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Found 318 results

  1. If you are moving to Adelaide and want to know about schools in the area, suburbs or need help finding accommodation or friends in the area, then why not take a look at our sister site: Poms in Adelaide.
  2. north wales

    new to south west sydney

    :laugh:Hi recently moved to Camden area from Christchurch New Zealand where myself and family have lived for 4 years but originally from North Wales near Chester.I am looking to chat and meet Brits in the area. I'm 42 married with a 10 year old son and husband whos 44. Anyone out there?
  3. I am busy going through the process for my Visa, my trade been checked to see I meet the requirements and accepted. Next step is to apply for a VISA - one of the requirements is MIlitary Clearance from the South African Defence Force. I suspect the Oz Immgration people want to see that I have actually completed my Military Service - we had no choice:rolleyes: Back in in those day South Africa had 2 Year National Services when we left school I have called the authorities in SA to get this Clearance Certificate an was told it would take up to 7 months to get this Certicate which is going to delay my application process with the Oz Immagration folk. MY question is: has anyone else had this issue and if yes how did you proceed e.g did you get the Certificate? How long did it take? If no - what evidence did you supply to the Oz Immration Authorities that your National Serviuce was completed? I have my Military Force number etc but I am not sure if that would be acceptable. Any help would be most appreciated
  4. Dear All, I just noticed that my occupation have showed up on the recent SMP of SA as "off-list" occupation. Does it mean that SA finally treated all applicants who were granted state sponosrhip back in 2009 and we will get normal priority? Pls confirm me if you are sure, that we are now moved from new Cat 5 to new Cat 3. If so, this is SO BRILLIANT NEWS, isn't it??!! :wub:I was feeling so sick having the state sponsorship of SA and be in the lowest priority all the time! This is the quote from DIAC web site: Applications from people who are applying under the RSMS are processed as priority group 1. Those applying under the ENS are processed as priority group 2. Applications from people who are nominated by a state or territory government agency with a nominated occupation that is specified on the state or territory's state migration plan receive the third highest level of priority processing..... As a transitional arrangement, applicants who were nominated by a state or territory government for an 'off-list' occupation prior to the implementation of state migration plans will also receive processing under priority group 3. http://www.immi.gov.au/media/fact-sh...ty_skilled.htm Please let me know.. Thank you in advance Nata :hug:
  5. Hi, I received a sponsorship letter from the South Aus (SA) gov in Sept 2008. I realised that their rules changed on 1 Jan 2009, but they confirmed that I still fall under their old rules (6 months to lodge an appl with DIAC as opposed to 60 days). I therfore completed my DIAC application last night online, and where given a TRN as soon as I made the credit card payment. I was taken to a screen with a document checklist, a function to attach scanned documents, and a function to create a password. I had a look at the document checklist (and realised that I had MOST of the required documents), so the next step would have been to scan the documents this week and attach them) I wrote down my TRN (as I am supposed to fax it through to the SA gov) I created a password (the function required it be entered twice) MY PROBLEM: When I tried to access the attaching of scanned documents to applications function afterwards, it kept on refusing my password. This worries me as I would like to get the documents attached to my application as soon as possible. I am not sure why my password being refused, but the DIAC site is quite vague on what my alternatives are. It states that "Applications lodged on or after 1 September 2007...If you lodged a paper application or you are unable to attach documents to the application online through the eVisa system they can be emailed to the department...adelaide.gsm.documents@immi.gov.au...When your application has been assessed you will be advised of a further email address to use in providing documents. Please only send documents to that address" ???? - I am now 100% confused, do I email the documents (such as passport bio page, sponsorship letter, etc) to the email address stated, or do I wait for them to ask for ANY documents??? The SA gov letter states that I must "FAX a copy of the full Notification document with the TRN number from DIAC together with a copy of this letter to Immigration SA on +61 8 8204 9244" - my online application did not supply a full Notification document, but did supply a TRN. It did however supply a full copy of my application which states the TRN. What exactly am I supposed to fax and is there any way I can make sure they received it and are dealing with it? Any advise greatly appreaciated. Et
  6. Hi everybody. Are there any South African nurses here? Or anyone that could help with some info. I am a registered nurse, trained in South Africa, first registered with SANC in 1999 and have been livnig and working in the UK since 2003. I originally started my Australian nursing registration application with Queensland, but this was in June last year, so has now been moved over to AHPRA. After months of waiting and no response from them, I have finally received an email from my allocated registration case worker. As I was trained in South Africa, she has requested evidence of adaptation training from the time I first registered in the UK (Aparently this is a requirement for all South African nurses). I have contacted the NMC, and they have told me that they only started doing this in 2005, and as I came over in 2003, it was not a requirement for me. And now because I'm already registered over here and not in South Africa, there is no available adaptation program available for me to do. If anyone has any information or suggestions, please could you let me know. I have also posted a similar request on SAAustralia forum. Thanks you all. J
  7. Anybody on here from South Devon ? Just wondering Cheers Matt
  8. Hi.. Anyone who is in search now for a pre-registration pharmacy internship in South Australia? I am an overseas pharmacist who recently just arrived in Adelaide and finds it hard to find vacancy in any chemists here... Hope to hear from anyone who is experiencing the same dilemma...
  9. Hi we are looking for panel beaters and painters in Berwick South East Melbourne! We are looking for quick and skilled people for a busy smash repair shop. Excellent wages for the right person. You must have your pr and be living in Melbourne or comming very soon lol. pls pm me
  10. Hi Everyone, my client is looking for sheetmetal and fabrication specialists with some welding experience. We need 10 now and a possible 20 early next year. It's with the same client and based in SA. 457 visas available for the best qualified. Many thanks, Adam
  11. Hello, My family and I are moving to Melbourne in January 2012. My partner James is a carpenter so he will find work in his field, however I would also like to get a job. Our little girl is 10 months old so I would only like to work part time 3 days a week or about 4 hours per day Mon - Fri. I currently work for Leeds Metropolitan University working as a course administrator and would love to work for a Uni in Melbourne, I have joined all the job alerts at the Uni so any jobs that come up I'm applying for but I know there will be lots of competition. If I can't get a job at a University any admin job would be fine, I was just wondering if anybody had a rough idea of an hourly rate I would expect to get. I'm 32 and have worked at the University for 6 1/2 years and have done lots of temping and admin jobs so I'm quite experienced. Thanks Hayley xx
  12. Hi, Urgently need a short term rental around Mandurah, WA. Rockingham - Pinjarra considered although nearer Mandurah the better! 2 Adults & 1 small child. 30th December 2011 - 31st January 2012 allthough can be flexible on leaving date. Help appreciated!
  13. Hello everyone, hope you can share with me the processing timeline of your South Australia 176 Visa Application. I am done with IELTS (done in May 2011), Positive Vetassess (received result in Sept. 28 2011), State Sponsorship in South Australia application was forwarded in October 25, 2011 and approved in November 30 2011. This December, perhaps on Dec. 12, I wil be able to lodge my visa. However, I was told that we can already lodge our visa while waiting for the Points test Advice. In this regard, I would appreciate if you can give us an idea how fast or what is the timeline that they follow for points test advice and also the processing timeline for 176 Visa Applications particularly to SA. Success stories of those who lodged their visa after July 01, 2011 will also be appreciated. Hope to hear from you guys. Regards, Mjcgito
  14. Breaking Lease - Reynella We have found a long term rental now, so need to break our lease at Reynella, south Australia, Does anyone need the dates 18th Dec to the 18th Jan? It is a beautiful house with gorgeous swimming pool, look on the website Summerhill Rentals for more details. Please PM me for any other info. X
  15. Can anybody recommend a good half way point between Melbourne & South Australia? We will be driving the Great Ocean Road way & would like an overnight stop to break up the route, with somewhere not too expensive/super flash to stay for 1 night, 2 adults & 2 children. Any suggestions would be greatfully received!
  16. Hi All, In this PDF of NSW, it i Systems written that we require IELTS score of 7 Can anyone please clarify that whether we need 7 in each band or an overall score of 7 would be fine ? Also, what VISA will I fall in ? Is it Skilled Regional Sponsored 475/487 or Skilled Sponsored 176/886 For sake of information, I have never been to Australia and have 5+ years of experience as an IT professional and have got my ACS skills positive. Best Regards, Jyoti Khatri
  17. Guest

    Best areas in south australia

    We are looking at areas in south australia and had adelaide in mind. We have never been to Oz so basing info on research in books and on web. Anyone who has lived their or living there and could help us on areas in the south would be good. I have children at secondary school and 2 under 5s and would need nursery for my youngest. I am a social worker hubby is an engineer. Maria
  18. Hi All, I am ready to send my documentation to South Australia and I just wanted to ask if Employment reference letter and CV need to be included with the cover sheet. The reference letter is said to be optional on the website but is it something which needs to be sent. There is not mention of CV in the required documents. Is it okay to just send the documents which are mentioned as required or does sending CV and reference letter help. Anyone with experience please let me know. Thanks.
  19. Hi all, I had the idea to create this thread, so we can all know how many of us are there waiting for NSW SMP, and each one´s current situation. So please join us! NSW Sponsorship applied = Green NSW Sponsorship approved = Blue Received a CO = Pink Visa granted = Purple Please enter your details: Name: Date of Visa application: Trade/profession: Nationality: IELTS (if applicable): Visa type: DIAC Priority (if applicable): Date of SS application: Delays/further docs requested: Date SS received: comments: ................................................ 2009 applicants ................................................ Name: SC80 Date of Visa application: 03/03/2009 Trade/profession: External Auditor Nationality: Malaysian IELTS (if applicable): 8.0 Visa type: 176 DIAC Priority (if applicable): Priority 3 for now Date of SS application: Cant remember Delays/further docs requested: None yet Date SS received: 10 September 2009 comments: No longer on NSW current demand list, will they still keep my occupation on the yet to be released SMP? Name: sparrow(jimmy) Date of Visa application: 04/04/2009 Trade/profession: vocational teacher (non trades) Nationality: indian IELTS (if applicable): 7 Visa type: 475 DIAC Priority (if applicable): 4 Date SS received:26/03/2009 CO allocation: 16/03/2011 Name: Cazhoney (Carolina) Date of Visa application: 11/06/2009 Trade/profession: Environmental Engineer Nationality: Brazilian IELTS (if applicable): 8,0 Visa type: 175 then changed to 176 after obtaining SS DIAC Priority (if applicable): 3 Date of SS application: 29/01/2010 Delays/further docs requested: Date SS received: 02/02/2010 CO allocation: 10/03/2011 Medicals and PCCs: 13/04/2011 Visa granted: 03/06/2011 comments: have withdrawned my SS application on 01/06/2001, and received the 175 visa!! Name: AITUHIN Date of Visa application: 19/08/2009 Country: Bangladesh Trade/profession: MARKETING SPECIALIST Visa type: 475 SS: NSW regional sponsored DIAC Priority: 4 Medicals submitted: FL Sep 09 Police check submitted: FL Sep 09 Date CO assigned: Not yet Date of employment verification (If applicable): Date visa granted: No hope Additional Info (IF applicable): Nothing Name: rebe0007 Date of Visa application: 19/09/2009 Trade/profession: life scientist (nec) Nationality: Indian IELTS (if applicable): 8.5 Visa type: 886 DIAC Priority (if applicable): priority class 4 Date of SS application: 07/2009 Delays/further docs requested: none Date SS received: 08/2009 comments: submitted a complete application to diac but now most documents have expired due to the long processing time. Eagerly awaiting the NSW SMP and hoping it bumps my priority class up a notch or two Name :Wensmal Date of application:21-09-09 Visa Type:475 Nationality: Indian IELTS:7.5 DICA priority [?] medicals and pcc: submitted in May 2009 Name: asereht01 176 visa lodged: 12/10/09 Occupation: Life Scientist 457 visa granted: 28 Sept 2010 1st step to australia:10 Oct 2010 Moved to priority 2: 03 March 2011 Medicals frontloaded: 21/03/2011 PCC: months ago.... CO allocated: 25/03/2011 Visa grant: 29/03/2011 Name: Ben (rooperman) Date of Visa application: xx/11/2009 Trade/profession: Life scientist (NEC) Nationality: British IELTS (if applicable): NA Visa type: 176 DIAC Priority (if applicable): Currently cat 4 Date of SS application: 2009 Delays/further docs requested: Date SS received: Nov 2009 Visa Grant: 30/03/2011 ............................................... 2010 applicants ............................................... Name: Colorana Date of Visa application: 15/04/2010 Trade/profession: Environmental Engineer Nationality: South African IELTS (if applicable): 7.5 Visa type: 176 DIAC Priority (if applicable): 2 Date of SS application: 23/03/2010 Delays/further docs requested: Date SS received: 30/03/2010 CO allocation: 24/03/2011 Comments: Visa Grant: 18/05/2011 Name: Austranglian Date of Visa application: 14/10/2010 Trade/profession: Accountant Nationality: British IELTS (if applicable): 8.5+ (general), 7.5+ (academic) Visa type: 176 DIAC Priority (if applicable): Currently 3. Date of SS application: 01/09/2010 Delays/further docs requested: no Date SS received: around 08/10/2010 CO allocation: 19/06/2011 Visa granted: 27/06/2011 Name: sydneyCE (Heather) Date of Visa application: 14/10/2010 Trade/profession: Civil Engineer Nationality: USA IELTS (if applicable): 9.0 Visa type: 176 DIAC Priority (if applicable): Priority 3 for now Date of SS application: 15/09/2010 Delays/further docs requested: None yet Date SS received: 13/10/2010 CO allocation: 19/04/2011 comments: Impatiently waiting for NSW SMP and Priority 2 Visa Grant: 04/07/2011 Name: edjaiger Date of Visa application: 26 October 2010 Nationality: British High/Low Risk: HR Trade/profession: Accountant Visa type: SC 176 Which State Sponsored: NSW Date of SMP Applications: 15 September 2010 Date of SMP Granted: 06 October 2010 Onshore/offshore: Offshore Pre-November 2010 Category: N/A Medicals submitted: Not yet Police check submitted: Not yet Date CO assigned: 16 March 2011 Date of employment verification (If applicable): N/A Date visa granted: 30/05/2011 Name: VeeTix Date of Visa application: 31 Oct 2010 Nationality: French (hubby), South African (myself) High/Low Risk: HR Trade/profession: Developer Programmer Visa type: 176 Which State Sponsored: NSW Date of SMP Applications: Aug 2010 Date of SMP Granted: Oct 2010 Onshore/offshore: Off Pre-November 2010 Category: Medicals submitted: Yes Police check submitted: Yes Date CO assigned: Date of employment verification (If applicable): Date visa granted: 12 April 2011 Name: Lobsters Date of Visa application: 13/12/10 Trade/profession: Aircon & refrigeration mechanic Nationality: Dutch IELTS (if applicable): 6 Visa type: 475 DIAC Priority (if applicable): 2 Date of SS application: 28/10/10 Delays/further docs requested: Date SS received: 06/12/10 Visa grant: 05/05/2011 ........................................................ 2011 applicants ........................................................ Name: akosicoco Date of Visa application: 02/01/2011 Trade/profession: Developer Programmer Nationality: Filipino IELTS (if applicable): Yes Visa type: 176 DIAC Priority (if applicable): Priority 2 Date of SS application: 14/12/2010 Delays/further docs requested: Date SS received: 17/12/2010 Date C/O assigned: 16/03/2011 comments: My CO gave me 28 days to send medical and PCCs. I requested for extension since I am waiting for my FBI clearance which takes quite sometime. My CO gave me until end of May. Done with my medical last 19/03/2010. PCC's on-going. Visa grant: 30/04/2011 Name: nagliyvred Date of Visa application: 25.02.2011 Trade/profession: Software Engineer Nationality: Russian IELTS (if applicable): 8.0 Visa type: 176 DIAC Priority (if applicable): 2 Date of SS application: 08.02.2011 Delays/further docs requested: None Date SS received: 24.02.2011 Medical: referred 20 Apr 2011, finalized 30 May 2011 PCC: 13 Apr 2011 CO: 20 March 2011 Visa Grant: 30 May 2011 Name: rex123 IELTS :Sept 2009 EA Assessment : Dec 2010 NSW Orana SS: March 2011 475 NSW Orana: 18 April 2011 DIAC Acknowledgment : 10 May 2011 Form 1100 SENT : 13 May 2011 Medical: PCC: CO: 21/06/2011 Visa Grant: Name: mevans12 Date of Visa application:25/05/2011 Trade/profession:Management Accountant Nationality:British IELTS (if applicable):8.5 Visa type:176 DIAC Priority (if applicable):N/A Date of SS application:10/05/2011 Delays/further docs requested:N/A Date SS received:13/05/2011 comments:Only took 3 days for approval! CO: 14/06/2011 Name: Mon Date of Visa application: 25.06.2011 Trade/profession: Analyst Programmer Nationality: Filipino IELTS (if applicable): 7.5 Visa type: 176 DIAC Priority (if applicable): Date of SS application: 13.06.2011 Delays/further docs requested: None Date SS received: 25.06.2011 Medical: PCC: CO: Visa Grant: Name: Baazighar Date of Visa application: 29/06/2011 Trade/profession: Developer Programmer(261312) Nationality: Indian IELTS (if applicable): 8.0 Visa type: 176 DIAC Priority (if applicable): Prioirity 2 Date of SS application: 16th June Delays/further docs requested: None Date SS received: 29th June 2011 comments: NSW sent Form 1100 to DIAC
  20. Hello, we are a family with 2 kids aged 4 and 7 just moved to South Perth. Me (mum) working fulll time in CBD and hubby's setting up a business. We have friends from home and work here but none have kids! Because I work and not on the 'mum scene' I don't get the chance to meet other mums locally. Does anyone in the South Perth area with kids want to meet up at weekends etc? Trips to the park, picnics, beach (pub?!) I would love to hear from you.
  21. Mechanic vacancy in Woolloongabba Brisbane. Must be able to work on any car, old or modern and be self motivating. Very busy workshop, good pay. Pm for more info.
  22. Guest

    Moving to South Australia

    Hello, Which areas are the best and worst areas to live in South Australia considering schools, jobs, housing. Thanks. Nicky :wubclub:
  23. woodymcfc

    South Australia state sponsorship

    Hi all, quick question, friends of ours yesterday received state sponsorship for South Australia. Only today the main applicant sat his IELTS for extra points for his 176 visa application(earliest opportunity he could of done it) The SS has a validity of 30 days, he has to submit the visa application within that time. He wants to know how strict SA are with this 30 day period, he's thinking does he book another IELTS just in case he doesn't get the required mark on today's test ??? Thanks......... You had 3 months for our WA application, 30 days seem a bit short !!!
  24. Hi, We are planning to migrate to South Australia with my family. Kids are small, age group 4 years and 5 years. Considering the job opportunities, schooling, housing and cost of living what are the best area to live in South Australia. Please reply then I can make necessary arrangement base on your reply. Thanks. Donald :biggrin:
  25. Guest

    Moving to South Australia

    Hi, I am planning to move to SA. Please let me know which areas are the best to live in South Australia based on job opportunities, schooling , accommodation for a family. (with children) Please give some names of the cities. Regards, Donald :realmad::realmad: