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    McMahon’s Point - Sydney Suburb Guide - NSW

    McMahon’s Point 


    McMahon’s point is a harbourside suburb on the lower north shore of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. It is 3 kilometers from the Central Business District. Named after Michael McMahon, who was an Irish farm labourer, it is one of the most elite neighbourhoods of Sydney. The place is known for its pubs and cafes. It also boasts of the lowest crime rate in the neighbourhood. 



    The population of McMahon’s point is nearly 2300, which is evenly divided between male and female residents. More than half of the residents of this area are Australian citizens by birth. However, it has a mix population,which includes people from countries like America, England, France, India, South Africa, Canada, and Japan. Though English is the most common language that is spoken here, a sizeable population of this medium-density residential area is also found speaking French, Spanish, Cantonese, Mandarin, and HindiThe McMahon’s point has a well-read population and the average weekly household income is nearly $2500. Overall, it is a nice and pleasant neighbourhood to raise a happy family. 




    There is an array of top-notch schools around McMahon’s point as the inhabitants focus much on education, there are a good number of schools. Schools, such as the St Aloysius College, St Marys Primary School,  Conservatorium High School, Wenona School, and Anzac Park Public School are some of the most popular names people trust with their child’s education. 



    McMahon’s point is well-connected with other parts of Sydney. Inhabitants mostly prefer to commute by ferry if they want to travel in and around the area. The rail network is also well-connected.  Public transport is easily available and is efficient and punctual. 




    There are numerous gyms and fitness centres in and around McMahonThe people of the area are fitness freaks and focus on their health and well-being. There are a number of gyms in the area like Core9 Fitness Center, Flow Revive Center, Anytime Fitness McMahon’s Point.




    Real Estate


    In McMahon’s point, you can find flats and standalone houses both. You will find a mixture of vintage architecture and also modern homes. Considered as one of the best neighbourhoods in Sydney, you can own an apartment starting at around $1million or house prices start from $3.5million . If you want to rent then for a beautiful apartment in the suburbs of McMahon’s point  1 bedrooms start from $550. Pw  Houses are very hard to find and you would be looking in the region of $1,000pw





    There are several popular shopping places in the neighbourhood. Some of them are Clocktower, Kirribilli Market, Blue Point Bookshop, Greenwood Plaza and many more. 



    Things to do

    McMahon’s Point offers several attractions for tourists. You can visit the Balangao Reserve, the Blues Point Reservethe famous Sydney Opera House and Susannah Place Museum. You can also take a tour to The Rock Walks and visit the North Sydney Olympic pool




    There are many restaurants in McMahon’s Point, which serve authentic and modern Australian cuisine besides Thai, Chinese, Cantonese and Italian Cuisine. The ones that are near the sails offer a wonderful view of Sydney Harbour and the Opera House along with the Bridge. Some popular restaurants near the sails on Lavender Bay are Sails Restaurants, Lavendra, Aqua Dining, Moorish BluePiato, Ripples, Chedi Thai and more.


    This is a place that offers a lot of things to experience and enjoy, especially the seafood.


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