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  1. JMcW89

    Resident Return Visa Document Upload

    Hi Expatriate123, Paul is right, we met the resident requirements so the application was very straightforward. I think the best option would be to speak to a migration agent. We used one for our initial migration to Australia and they took all of the confusion and uncertainty away. Definitely worth the additional costs. Thanks Josh
  2. JMcW89

    Resident Return Visa Document Upload

    Thanks guys. Submitted and attached. Got instant approval aswell. Thanks for the help. Cheers
  3. Hi Guys, Hoping for some assistance. has anyone lodged and RRV using the online application process. I have filled mine and my wife's out to the point where they are 'Ready to submit' however I have not been able to (no option) to attach our passports (or any documents). Can anyone offer any advice? Thanks Josh
  4. JMcW89


    Thanks for reply. :)
  5. JMcW89


    Hi Does anyone know of there is a limit to how many RRV's someone can get. For example if a person got an RRV can they apply again in 5 years for another RRV or do they need to attain citenzenship? Thanks in advance
  6. JMcW89

    189 Visa Lodged June 2015

    Thanks, I am sure it wont be too long a wait now. We front loaded our documents last week so only just before we were get a case officer I assume. We are heading to Gold Coast, what about you? We will be booking accommodation and flights soon .
  7. JMcW89

    189 Visa Lodged June 2015

    Delighted to say my partner and my visa was granted yesterday with a direct grant (applied on 25th June). Want to say a thankyou to everyone on the forum. i used this forum for almost all information i needed during the process. Good luck to everyone still waiting! Thanks Again
  8. JMcW89

    Are you moving to Australia in 2015?

    Thank Jaclyn Ill take a look. Do you (or anyone on her) know of any short term accomodation for Migrants? Thanks Again, Josh
  9. JMcW89

    Are you moving to Australia in 2015?

    Hi All, Josh and Kim here. We lodged our EOI 2 weeks ago and hoping to get selected in tomorrows selection and if not another 2 weeks. We have all our documents ready to go for the application. I am in IT and work as a Storage Engineer and my partner Kim, is a Nurse. We are hopefully (fingerscrossed) flying out in Novemember to Gold Coast. What is the cheapest way to move 2 larger boxes? Thats all we have and hoping not to have the need for half a container. Also, has anyone set up an Aussie bank account while still in UK? Good Luck All, Josh
  10. JMcW89

    189 visa lodged April 2015

    Hi All, My partner and I lodged or EOI 2 weeks ago so in our first waiting period. we have all our documents ready for application. We ar eho[ping to be flying out in Novemeber to Gold Coast. Good luck to you all.
  11. Hi All, My partner and I have now lodged our EOI and playing the waiting game. . We are hoiping for a move to Gold Coast in Novemeber 2015 (if all is well with our VISA [fingers crossed]). I am after a bit of advice on our arrival ect and hoping someone can guide me in the right direction. 1. Are they any short term rentals for arriving migrants? (dont want to sign up to a 6 month lease as not completely sure where in Gold Coast we want to live) 2. Can we set up a bank account before we go? If so can anyone reccomend a good one for Gold Coast (cash machines ect) 3. Does anyone know the roughy cost of half a container? The companies I have approached want to survey before qoting and we dont have the stuff packed or or even know exactly what we want to take yet? 4. Any other advice you can offer? Also, if any recent migrants live in the Gold Coast and want to meet up in November, hopefully we will be available . Thanks in Advance! Josh
  12. JMcW89


    Hi All, Me and my partner are planning on migrating on the Skilled Occupation visa. My partner is a Nurse and I will be going as a de-facto partner. My OH has complete the IELTS Academic and we are unsure of the next step. We have all documents ready to send to AHPRA but are now thinking that we may need to complete ANMAC skills assessment first? The issue really, is on the ANMAC online checklist it asks for the 'Date the verification of your current registration was requested to be forwarded to ANMAC'. As we have not yet lodged our EOI nor applied for the Visa, I am unsure whether we can do the ANMAC skills assessment yet. Any Advice is appreciated. Thanks Josh
  13. JMcW89

    Defacto partner question.

    Hi all. I have a question about defacto partners. My partner is a nurse so is lookin to apply as a skilled occupant. i am hoping to apply as a de facto partner on her application. We have been together for 5 years. The problem is i have been living with her and her parents to allow us to save money as her parents have plenty of room. Will this count as living together for the 12 month minimum requirement? We can prove we have been together 5 years with photos travel documents etc. We even visited friends in Australia 4 years ago who are both permanent residents of oz. Thanks
  14. JMcW89

    How much will it cost?

    Thanks for the advice. Best move in with my partner then . As another option maybe. Could my partner appy for a visa n I get a WHV and do 3 months rural work to secure a second year. By which time I will have been living with her for over a year and probably be married. Then could I apply for a partner visa? I knw there are work restriction on WHV but I wont be qualified in software delevelopment by that time anyway. Just a thought as a potential other option? Thanks again for your advice. Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
  15. JMcW89

    How much will it cost?

    Thanks for the advice guys. Well she my girlfriendnif 5 years. We dont yet live together. Maybe I should use the term partner . We have a joint bank account and possibky could be married or atleast engaged by the time we go but not by the time we apply. Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk