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  1. swifty99

    Kite Surfing

    There are loads of kite surfers here at Altona beach and on one of the special offer sites like cudo or groupon they do cheap kite surfing lesson as well
  2. swifty99

    AFL Alternatives!

    Last year we went into the city as it was totally dead great for shopping although by the looks of this weekend is gonna be wet! This year we have got into the AFL so we are having a party, not the best weather for a barby but her we are brits we are used to a soggy sausage!!!!
  3. We live just outside Williamstown and have a few friends who live in Williamstown who are from around your neck of the woods back in england. Williamstown is a lovely place to live has loads of bars restaurants etc and is right on the beach, it is only around 10 mins drive from the city and has 3 train stations that all go to the city. Lifestyle wise it is very laid back here with lots of time spent socializing, it is a very family friendly place to live, we have a 4 yr old daughter and friends of ours also have a 3 yr old daughter. i find people are very friendly over here and it is always easy to make new friends, and there is always us poms over here ready to meet up and have a barby and welcome you to sunny australia. We will never return to england now as we have such a better way of life here and love living here, yes its not without its drawbacks at time, but personally for us its been the best decision we made and bot our kids (20yr old & 4yr old) love it here, they have a great way of life. And if your into your sport melbourne is a great place to be. If you want any help advice or anything just drop me a personal message Laura
  4. swifty99

    Mum in Williamstown

    Have sent you a private message Laura
  5. swifty99

    Mum in Williamstown

    Hi Jo, I have a 4 yr old daughter, me my husband and Summer all live in Seaholme which is very close to williamstown if you would like to meet up Laura
  6. Just thought i would give my little opinion, we lived in sanctuary lakes, and while it is very nice you do have to drive to get anywhere, we now live in seaholme just outside altona it works alot better for us, as the drive to the city is alot easier and quicker and we are very close to a train station, and not forgetting the beach. i have a 4 yr old daughter and 20 yr old son (who now lives in the city with his mate) my daughter loves it here as not only are there parks on the doorstop but also the beach, and last summer we spent alot of time at the beach. There are so many brits over here on the west of the city i am always meeting them, just depends on what you are looking for but i am aware that there are some very good schools in both altona and williamstown. Hope i was some help
  7. swifty99

    Tax return help please please please.

    thanks for the input, the return states i am a resident. i know if i work it out manually then i owe roughly the same amount as what they are stating and that takes into account washing and phone expenses etc. don't know if its worth paying the account to tell me the same thing
  8. Good afternoon everyone, I am just in the process of doing my first tax return and have completed the E Tax form on there website. They have come back to me stating i owe the ATO. I have been in the country this full tax year and have been in employment all year too. I have asked them to not lodge the return until i had some advice. Do you think its worth cancelling with E Tax as it was only $50 and going to an accountant. Everyone i speak always states you get money back. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  9. I have my neice who is 22 and her boyfriend who is 25 live in sydney i can put you in touch with them if you like
  10. good evening, have you still got much of the above left as we are in point cook, many thanks
  11. Hey another family from the mighty Leicester city, we were from Whitwick, been here in Melbourne for a year on 27th may, we live in point cook currently but are moving down to Geelong mid june, my son a MASSIVE city fan lives in hawthorn, be great to catch up with some locals, and if you need any help on areas please ask as we have looked at most of them with a view to moving to them, but finally settled on Geelong, bout 45-60 mins drive to cbd but good train service and close to the best beaches in victoria (ocean grove, torquay), just give us a shout if you want to know anything
  12. Just wanted to post a little thank you note to poms in oz forum, as the title suggests, through the meeting of new people of poms in oz we have made some truly great friends, not just myself but also my son, and from this site also a budding romance through people that we have met on this site Thanks you :smile::biggrin:
  13. swifty99

    Medicals in Leicestershire or close by

    we used to live in Coalville near leicester we had to go to birmingham for our medicals that was last year
  14. Hi Grant & Kerrie Yes all the companies deliver but as we ordered it all for ready for when we moved we had vans and collected most of it, the sofas were delivered don't remember it being to expensive and was ordered on the friday delivered on the tuesday so very impressed, its cheap enough to hire vans here so may be worth picking everything up at the same time like we did Laura
  15. We came over with just a box of photos and hoover but no furniture at all, we had close to sod all in the bank but were full of determination, here is a quick run down of what we bought and spent the money on. Rent and bond for house $2780 3 Piece white leather suite $1500 and its not shite i promise from searching around for leather suites on the internet white faux leather queen bed $400 hervey norman sale Queen size Mattress from Ikea bargain bin as had slight mark on $250 Single white metal frame bed $149 fantastic furniture Massive chrome samsung fridge freezer $750 The good guys 42" flat screen tv $750 the good guys white table and charis from ikea $200 4 black faux leather barstools from ebay $120 toploader washer aldi $350 double white metal bed and Mattress(baragin bin again) ikea $400 Quilts and covers for all beds from K mart £150 Kitchen stuff pots pans cutlery plates glasses rice cooker etc $150 Hope this helps if any questions please ask, we did it will hardly any money found our best places to shop were Kmart, The good guys (can haggle the price down) and ikea, Laura