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Found 17 results

  1. hi....this is a bit of a confused question but here goes. we're due to move to canberra end of oct and we have got some good quotes for shipping but trouble is no accommodation sorted out yet! i've seen many threads where people have shipped out but at the same time i've seen threads saying generally rental can only be organised upon arrival due to the point system etc. i'm not sure how to co-ordinate the two....is it possible to secure rental before we depart so we have an address to ship out to? anyone is a similar position?
  2. Hi everyone We have our house on the market at the moment and have PR visas for the last few years so hope to make the big move by December this year. We are taking our two dogs with us and I was wondering how long it takes to get the dogs tested/paperwork completed etc ? We arent sure when to get them tested and the paperwork done as i have heard once completed the tests are only valid for a few months and then they have to be done all over again? Those of you who have brought your dogs over or are in the process when do you decide to get them done? We arent sure whether to leave it until the house is sold but then if it takes a few months to complete we dont want to delay ourselves either. I have also heard there can be a waiting list in Perth quarantine kennels so we havent a clue how to get the timing right! Any advice welcome - thanks :wacko:
  3. ausdreamer

    Sun, Sea and Sorted....

    Arrived at Aunties house in Clontarf Beach and stayed for our first week, then moved accross the road to vacant Aunties house, where we are now staying for as long as we require. On day 2 of our arrival, we bought our 4 wheel drive and on day 11 we bought a house! Got a fantastic deal at a shotgun auction as bank owned the property. So Buderim here we come in 30 days to start our life on the sunshine coast :biggrin: Of course the only thing missing are the folks and friends back in the Uk. I miss them so much :sad: Everything seems to be very easy when sorting yourself out and where as cost of living is expensive, you save on other things like no TV licences, no MOT's on cars (unless you are selling it). You get help when buying a house and schooling. When you arrrive there is no immediate rush to get medicare as it normally takes 10 days for medicare to be advised that you have arrived in the country and if you need any medical help, you just pay, keep the receipts and claim it back. You can use your UK driving licences for up to 3 months, but do sort out your tax file numbers which you can do online. Our dongle for the computer works a treat until you get set up permanently on a network. So that's it folks..... Off to the beach now :wink:
  4. Hi everyone, We are due to get our visa issued soon, how do we get medibank or do we get our own health insurance sorted out before we leave the UK. Any help with this would be great Thanks Si
  5. Hello, I will be starting a permanent role with a large (ASX listed) company in Sydney in January. They are sponsoring me for a 457 visa, but have asked me to apply for a 417 (working holiday) visa in case the 457 doesn't come through by my planned start date. I have now had confirmation that my 417 visa has been accepted, however one of the conditions of this visa is that "work must be secondary to your main purpose of your visit". If I do end up having to enter Australia on a 417, can anyone advise what kind of questions they ask at immigration and what level of detail they go into? Obviously, my main purpose of entry is for work (although I do plan to travel whilst there). Do you think this would be likely to cause me any problems? Thanks in advance Jon
  6. Hi all, I'm rushing to sort our insurance out as the removal company are coming to take the last of our stuff tomorrow. I'm using insure-your-move (where you have to list everything over £750) and an doing a few simple sums to work out the value. So far I have: tools and toolbox tv's beds sofas cd's, dvd's & blu-ray games consoles & accessories pc & accessories white goods cant think of anything else that I may have missed.....anyone got any suggestions???
  7. I just thought I'd do an update on how things are progressing for our move to Helensvale... We fly from Manchester on Monday 16th August arrive Brisbane Tuesday 17th August 7.30pm and will be going to a hotel for 1 night only. I've got quotes for a hire cars and will be getting a bigger one for 3 days to help with all luggage we're bringing and all the goods we'll have to buy when we get there. Then dropping down to a smaller car rental until our car arrives. So far we've Avis to be very competitive. We've managed to secure a 6 month lease on a lovely house in Helensvale which we can't wait to see. My brother viewed it for us and he loved it. The pictures we've seen of it are fantastic. Our lease starts 2 weeks before we arrive but we aren't bothered because it takes the pressure off finding a place now. My wife starts work Monday 30th August with CYMHS so we'll have some time to get things sorted before then. The property has Cable which I'm very pleased about so I'm ordering that 2 weeks before we arrive so it'll be ready to install when we get their. We're still waiting for permission to import our car. As soon as we get the ok we'll be shipping the car and some of our furniture etc in a sole use 20Foot with John Mason. We're looking at insure-your-move.com for the insurance. We've not has any luck in selling our house yet. We've just given to our estate agents and changing to new ones to see if it helps. But the house is owned outright so we'll just leave it on the market and it will sell when it sells. We've just started planning leaving party's so I'm guessing we'll have a few ups and downs with our emotions. But this is our dream move so it's something we want so much and our families do understand that, but I know it won't be easy saying goodbye. So 6 weeks on Monday we'll be on our way I actually feel quite relaxed now we've sorted the house rental for when we arrive. I'll update this thread with any tips or problems we have in the weeks before we fly. Good luck to everyone else on their moves Howard
  8. andromeda9

    assurance of support sorted

    its a long long road and much worry to get to where we are at now,but things are almost sorted, wouldn't like to go through this again,know it will be the same for everyone going through emigration,wish you all the best
  9. Finally had confirmation from Griffith University that OH is enrolled in Bachelor of Commerce degree,but now what do I do??? Could anybody inform me how the garage door/industrial door sector is bearing up. I have been sitting at home in the sunny climbs of Staffordshire (ha!!) waiting for the day when I can get out and do a decent days work in a nice bit of whether,I am just a little concerned that there is not going to be enough/any work around when we finally arrive. Can anybody let me know as it's starting to drive me mad.
  10. We have had our 175 visa now since Feb, and plans are well under way for our departure. One of the complications on our visa application is my 19 year old step son who we go onto our visa due to him being in university and still dependant. However, he now has a girlfriend, who he is taking rather seriously.... chances are that it wont come to anything, but he has it into his head that all he has to do is marry her, and they can both come over to Australia after they graduate from university.... ... I'm guessing its not that simple, and frankly having spent 18 months working on our visa application Im disinclined to get involved any further, like I said, there is every reason to expect this to blow over, but, Id be interested if anyone has any thoughts on the matter.
  11. Hey everyone. Thought we should give you a little update about our arrival and current situation. We've been here in Sydney for a little under 3 weeks and it's all going great. We managed to find a gorgeous apartment by our second day and handed over contracts and keys a week after arrival. We're living in Wollstonecraft and it's brilliant. Crows Nest shops are just a 5 minute walk and the train station about the same in the other direction. Our Unit is a 2 bedroom with 2 balconies (One looking right at the Anzac Bridge!), a parking spot and a communal lockup area. We got really lucky because it used to be a friends unit and she moved out a few weeks before we arrived which meant that we got a private viewing and didn't have to go through the nightmare of Open House style viewings and the lengthy application process. We've signed a 12 month lease so we're sorted for at least that long. Helen is loving her job at the North Shore and everyone there seems like they are very happy to have her working on the ward. I've managed to get myself a permanent job near Dee Why looking after the IT support for a private school which pays pretty well and means no late nights working and a really nice environment to work in. It's also the first local IT department they have had (Previously it was contractors) so the new IT manager and I can build up a new process system and change management that works for us rather than inheriting someone elses. I've been recruited to a Rugby Team and a group of surfers who are going to teach me how the waves work. We're making lots of new friends and have to say what I remember about the people here being incredibly helpful and friendly is spot on. So all in all...were sorted. All I need to do now is try to find some casual work for a month because we used pretty much all our savings to get the Unit and live off until now. Anyways....thanks to everyone here for all your help in the application process. You're a great bunch and we'll continue to look in on you now and then. Chris & Helen
  12. Guest

    Job sorted

    Ok job is now sorted but that was a big enough headache. I had 4 jobs to choose from and ruled out 2 of them straight away but the other 2 were so hard to choose which was right for me. Finally i made the call today and will start on mon week. Now we got to find a place to rent which is becoming the next headache. There just isnt enough houses for rent in the area we like, I mean where can you find a 12 bedroom house for 200 bucks a week.lol. will try to keep you lot updated soon but still got no time at present as we are trying to find house and school and cars. speak soon steve
  13. welshfitter

    arrived safe and sound and sorted!!

    We arrived in Sunny Goldcoast 7 weeks ago now!!! and are settling in well, We would'nt have done it without the help of sarah at GOLD COAST RELOCATIONS . Thankyou Sarah for all your help and support!!!! Anyone moving to the goldcoast area and dont know were to start, try the goldcoast relocations website. :cool:
  14. Guest

    All Sorted

    Well thats it Exchanged contracts on house yesterday Handed in notice yesterday Completion on house 7th March Packers coming 5th and 6th March Flights Booked for 21st March I guess this means we're going to OZ
  15. Guest


    Had my 457 Visa confirmed this evening so booking removals/shipping tomorrow and flights probably within a fortnight. Can't wait to exchange the UK winter for a Melbourne Summer. Melbourne here we come.:biglaugh: John, Treena and Samantha
  16. Guest

    getting sorted

    right house sold and now thinking what do i need to do do we need to take copies of our medical records and dental records with us?? bank accounts have people done this on line and how easy is it? HIFX or OZFOREX?? Sure there are many other things will get back to you all CHris
  17. well guess what, after my moan at the weekend, i have just checked our emails and OH has a job offer:jiggy::jiggy:with the painting firm in Brissie...... the guy is drafting the letter as we speak, well maybe not right now as he will be sleeping.........BUT its now full steam ahead with ENS onto the next step and we could well be in Oz by summer next year.................OMG OMG