face_ha http://fundraisingcitytosurf.com.au/sue_yuill_3
  13. The Yuills

    Moved back home to get away from the heat in queensland

    Maybe the ignore button for any posts about Australia/Perth for you would be better!
  14. The Yuills

    Moved back home to get away from the heat in queensland

    Seriously....I am usually placid and sit back and just watch but FGS why do you PB complain and make every damn thread about your hatred of Perth/Australia. Honestly so sick of it! Sorry Moderators remove my post if you feel its unappropriate
  15. The Yuills

    How much do you love Perth?

    Hey I can see a very big positive of all those that say they don't like Perth and find it boring....and the one who said he loved the airport......well how about booking a flight out of Perth and making room and freeing up some jobs for those that want to be here.......sorry i usually do not snipe but come on guys its about WHAT YOU LOVE ABOUT PERTH!!!!