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Found 7 results

  1. Priya1000

    Vort or CBT

    Hey I have an international drivers license. I have driven in India. I wrote the VORT twice and failed both time. 1st time was when i was turning right at a signal, while turning I touched the road marking And it was an immediate fail. 2nd time: which I still believe is not really my fault. I was turning into a street, there was enough gap. The guy behind me was speeding and had to break behind me because I was still reaching my max speed. Therefore since that supposedly causes obstruction to him I was failed. Again Now I am very disheartened. Can someone please advise me... Should I do the VORT again or try CBT. I heard CBT is very expensive. Is there any cheap but nice driving instructors. Please help me out.
  2. Hey lovely gang, Slightly random one, have been meaning to ask for a while. I came to Australia on a 417 WHV and have been driving on my UK license since I arrived, I recently applied for a 489 for Tasmania and am on a bridging visa while I await the outcome. Is now a good time to apply for a Tassie driving license or do I need to wait until I actually have the visa grant? I don't want to bother if it's too early, but I also don't want to be driving on my UK license if I'm supposed to be on a Tasmanian one. Thanks a million. Anna. :-)
  3. Moving to Victoria and Your Driving Licence - What You Need to Know If you are moving to Victoria and you hold an overseas licence, there are different steps that you will need to take depending on what visa you obtain. Temporary Visa Holders: If you are a temporary visa holder, you are not required to get a Victorian licence or learner permit. Instead, you can drive using your current overseas licence for the length of your stay as long as your driving licence is written in English, or accompanied by an English translation or international driving permit. Permanent Visa Holders: Under the Migration Act 1958, if you hold a permanent visa you are allowed to drive with your overseas driving licence. This is, as long as it is written in English, or it is accompanied by an English translation, or international driving permit. If your permanent visa was issued before you entered Australia, you can drive with this licence for 6 months from the date you first entered Australia. If the permanent visa was issued to you while in Australia, you can drive 6 months from the date your permanent visa was issued to while you’re in Australia. After this time, if you want to continue driving in Victoria you are required to obtain a Victorian driving licence. Even if your overseas driver licence has expired, you can still take a driving test. Once you’ve been issued with your Victorian driving licence or learner permit, you are forbidden to use your overseas or interstate driving licence in Victoria. What Steps To Take: In order to obtain a Victorian driving licence, your current licence needs to be verified. The verification process may involve your driving licence being sent off to be checked. If you are applying for a Victorian driving licence, you need to be at least 18 years of age. If you are under 21 years of age and you have held your overseas licence for less than 12 months from your 18th birthday, then you will be issued with a P1 probationary driving licence. A P2 licence is issued, if you are under 21 years and you have held your overseas licence for more than 12 months, or if you are over the age of 21 and you have obtained your probationary driver licence for less than three years. For a full Victorian driving licence to be issued, you need to be over the age of 21 and have held your overseas probationary driving licence for at least three years, or hold/have held an overseas full driver licence. Once your overseas driver licence has been verified, you then need to check if your overseas licence is recognised in Victoria. If your licence has been issued from one of the following countries or jurisdictions, then you are good to go and you will not need to sit a test. List of countries: - Austria - Belgium - Canada (licences from Ontario, Canada must be surrendered and returned to the licensing authority) - Croatia - Denmark - Finland - France - Germany - Greece - Guernsey - Bosnia and Herzegovina - Ireland - UK - USA - Isle of Man (for licences first issued on or after 1 April 1991) - Italy - Japan - Jersey - Malta (for licences first issued on or after January 2004) - Netherlands - Luxembourg - Norway - Portugal - Singapore - Spain - Sweden - Switzerland There are some other countries from which your driver experience is recognised in Victoria and you will not need to sit a test, once you are over the age of 25. If you are under this age, you will be required to sit a test. These countries are: - Bulgaria - Czech Republic - Republic of Cyprus - Estonia - Hong Kong - Hungary - South Korea - Latvia - Lithuania - Poland - Romania - Slovenia - South Africa - Taiwan There are still varying restrictions with regards to some of these countries, so you are best to check this out before applying for your Victoria driving licence. The Final Steps: You’ve checked everything else off the list, now it is time to book your appointment! You can do so online or you can call 13 11 71. Once you have made your booking, you will then be required to get some paperwork ready. Documents which you will need to take with you to your appointment include; evidence of identity documents, your current overseas licence, a completed application form, and, the adequate fee.
  4. Driving in Adelaide: Transferring Your Overseas Licence So, you’re migrating to Adelaide and you are unsure of how your overseas licence will work once you arrive. Well, this article should provide you with all of the knowledge that you need before making your move! If you are planning on becoming a permanent resident in South Australia, it is vital that you get your South Australian driving licence within ninety days of arriving, and once you have been issued with this, your existing licence will become invalid and you may be required to surrender it. What are the rules and regulations? There are a couple of different rules depending on varying factors such as; your visa type, age, licence type, etc. If you are between the age of 17 and 19, or you are over 20, on a permanent visa, have an overseas full licence from one of the eligible countries, then your existing licence can be transferred to a full South Australian driving licence. Your only obligation is that need to do this within ninety days. In order to actually transfer your licence, you should first download a MR205 application form, complete this form, and take it along to any Service SA customer service centre. In order to complete your application, you will also need proof of your identity, signature, age, and address, your current drivers licence, and a medical certificate if required. Temporary Visa Holders: If you are over the age of 17, hold an open overseas licence, and you are visiting Australia on a temporary visa, then you can drive in Adelaide with your overseas licence. If you are 16 and you are a visitor on a temporary visa in South Australia, you can also drive with your overseas licence, as long as it is still valid. You must only drive a vehicle that complies with the conditions of your overseas licence. Also, when you are driving you are required to carry your valid licence as well as a current passport at all times. If you are in the country and your overseas licence expires and you are unable to renew it, you will be required to apply for a driver’s licence in South Australia. If you don’t actually have an overseas licence and you wish to drive in Adelaide, there is a process that you need to go through. First you will be required to sit a licence theory test, then obtain a learner’s permit, complete a compulsory amount of hours during the stage of learner permit, and pass the hazard perception test. You then obtain a P1 provisional licence for one year and a P2 provisional licence for two years, before graduating to a full driver’s licence. Driving Licence Fees: The general driving licence fee is $42.00, a provisional licence will cost you $143.00, whereas a learner’s permit is $59.00. The majority of countries in Europe as well as the U.S will allow you to easily transfer your licence. If your licence expired less than 5 years ago, it is still possible to transfer it to a South Australian licence, however, if it expired more than 5 years ago then you will be obliged to apply for a new South Australian Driving licence.
  5. Transferring to a Queensland Licence: What You Need to Know So, you’re making the move to the state of sunshine and beautiful coastlines and you want to take in the scenery by being able to drive around. Well, in Queensland, depending on the type of visa that you obtain, there will be a couple of things you need to do if you would like to drive. Before arriving, you should have everything in place so that you don’t have too much hassle when you arrive. What are the rules and regulations? In the case of migrants who are not Australian citizens, he or she must transfer their licence to a Queensland driving licence once they have been living in the state of Queensland for three months. There are two categories relating to this transfer, so be sure you know which category you fall under: 1. If you are not a citizen of Australia but you were given a resident visa before you actually took up residence in Queensland, and you have now been residing in Queensland for three months, you then need to transfer your overseas licence. 2. If you are not a citizen of Australia but you were provided with a resident visa after you arrived in Queensland and you have now been living in Queensland for more than three months, then you must also transfer your overseas licence. Temporary Visas: A resident visa is a permanent type of visa and this does not include a temporary, business or guardian visa. For example, if you are a backpacker on a Working Holiday Visa (Subclass 417), then you will be eligible to drive in Queensland with your valid open overseas licence. It is only when you are no longer temporary, that you need to change your licence. For example; if you have arrived in Queensland on a backpacker’s visa and after some months you then become employed and sponsored and stay in Queensland, you then need to change your licence to a Queensland licence, because you are then considered as a permanent resident. Driving Licence Application: In order to go about applying for a driving licence in Queensland, you need to be sure that you are applying for a licence in the same class as your current foreign licence. It is a straightforward application and you can complete this via the Transport and Main Road customer services centre, or you can also go to a Queensland Government licence issuing centre where they will be happy to assist with all of your queries. In the regional areas of Queensland, you can apply through a licence-issuing police station. For your application, you are required to apply for your licence by completing the driver licence application (Form 3000). This can be downloaded as a PDF file. You will also need to take with you your overseas licence in English, or translated to English if it is in a foreign language. The translation on your foreign language licence needs to be approved by the NAATI - National Accreditation Authority and Interpreters, before it can be processed. Proof of your residency in Queensland will need to be shown, as well as a declaration of being medically fit to drive. You will also need to know what the fee if for transferring your licence, and depending on your circumstances this fee can range from $70.00 to $165.00. Finally, one crucial piece of information to remember is that once your Queensland licence has been issued, it will then become illegal for you to drive in the state with your non-Queensland licence.
  6. Gnark

    Demerit points

    Hi, I am in Australia on a working holiday visa and have just got a letter at my home address stating I have a fine of $146 and 1 demerit point to pay from being caught speeding when I hired a car in Queensland. will this affect my driving capabilities for the rest of my travels around the country? Like hiring cars or driving work vehicles etc. As I was with a friend who is no longer in Australia and we were both driving and don't know which one of us was at that point... So if it is going to affect me badly I could ask her if she would take it because she isn't coming back to Australia. More importantly, will the point affect or be transferred onto my UK licence? thanks.:chatterbox::no:
  7. Hello and Happy New Year! I have been reading threads about driving licenses in WA, I am very aware of the procedures needed to exchange overseas driving licenses, the timelines, restrictions etc but I am still confused. (By the way I find it all very bureaucratic; it seems that even if you are Australian living in Australia with an Australian driving license, if you move from one state to another you need to replace your license!?) We got a 175 visa in December, and we are planning to go to Australia on holiday around September to validate the visa and to take a closer look to options of where to live. We are very interested in Perth, but at first it seems that I will not be able to use my UK driving license when we get there because it will be way beyond the 3 months they allow you to use your overseas driving license after you are granted the visa. However the whole thing is very confusing. This webpage Overseas drivers reads: The sentence "if you intend to live in WA" is not very precise is it? How do they know that you "intend" to live there and are not just visiting? In our case, we do not really "intend" to live in WA, at least not as yet, we may decide that we want to live in Sydney instead. In NSW you have 3 months after you first enter Australia, in that case which rule applies when we are in Perth? Should we fly into Sydney (making it in a way our "entry point" in Australia) and then fly to Perth from there? If that is the case, it is better then to fly into Adelaide first, as in Victoria you can use your overseas license for 6 months, and if someone asks we can say that we "intend" to live in Adelaide! Any advice is welcome… Thanks, Luis