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  1. sparrow9999

    Insuring your goods

    just be very carefull we shipped all over stuff over with pickfords on total cover. when we got our stuff the tv was not working went to make a claim told it was not covered as needed to take out mechanical & electrical derangement on top of the total cover so all I can say is read the very small print.
  2. sparrow9999

    Defacto partner question.

    if you have bills to the same address they don't all have to be joint bills
  3. sparrow9999

    Transfering money

    yes i would definately use money corp they are fantastic and no charge so easy to do.
  4. sparrow9999

    How much do you think you spent moving back?

    im trying not to think about it don't need the extra stress lol
  5. sparrow9999

    One way travel insurance for over 80 from oz to uk

    thanks guys ill try them the other sites iv been on only do up to the age off 80
  6. Hi Guys Does anyone know of an insurance company that does travel insurance for over 80's traveling from oz to uk thanks sparrow9999
  7. i also went back to the UK after living in oz for sometime and then decided to go back to oz again been back a year now and im off again but this time for good its like they say the grass is always greener on the other side i hope you don't become a ping pong pom like us.
  8. sparrow9999

    one -way insurance Aus to UK

    we used sheena at flexicover going one way from UK to oz they do single trip i know alot of them dont do it.it cost us 43 pound for a couple we are going to see if we can use them going back fingers crossed they do
  9. sparrow9999

    Going Home

    we are going back because we have had trouble finding permanent jobs everything is seems to be on call casual which is no good for us as we want to get a mortgage,plus we are also finding it very expensive over here. u can only live on ur saving for so long before you have to make the decision
  10. sparrow9999

    Wedding Cake - Can I take it into Australia?

    if your not sure e mail customs that's what we did for the icing flowers off the top of my mums 80th birthday cake they was fine to bring in but don't know about the cake.
  11. sparrow9999

    New in australia and missing uk so much :(

    you'll know what to do when the time comes and weather you stay or go at leased you've give it a try so there'll be no what ifs just follow your gut feeling its usually right.good luck with it all
  12. sparrow9999

    Going Home

    good luck with your move back to the UK we will be doing the same in march it feels so right to be going home have a safe trip sparrow
  13. sparrow9999

    PR visa will exspire while im away

    hi guys just wanted to know how and if i can get my pr visa label changed before i leave im going back to the UK end of march this year and my 5 year visa runs out in the September can i get a new 5 year visa before i leave and if yes how and where do i get it from.
  14. sparrow9999

    tax returns

    hi all i arrived in Australia last march and have only worked for three months my question is do i need to do a tax return is there a certain amount you have to earn before you need to put one in and can i do the return before the end of the year as i will be going back to UK beginning of April any advice would be good thanks
  15. sparrow9999

    What the World Hates about Aussies

    iv notice they live in there own little bubble they hardly ha ve any news about what is going on in the world they are also very loud and yes they drink way to much any excuss for a beer also the tv over here tends to dumb you down ok iv had my little rant feel better now