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  1. ajs604

    6 reasons that you came to live in Australia

    Could not agree more, I used to live in the Western Suburbs and also got that feeling of depression when visiting Melton, Sunshine or Werribee.
  2. ajs604

    6 reasons that you came to live in Australia

    1. Better climate (milder winters) 2. Get away from certain family members. 3. Fed up of UK class based system (less noticeable here). 4. Better life balance. 5. A sense of adventure 6. More open spaces.
  3. ajs604

    How often did you see family once immigrated?

    I have been here almost 10 years and have never been back. My mother has been out once 2 years ago. I have no plans to ever go back. I would rather spend my free time exploring Aus or other countries. Last year I went to South Korea and this year I plan to visit Japan for the second time.
  4. ajs604

    Going home too soon?

    Have you got a permanent visa? If so, try and stay the four years so you can get your citizenship. It takes a least a couple of years to adjust to a new country and build new friendships. Try taking a holiday back to the UK, hopefully it will make your decision clearer. I know I found my first year here really tough but 9 years on I have no regrets and could not imagine myself living in the UK again.
  5. ajs604

    Christmas shopping for relatives in UK

    Hi, I have used Marks and Sparks before and paid with an Aussie credit card. They also delievered the gifts wrapped. Not sure if they still do it but worth a try.
  6. ajs604

    Visa 190 Moral Obligation

    I came in on the old 176 visa and was sponsored by Victoria. It also took me a few months to get a job. Every 6 months for 2 years the department of immigration sent me a survey to check on my progress and to see if I was still working in by designated occupation. I am still in Victoria 9 years later so never flouted my moral obligation. It annoys me when people simply say it is only a moral obligation and not a legal one. This type of attitude could potentially ruin it for future genuine applicants. I can also understand that sometimes people cant get jobs for whatever reasons so need to move states to improve their employment prospects. I think in these instances people need to be upfront and talk to immigration. It will only look more favorable for yourself and it may even improve the visa process for future applicants. I think its good to remember that it is not your right to be here, you were granted a visa because Australia needs your skills in a particular area. You need to earn that right to be here. In my opinion you need to be prepared that it wont be plain sailing for the first few years when you get here. It takes time to get established again .
  7. ajs604

    Healthcare worker visa

    Hi, I agree a WHV would be the best option. I have worked in allied health previously (pod), since migrating but am now retraining in a different filed. You need to get your radiography/sonography qualifications assessed by ASAR https://www.asmirt.org/careers-and-employment/overseas-assessments before you can practice in Oz. Not sure how long the process takes. Once here though, you will find plenty or short term locum work. You only have to look at Seek.
  8. ajs604

    Career change; the day has finally come!

    Congratulations. I did the same as you. Studied Podiatry and migrated to Victoria in 2010. I have been here just over 7.5 years now and love it!! I decided to go back to uni a few years ago in Aus to study medicine so am now retraining as a Dr, hoping to be a GP!! Good luck with the move!
  9. Hi, I am due to start a job in Mornington in a few weeks. I have been in Aus for 6.5 years (works as a Podiatrist), currently live on the West side of Melbourne. I will be moving in with my GF who is also a professional. I am 33, she is 32. We are looking for a two bedroom unit in Mormington. We have been looking at Realestate.com.au, but find it very hard to secure a rental when your compeating with 20 other applicants. If anyone could help please PM me. Regards,
  10. ajs604

    My travel thread

    Sorry to barge in I was reading this thread with interest and as a Podiatrist thought I would give you my 2 cents on your injury. It looks like you have sprained one of the ligaments. Just think RICE. Rest, Ice, Compression (get a support stocking from Chemist Warehouse), Elevation (try to keep foot elevated as much as possible). If it was broken it would be very unlikely that you could walk on it. If it is still very sore in a few days I would recommend going to the Drs and requesting an x-ray as a precuation. If it is really painful you could also consider taking some NSAIDS (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), which well help any localised inflammation and helpd speed up the healing process. Good luck!
  11. its simple. Once you become an Australian Citizen you cannot enter without a valid Australian Passport. Your visa no longer exists. You would have no problem leaving but an absolute nightmare when attempting to get back in. Just apply for an emergency Aussie passport.
  12. Once you become an Australian Citizen. Any visa you held ceases to exist. http://www.citizenship.gov.au/current/travel/.
  13. ajs604

    Worried about a caution affecting my visa

    Honestly is always the best policy. I have a caution too. Mine came back with no live trace andhad been stepped down. I got my PR without any troubles. Also a caution is not deemed as a conviction but will show on a police check as it is still an admisson of guilt that did not result in a conviction. I would get a new police check and a subject to access and email your CO advising of the situation. Its extremly unlucky to affect you but better that your up front about it than them finding out later on down the track.
  14. ajs604

    Hard to get a good haircut in Australia?

    Agree with you all. Where are all the skilled migrant hairdressers. Will be keeping my eye out for them!
  15. I have lived here for the best part of five years and love it so please do not see this as a whinge but essentially it is. No matter where I have been shopping malls or mens barbers I cannot in the life of me find a place that does a good haircut. I have had to get my haircut so regulalery because of such sham jobs they do such an uneven job ect. I have been to over a dozen different barbers some are better than others but still none our great! Everytime I go I remind them to go over it carefully. My point is there just does not seem to be much quality here in any kind of service a mens barber or even a cut throat shave.