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Found 322 results

  1. Hi i have recently moved to North Lakes just a few weeks ago and was looking for anyone in a similiar situation that would like to meet other mums in the area for a meet up with the kids and a coffee. I have looked for mother n toddler groups in North Lakes where mums to be can go but so far cant find any. I have a five year old little boy who has just started prep and i am due my second baby in April so ideally would like to meet up with mums with children of similiar ages so the kids can play together. If u fancy meeting up let me know:smile: Susan xx
  2. Scotlass

    North or South Sydney

    Hi Im looking for advice on where is best to rent if working in Roseville. I wouldnt have a car so would need to commute to work. I was originally looking at South of the bridge but now thinking North may be better for getting to work. I would like to rent somewhere with a good busy vibe, a bit like Glasgows Westend. Nowhere too quiet or suburban as Iam single 30 something and would want to meet people and make new friends. Also and area with good links to get South and to beaches. Any suggestions and advice would be very welcome, thanks.
  3. Hi Everyone, We have just moved to North Lakes and would love to make friends around the area. We have 3 children that I’m hoping that will go to north lakes school 16, 11 and 12.Would like to make friends before they start school and a desperate husband who is dying for someone to show him some good fishing spots. Jill
  4. hi just wondering if there are any meet ups going on around north lakes and surrounding areas??? Lx :rolleyes::rolleyes:
  5. Hi guys we are looking for an accountant. They would need to be in and around North Brisbane. My husband is a self employed and we are wanting to set up a trust and need good advice. We are looking for someone long term that also has some knowledge of the U.K end as we have two properties which we have left. Please can anyone recommend someone they are using or have used, or any accountants out there that we can discuss with. Regards Del Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Each Other! :biglaugh:
  6. Hey Mandy here (chloe's mum) Just wondering if there was anybody near redcliffe/clontarf/ north lakes area that would like to get together and meet up. We emigrated almost a year ago from Edinburgh, Scotland and are now living down in Clontarf. There is my husband gordon and my two kids Chloe (Aged 17) & Jayden (Aged 3). So if anyone would like to get together and maybe we can arrange family gathering that would be awesome, thanks Mandy
  7. Guest

    Hi from North Lakes!

    Hi everyone, I arrived in Brisbane 6 weeks ago along with OH (bricklayer) Daughter (15) and son (13). I havnt found that I have fallen in love with what I have seen as much as some people but I guess it is early days. I find I have felt really guilty for the kids they do miss their friends and they are not use to spending all their spare time with us, they have started school but you cant expect them to form any sort of friendships that can compare with what they had in the UK. Saying that they seem to cope with it better than I do, OH loves it likes the work etc. I cant say I feel I live in little britain either not met anyone!!! I think because the kids are that bit older I dont have to do the school run so meeting anyone is quite hard, im also not working yet but do have a couple of interviews lined up, so hopefully when working it might improve. All it seems do of done is rain lately so that dosnt help. i guess i just need a little reassurance that feeling as I do is normal or have I made a big mistake?! Jo:huh:
  8. leelee 18

    North lakes qld 4509

    Hello does anybody live in north lakes or have any information on it? do you have to pay for schools? prices of renting/buying , my husband is a carpenter whats the work like here and rates? :rolleyes:
  9. Hi There, Can anyone recommend a good Tax Accountant in North Sydney. I've found a few on the Internet but would like some recommendations if anyone has any please? Myself and my girlfriend are here on a 457. I still have a property in the UK that I'm renting out so I need an accountant who is aware of issues around being an Australian tax resident but on a temporary visa. Cheers Rob
  10. Has anyone had experience of renting furnished accommodation around the North Lakes area that you would be happy to recommend? It will be for a family of 4. If all goes to plan with our 457 visa we'll be in oz at the end August this year but our furniture won't arrive until about 6 weeks later. Struggling to find anything on the net! Thank you all!:biggrin:
  11. We are moving to Perth April 12. Anyone returning to the UK and fancy a swap? http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-32235169.html
  12. Hi Fellow Poms, We are currently living in Melbourne which we love but an opportunity has arisen to move to Sydney, Job would be in North Ryde area so just looking on advise on where u would live?? Budget is reasonable so somewhere nice, suburbs are more us as we like a garden with Having a 3yr old, nice schools in area ect Any info and advise would be great as i have been looking through so many posts my eyes are going square! :-)
  13. I live in the United States and we have a show called House Hunters International. One show was about a North Sea oil worker who moved to Australia with his wife and kids. With this description I wonder if anyone knows which type of Visa he used or if Australia makes a special exception for high paid workers. A) He was a North Sea oil worker based in Scotland. I believe he was an engineer. B) He worked 6 months out of the year in Scotland and had 6 months off. C) He moved his family to a vacation town north of Brisbane. D) After the move his family lived in Australia year round. E) The engineer kept his job in Scotland. He worked 6 months in the North Sea and spent the other six months with his family in Australia. I don't think he came in as a skilled migrant because he never intended to get a job in Australia. It got me wondering if Australia allows high paid workers to immigrate to it's shores. Is there a special visa for that? Thanks for any input!
  14. Guest

    Zumba North Perth

    Im just wondering does anyone know of any Zumba classes in the North Perth area....?? And also Gyms?? Fitness centres etc?? We think were going to head up to Duncraig way next year?? And how much would you normally pay for a gym membership?? we have a PR visa and will be heading up here as soon as this house sells..... Cheers Nic
  15. Keira huggins

    North Lakes?

    hey guys So it's a go and I have spent WEEKS looking / researching where potentially we would like to live. I guess a bit of background would help. My hubbie, 36 and a true lover of everything outdoors, underwater and walking, will be working within the CBD. My son, 12. Mad into sport especially rugby and football. Very sociable nd likes to play OUTSIDE. Me, will also be the wrong side of 35, kind of quiet until you get to know me but will appreciate being able to meet people and hopefully work within the law enforcement side of things. I really would love to be able to point the other half in the direction of where we could and would like to live. We are not city dwellers, we like the quiet but with the option to have the fun close by. We are looking for a great family community, good schools, good commute links, good house prices ( sounds like we want the world) From research so far I really do like the sounds of North Lakes but to make an informed decision I need pros , cons and alternatives..............SO........ Anyone who can help, I will send a mince pie over to you :biggrin:
  16. Hi all, I have just had my 457 visa approved and will be moving over to Sydney (for my second stint there) in Jan/Feb - I would love to join a football team and play in some sort of league. I wondered if anyone knew of any decent teams (or not so decent - I'm not Wayne Rooney) somewhere in the North shore - I will be living in Lane Cove/Chatswood. Cheers Lee
  17. Hi we are back and forth with the idea where to live when we apply/arrive next year...... Other half is a nusrse, i will be house husband (dreaming of course - will end up doing anything around school hours) and we had first set our sights on sunshine coast. comparsion came with rainy season, humidity, and then the need for kids ( 3&5 ) and wife to have it bearable to live in. I am not bothered where we live as long as its QLD, or Tweed heads. Can anyone give advice on where its bearable for fair skin family Coolganta or sunshine coast, or further in ipswich or coofs harbour ? Could we survive in townsville, We will be going on a RSMS. Helpful advice any one ?
  18. Just finalised our bookings for flights etc We (my wife and I, and our 4 yr old son) are coming to Aus on a 457 visa, flying in on 2 November I'll be working in Chatswood and we have a serviced apartment there through the company until we can get a rental sorted out. Looking at Wahroonga/Turramurra/St.Ives area for preference My wife's sister lives in Neutral Bay and we have a few friends in Sydney so it's nice to know we'll not be entirely on our own - but wondered if anyone else here lives in the same sort of area? Getting excited now - still a million things to do at this end, mind :biggrin:
  19. Hi Can anybody please advise me its my partners aunties 80th birthday in a few days and we would like to take her out to a really nice restaurant, she lives in Edgewater. Because I am so new to the area can anybody please advise me of any good restaurants or eateries please. I am not sure she would be into curry and chinese. Any ideas would be very much appreciated. Cheers Debbie :biggrin:
  20. We hope to be going on a reccie and visa validation trip shortly and are looking for a holiday home in a nice suburb of North Brisbane. My brother lives in McDowall so want to be close enough to him. Ideally looking for a 4 bed with pool.
  21. I suppose I did ask for rain and my wish came true, now I just need to ask for the lottery numbers:yes: FLOOD warnings are in force from Cooktown to Cardwell today after record-breaking heavy rain throughout the Far North. Cairns yesterday experienced its wettest October day since 1964 with 112mm falling from 9am to 10pm, exceeding the previous mark of 86.6mm. And there’s more to come, with the weather bureau forecasting heavy rain over the next two days. "There will be much the same over the next 36 hours," Cairns weather bureau duty forecaster Bill O’Connor said. "The heavier falls will be between Innisfail and Cairns." Mena Creek, southwest of Innisfail, yesterday recorded about 200mm in 24 hours. The heavy rain caused flooding at popular tourist attraction Paronella Park, with operators saying the area received four times the amount of rainfall it usually receives for the month in one night. More than 110mm fell at Cairns airport, almost tripling the average rainfall for October. "That average is 41.8mm for Cairns airport in October. More rain to come today, tonight and through tomorrow," Cairns meteorologist Ben Suter tweeted. Cairns SES group leader Josh Milligan said crews attended a few calls for help yesterday. "There was no real damage but preparation measures more so, with a little bit of sand-bagging in the local areas," he said. "We’ve learnt a lot from last year as we do more preparation the main thing we are looking for is at is recruitment," Mr Milligan said. The wet weather was blamed for a string of crashes in the Far North yesterday. Two separate incidents involved five-car pile-ups. The first major incident was about 4.20pm on Mulgrave Rd, near Parramatta Park State School. It was followed shortly after by another multiple crash at the intersection of Draper and Kenny streets, Portsmith, at 5.05pm. There were also minor crashes on the Gillies Highway, at Smithfield shopping centre and on the Kuranda Range road. No one was seriously hurt, although there were traffic disruptions. SES volunteers were called out to tighten tarpaulins in cyclone Yasi-affected areas where many families face a long wet season without roofs. Also yesterday, motorists were forced off the Bruce Highway north of Tully because of the heavy rain. Despite flooding concerns around the region, the downpours were still a welcome reprieve from an extended dry spell that ended with above-average temperatures for the month and weeks of a high fire danger period. Queensland Fire and Rescue Supt Alan Hogg said recent rain had eased the threat of fire in some areas but alerts were still in place "further out west". Tableland grazier Gerry Collins said the rains were "the best October present for a long, long time". "We had good rain here this morning and pretty good rain overnight," he said. "I have just been to the sale yards in Mareeba and they had pretty handy rain there too. "It is very welcome." Raymond Bin, who has a mango and grape orchard at Mutchilba, said the 30mm that fell on his property was welcomed. "I think the majority of farmers would appreciate it because it has been pretty dry in the past month," he said.
  22. Hi all Does anyone know of a reasonably priced hotel in the northern suburb area of Sydney. It must be in easy reach of the CBD and also accessible to Castle Hill/Baulkham Hills. We have to validate our Visa by October so was thinking of a Holiday in August. Whilst there I wanted to have a look around the Castle Hill area hence my need to be in the north. I don't want a really expensive hotel as I need to save as much money as possible for when we move permanently. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Lisa :biggrin: OH Carpenter
  23. Guest

    New on North Shore

    Hi all, We (hubby, wee boy and I) landed in Sydney just over 3 weeks ago and moved into an apartment in Mosman this weekend. Lovely area and things are going well, but feeling lonely! Any other Poms around here and in particular recommendations for where to meet people? We are keen to find places for our toddler to go too - playgroups, activities etc... any recommendations very welcome!
  24. Does anyone have any views on this school, and the area. Thanks.
  25. the coyne family

    Good areas in north Brisbane

    Hi, we are currently living near Coffs Harbour in NSW. My OH has an interview for a job based in Albion Brisbane. Not counting my chickens or anything but I've been looking at suburbs in north Brisbane places like Redcliff, Mango hill, North lakes and Burpengary its very hard to tell the good from the bad looking on the net so I'd really appreciate any advice I really like the look of Burpengary it looks really nice. Can anyone recommend some good suburbs with good public schools we are a family of 5 looking to spend about $350-$450 in rent. Top of the wish list would be firstly he will get the job :wink:, a large back garden and no more than 30 minutes to the beach. Thanks.