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    Cancelling phone contract

    We are heading back to Devon in two weeks (yippee!) but would like to know if anyone has any advice on cancelling phone contracts. We have three phones and are paying Optus $160 a month. We have seven months left on the contract. morally, we realise that we should continue paying, but with so many costs involved with moving back, this is something we want to avoid if possible. Has anyone had any experience with this? Any advice would be much appreciated ?
  2. Georgiajoe

    Who's leaving Australia in 2016

    Hi, weve been in Perth for 2 months short of 3 years . were leaving in 2 weeks . we still have our property about 12 miles from Exeter . its a great safe place to live . we were never bored as we are each day over here. good luck and welcome to Devon
  3. Georgiajoe

    Things to do on holiday in Perth in Springtime

    The only thing to do in spring , is to dodge the bloody trillions of flies
  4. Georgiajoe

    Converting Aus quals to UK

    Hi. just after some advice please if anyone else has done this. We have been living in Perth for the last 2 1/2 years and are returning to England in November . ( her around 2 years 9 ish months ) my daughter who is 17 leaves school here in October. before we came she took her maths GCSE when she was 14 and got a B. When we return can she convert her qualifications? Or is there a way of showing employers , university's etc what the equivalent Aus to Uk is. Also, is she deemed as an international student as we still have our UK house and I've been still paying my national insurance contrbrutions. thank you
  5. Georgiajoe

    Converting Aus quals to UK

    Thank you mate hopefully she'll still be deemed as a British resident. thank you for your help
  6. Georgiajoe

    $AU to £ GBP RATES

    Thank you everyone john, I'll message you thanks
  7. Georgiajoe

    $AU to £ GBP RATES

    Hi, we are looking at moving back to the UK at the end of November. We are estimating that we will have around $50000 - 60k Au to transfer back to ££ ive been looking on all the money sites to see if it's better to send some back now or wait and see what happens with the Dollar. a 2 cent move on the above amount is around £1000. The banks are around .47 p - $1 and the money sites are around .50p -$1 Are there any money experts that could advise me on this. Thank you in advance
  8. Georgiajoe

    Stupid question ( forgive me on x actor)

    Thank you every one. well just have to watch the oz one then. shame as most of the music on Nova is british Don't forget the voice starts Sunday ( only kidding)
  9. Hi, please don't hate me for this. but do get the uk X factor shown on oz tv. the tv over here is really bad, not saying X factor would make it better( well I am really) thank you
  10. Georgiajoe

    Plumber/gas fitter wages

    Hi guys, I'm a plumber over here and I'm laughing about your posts. ive been here 10 weeks and its been a bloody nightmare. I posted my 10 week in report on here, have a read of it. i am honestly not trying to put anyone off but please or your own sakes don't come over with rose tinted goggles on . ive been a uk plumber for 4 years ran my own business or 11, I'd just as well **** in a hole for all these years , they mean nothing here. be prepared to re train , you can RPL your gas across, but if you haven't got any plumbing qualifications get them. you can't get your gas ticket without having your plumbing license . ive had to go self employed as it was last chance saloon Wa experience is what they all want and that's the one thing we haven't got. if I can help any of you guys by answering any questions feel free to inbox me Ps the vetassess s just a money making scheme that you have to do. i thought wow I've got my overseas level 3 license, sorry again means nothing here for work
  11. Georgiajoe

    10 weeks in , arrival report

    Hi all, i haven't been on this Site for ages, so I thought that I'd give a quick update to our new life in Perth. firstly the get out clause , this is our experience , others may of had/done it differently. Arrival: we left Devon on jan 24th full of snow and minus 3 degrees , we struggled to get the hire car for our journey to Heathrow. Flew out with Singapore airlines on the 25 th and arrived on 26 th ( Australian day) at 2:40pm.( Singapore airlines were fantastic) Wow that heat when you walk out of the airport , it hits you like a hot air blower but is nice. our friends picked us( 5 of us) up and we stayed at there house in Baldivis the 1st night. we stayed up until around midnight (even though we were knackered) to get in the time zone, and luckily no one had jet lag. we had a 4 week rental booked in South Yunderup, as we've never even set foot in Australia before our research which was via goggle earth , forums etc let us down. It's bloody miles from anywhere . The areas that we had researched Warnbro , port Kennedy etc is about a 40-45 min drive away. Rentals: as we are still renting our house out in the uk we have no choice but to rent over here . we started looking after the first week, mainly around the above suburbs. We kept being told that it was going to be difficult with no job and no WA rental history. We put together a good rental pack with everything in it including inside leg measurements!!! we must of viewed between 35/40 houses , the ones around the $400 /week mark were disgusting , you can tell straight away what sort of landlord there going to be , wall paper coming off , really dated . in the end we secured a brand new unit, its only a 3 bed and a bit Small for the 5 of us, but its a start. Car: easy to get but don't forget to pay the tax or the sale ( not sure of the name) but the sods fined me $ 100 for late payment. Work: im a Plumber with a176 PR visa. after we secured the rental and kids at school I started to look for work. i had a sort of job lined up while I was still in the uk, I met them ( really nice people and company) but with all the WA courses required , I didn't have time or money on my side to continue . i had arranged my plumbers license in the uk , so it was pay and wait around 2 weeks or it to start with I e mailed around 45 firms with my cv, no replies , not even a thanks but no thanks. next some calls, I kept being rejected by the same answer, Have you got your gas license So off to TAFE were I managed to RPL most of my UK qualifications across, I did 4 days at a cost of $777, it would of been $1700 if I didn't have a PR visa. Got my gas license ,next , I made around 40 calls one day all to be told sorry you've to no WA experience ( I've been bloody plumbing for 24 years). By know I was on a downer, I started applying for anything , still no response. i then applied for a plumbing job self employed , they advertised needing min 5 years WA experience. i called them and luckily the manager was English who had been through this C**P, I said to him that could I work free of charge to get the elusive WA experience. He said Yes,what YES did you say YES, anyway cut the story short. I was meant to go with one of his guys but he chucked me in the deep end alone and I've been working for them since. the weird thing is , is that I applied and called this company and was tuned down for not having WA exp. I guess that day I was lucky that he answered the call. i must admit though that from running my own plumbing uk business , the work is different but I'm enjoying it. start early , finish earlier schools: our kids are 5,10 & 14 and they go to Warnbro school ( high and primary) they have settled really well. our son went back to yearc5 from UK 6 as his bday is in August, and he finds it easy. our 5 year old is ahead in reading but I suppose they all end up the same. settling : myself and the children are loving it . my wife on the other hand is having difficulties . from being bitten by a spider , swimming with a dugite snake , to the local bogans, she misses the uk shops/ supermarkets . the area we live in is bogan city ( rockingham suburbs) we come from a quiet Devon town around 8000 people where everyone knows each other and the gossip is a fight in the local pub. here they is swearing everywhere, from a parent swearing in front of a teacher , to people on there phones in the shopping centres , to the tv and even the radio. A 16 year old was stabbed 2 streets away for gate crashing a party, what have we done !!! i deffinately feel that on one hand and we have chosen the wrong area to settle, but on the other the beaches, cycle paths , parks are fantastic. With the children settled at school , moving isn't an option . not everyone is a bogan by the way , we have also met some lovely people, its just for every good person you meet there seems to be a dodgy one. lifestyle: we have done probably more in the 1st 10 weeks than in a year in the uk, as I said above the beaches are out of this world, great cycling, parks, out door activities, free BBQ's by the beaches / parks. its true about the outdoor living and with the beautiful weather its been Great Costs: as you all know its bloody expensive food is dearer and isn't of the same quality . clothes are not so affordable , basically every thing but petrol is more expensive , but we all know this. hopefully when few pay packets come my way its the earn $$$$ spend $$$$$ All the best to anyone starting the process or moving across .
  12. Georgiajoe

    Things to do on arrival

    Your a star thank you
  13. Georgiajoe

    Things to do on arrival

    Hi, I'm wondering if anyone can help me out. what and how do I do the serious stuff. were based in south Yunderup ( near Mandurah ) is there a Medicare centre nearby, or where is the closest. ive tried to get a TFN online but the site keeps coming up as a 404error i can't sign it with the WA gov until I've got a perminate address . do agents except rental applications without having a job I've got to verify my plumbers license app in the city , when is the best time for this thank you or any help ian
  14. Georgiajoe

    Things to do on arrival

    Thank you for the link ill go into the Rockingham one today as we're hopping there . im in Australia but still can't log on for the TFN
  15. Georgiajoe

    We have arrived

    The clansman is just up the road. havent tried it yet
  16. Georgiajoe

    We have arrived

    Hi, just a quick update to say that we arrived in Perth on 26 th Jan. left Devon in the snow and boy does that heat hit you on leaving the airport terminal. ill do an in depth update when everything is in place . loving it at the moment except the bloody mozzies at our holiday let ian
  17. Georgiajoe

    We have arrived

    Thank you we are staying in a holiday let down at South Yunderup right on a lake got about 20 odd bites , worried about Ross river disease
  18. Hi, with the next dates of vetassess practicals approaching I thought I'd help some fellow plumbers out with the schedule of the day. I took mine on 25/02/12 at north London college. 8:30-9:00 am On arrival everyone is taken into main hall where there sort out the trades to go off with there asssessors . Make sure you take your PASSPORT you will need it , I took my own hand tools and bender which was pain to Carry though the tubes. No need for blow lamp . Each candiate is given a bay to work in, basically you have to install in a wall hung basin, a close coupled toilet with wastes going into a stub stack ( Dirgo) with the hot and colds piped to a jig ( pretend combi). you soft solder all joints on hot and cold ( no brazing or hard ordering so don't panic) and all wastes are the lovely push fit. you don't have to pressure test any of this but make sure it is to a high standard , I couldn't beleive out of 6 of us I was the only one who fitted isolation valves on the basin and toilet feeds ( basic plumbing). The gas from ( yet again pretend ) meter, pipe work is to be in LCS and this IS to be pressure tested , as it's a New installation no drop is allowed. Joints are made via hand dyes and you have to cut and pipe up to measurements given. During the morning you will be called upstairs to answer questions, I got level 1 on my paperwork so the assessor was practically going through each page ticking boxes without asking questions. i was asked questions on sprinkler systems just mention there are different types of temperature rated bulbs and you get dry and wet installations. questions on how a septic tank works Health and safety questions , working at heights etc, again all basic Funny thing is , the answers are underneath and he ( on purpose ) leaves them uncovered so you can see them , there not there to catch you out. 12:45 go to lunch, there are cafes up the road back from lunch around 1:0-1:45 I finished and cleared away by 2 pm. Guys honestly DO NOT lose any sleep over this. There are not there to catch you out but to catch out the chancers. If you are a plumber you WILL PASS . Not sounding bigheaded but the standard of work by some of the guys round me wasn't that special, big kick over bends, clips not In line etc but as far as I know they all passed . During the day a Australian guy called Eric will be in and out taking pictures of your work on his I pad and will chat about where your going etc and will help out with any queries . The english assessor and his tech guy are good and helpful shame the fittings and materials rent ( like going back to college) I stayed at Wembley premier inn which is about 8 mins away with a 5 min max walk to the college. Hope this helps , any other queries or questions please fire away and I'll do my best to help Good luck Ian 
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    Singapore Airlines - Checkin in on line

    Hi, we fly to Perth with Singapore in 2 weeks. I'm being thick here but how does check in on line work. if you check in on line do you still have to queue up at the airport desk or do you drop your luggag off at a different area. we have a invalidated visa so can take 40 kg each, but they told us to show visa at check in, meaning can we / can't we check in on line . Sorry if this is not making an sense. ian
  20. Georgiajoe

    Child minding in rentals

    Thank you everyone, you've all been a great help ian
  21. Georgiajoe

    Child minding in rentals

    Hi guys ive seen on a Facebook post that if your renting in Perth , you cannot use that property for child minding. my wife is a registered uk child minder and was going to get accredited in Perth. does anyone know if this is true. they stated that a property used for child care ad to ave a 3 metre sand pit and other things . thank you or any help ian
  22. Georgiajoe

    176 visa lodged March 2012

    Hi, I'm so sad to hear this . we start our adventure at the end of jan, so I'm hoping ( in a nice way) to have more luck than yourself. hopefully the WA officials will see that you've tired ever avenue to find work and release you to another state. all the best for the future, I wish you and your family well ian
  23. Georgiajoe

    Car on HP

    Hi , we are moving to Perth next month and I am having to sale my van and car and a lower price then I wanted . we are on a 176 PR visa , is it easy and viable to get a car on HP or would I have to wait until I have some Australian work history behind me. I've been offered a job on a self employed basis, so not sure how that would go down regarding credit rating etc . any help/ advise would be appreciated thank you
  24. Georgiajoe

    Best ever outfield footballer and goalkeeper.

    Goalie: the greatest keeper ever to wear a United shirt , Massimo Taibi , schmiechel , Seaman Outfield : Cantona, Beckham, Ronaldo, Robson, Messi, Lineker ( purely for his ability to score and do nothing else) Gary Neville for hating the Scouse
  25. Georgiajoe

    Plumbing/gas engineer jobs??

    Hi mate go on my post history you'll find loads of plumbing ones cheers ian