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3 weeks in and everything sorted

Guest Djamba

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Hey everyone.


Thought we should give you a little update about our arrival and current situation.


We've been here in Sydney for a little under 3 weeks and it's all going great. We managed to find a gorgeous apartment by our second day and handed over contracts and keys a week after arrival. We're living in Wollstonecraft and it's brilliant. Crows Nest shops are just a 5 minute walk and the train station about the same in the other direction. Our Unit is a 2 bedroom with 2 balconies (One looking right at the Anzac Bridge!), a parking spot and a communal lockup area. We got really lucky because it used to be a friends unit and she moved out a few weeks before we arrived which meant that we got a private viewing and didn't have to go through the nightmare of Open House style viewings and the lengthy application process. We've signed a 12 month lease so we're sorted for at least that long.


Helen is loving her job at the North Shore and everyone there seems like they are very happy to have her working on the ward.


I've managed to get myself a permanent job near Dee Why looking after the IT support for a private school which pays pretty well and means no late nights working and a really nice environment to work in. It's also the first local IT department they have had (Previously it was contractors) so the new IT manager and I can build up a new process system and change management that works for us rather than inheriting someone elses.


I've been recruited to a Rugby Team and a group of surfers who are going to teach me how the waves work.


We're making lots of new friends and have to say what I remember about the people here being incredibly helpful and friendly is spot on.


So all in all...were sorted. All I need to do now is try to find some casual work for a month because we used pretty much all our savings to get the Unit and live off until now.


Anyways....thanks to everyone here for all your help in the application process. You're a great bunch and we'll continue to look in on you now and then.


Chris & Helen

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Congratulations on your move to Oz. It certainly seems like youre having a ball and everything is going good for you. Its greats to see positive posts regarding the locals making you welcome. My theory on this is that you have to make an effort, join clubs etc and just basically be socialable. One of my biggest fears is being lonely - my OH and son are both into BMX racing and they have already joint a few forums / enquired to local clubs online and introduced themselves. Ive got to say they have had a fantastic response and are welcoming him and our family with open arms.


I had also shared my previous concerns with my OH's employers (husband & wife team) and have to say they have been absolutely fantastic. I have spoken with the wife on numerious occasions now, getting to know eachother and shes said I wont be lonely if she has anything to do with it, arranging shopping trips, taking me for latte's at the local coffee shops etc. It sometimes brings a lump in my throat that these people are so generous and go out of their way to put our minds at rest.


Goodluck with your lives in Sydney - wishing you lots of happiness. Happy Surfing!!!!



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