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  1. keily

    651 visa urgent help

    Need help ASAP ... my mother in law is currently on holiday with us here in Perth and we won’t to extend trip as she due to fly home tomorrow..... but we noticed she may have a problem on visa that we hope can be clarified .... her 651 tourist visa is valid ... 19th feb 2019 / 19th feb 2020 .... she arrived here on 10th feb 2020 ... does she have 3 months from when she arrived or is she intacft in breach of her visa because it’s expired .... we were not aware of the dates until we advised her not to travel ... help !!! Please and thanks
  2. keily

    chat room

    hi guys is there no chat room on this site anymore we used to have some great conversations goin on in the old 1 years ago
  3. keily

    New Passport

    Hi everyone .... long time since ive had to ask a question on here lol but hopefully with the numerous amount of members someone will know .... Just about to renew British passport and have 2 yrs RRV left on current one .... so question is ... does the 2 yrs automatically get added or do i have to inform immigration with new details for them to update ?? thanks in advance mrs keily
  4. keily

    How soon??

    hey stacey ..... phone scotia travel in glasgow ..... we always used them for flights .... and my son got a good deal with eithad via them .... give them ur dates and they will do the legwork .... u can also pay the flights over a few months if u want ... another wee tip is to always book to fly a tuesday or wedensday u would be surprised in the difference from other days .... my son got one way flights for him and his girlfriend flying on 15th sept for 900 pounds for both x
  5. keily

    Double Glazing - Perth

    Are you on the scots in perth facebook page ? .... scottish guy on there advertising ...... craig at http://www.adg.net.au mrs keily
  6. keily

    Australia - Share your money saving tips!

    well here in wa we dont have aldi .... but we use spudshed for our meats and veggies ..... and top up at coles / woolies for everything else ..... there are plenty cheap sites for bargains ... i frequently use .... scoopon....groupon......catch of the day and living social lots of vouchers for meals haircuts holidays etc ..... infact just booked a 6hr fishing trip for o/h including lunch for $99 ...bargain ...also one major tip i would give anyone starting of is to start small and build up .... in my opinion no one gives a rats ass if uve got the latest telly / or flash car ..... beer in the fridge is more important ... haha mrs keily
  7. keily

    Help re state sponsorship application

    just a quick update .... sons name was added to application and state sponsorship was granted this morning ..... thanks for ur input mrs keily
  8. keily

    Help re state sponsorship application

    Any agents able to clarify this ? Mrs keily
  9. keily

    Help re state sponsorship application

    Thanks for reply yep they are in the process of doing this but waiting for answer from case officer is nail biting to say the least ... Just wondered if anyone knew that this could be done stupid mistake to make and would hate for them to be rejected because of it Mrs Keily
  10. Hey guys wonder if anyone can answer this ... Sons girlfriend had applied to act for state sponsorship and just been allocated case officer ... Unfortunately she has not included my son in her application ... Under the impression that dependant meant children and not my son ... Case officer has picked this up but we are at this point unsure if she can add him to application ? Does anyone know if this can be done ? Without him on the application her settlemt funds don't stack up as obviously half the money saved is his ... A aarrgghh Desperately hoping someone has advice Thanks mrs keily
  11. keily

    2014/2015 wasmol

    anyone ????????????? mrs keily
  12. keily

    2014/2015 wasmol

    could any migration agents on here tell me when the new WASMOL is coming out thanks mrs keily
  13. keily

    How's it looking for chefs?

    https://www.acacia-au.com/skilled-occupations-list-2014-2015-Announced.php mrs keily
  14. hey guys does anyone know of any companies who are willing to sponsor for restaurant manager ,,,and before you say look on seek etc ….. i have trawled through everyone of them ….. its not for myself but my son and his g/f …..she has a positive skills assesment and ielts in place and just desperate to find sponsorship ….unfortunately the only state sponsorsing is nt and the financies associated with the visa are ridiculous :no: ….they would prefer to be in wa so they are close to us but at the moment will go anywhere …. thanks mrs keily
  15. keily


    coles sell mclaughlins irish stuff ...bacon, sausage ,black pudding and gammon steaks ...all just taste like home ...mmm yom yom mrs keily