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Perth north or south


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Hi all,

Please can anyone help!!!

Looking to move to Perth next year ( visa permitting)

As I work in the construction industry ( plumber), does anyone know if the north or south have the main developments, growth etc.

As work , areas etc will be a big say on where we stay.

Thank you

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Hi, I am new to the forum after returning from Perth just over a week ago as my hubby has been offered a job with his company...we looked at around the suburbs nearer the city but the rentals were high and it didnt feel right. We met with our friends family in Secret Harbour and loved it and this is where we want to look for rentals....We had a quick look around Secret Harbour school as we have two daughters 7 and 5. do you have children?...We are aiming to come over 2nd week of January...Nic x

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