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  1. BuddysMum

    Am I an Australian citizen?

    You can't get a visa for any country if you are a citizen.
  2. BuddysMum

    Anyone moving to Gladstone in 2011/2012?

    Shame. That's the way of it with Real Estate everywhere. They have great skills in showing the best in photos. The fewer photos provided, the more concerned you should be, in my experience!!! Hope you find what you are looking for soon.
  3. BuddysMum

    Anyone moving to Gladstone in 2011/2012?

    Just had a look on Google Earth. I drove past that house last night. Central lane tends to be a fairly transient area. Lots of rentals as far as I am aware, and you have a block of serviced apartments opposite you so lots of workers coming and going. The road itself can be a bit of a rat run (that's why I was using it!) but it's not too busy. I would think that the lower end, where you are looking, might be the better end. Do you have kids? (Sorry, I can't remember and I'm in a bit of a rush). If not, then go for it. It would be nice and central. If you do have kids, then not ideal IMO. Take a look at it and see what you think.
  4. BuddysMum

    Anyone moving to Gladstone in 2011/2012?

    Bechtel are doing most of the hiring for the LNG projects.
  5. BuddysMum

    Anyone moving to Gladstone in 2011/2012?

    I personally wouldn't live on Central Lane, but go see the house. If its really nice and the road and neighbours seem ok then go for it. As far as flooding is concerned, check out which. Areal have been hit in the past. My perception is that the floods affected the roads in and out of Tannum rather than homes.
  6. BuddysMum

    Anyone moving to Gladstone in 2011/2012?

    Let's all try to get together sometime soon. Down at the marina or somewhere might be nice. Kids can play and we can sit and chat. We often take a kettle etc and have afternoon tea there.
  7. I'm not fond of spiders, but I can cope with the little ones. That's amazing. Have shared on Facebook!
  8. BuddysMum

    Feel really sad :(

    Do you really want to come to Oz? I'm not being funny. Perhaps you don't really want to leave UK? Be very sure that you can at least give it a fair go before you come. It will be a very expensive mistake if you don't. If it's just the wine etc, then fine, and a last minute attack of nerves is normal too, but to be as sad as you sound, doesn't seem right to me. Hope you make the right decision! And Happy Birthday!
  9. BuddysMum

    A question for those already down under....

    I think the thing is that generally you can plan to have a day out and pretty much know that you will be able to do it without getting rained off. Having said that we came back from a beach walk today, soaked to the skin. But it was good, and cooled us off nicely. It can get too hot up here in Central Queensland to be outside during the day, and yes, the mozzies do attack, but cover up, spray and burn stuff to keep them away, and the dark evenings can be fun. All the sports fields are lit and life still goes on even after dark, although QLD people do go to bed early and get up early! Yes, I think we do spend more time outside, but it's not all day, every day.
  10. BuddysMum

    what clothes do you wear in QLD in winter time..??

    I agree with all of the above! Our first winter, I was sneering at the fleecy dressing gowns in the shops. Last winter I was looking for one to buy. I was freezing (about 15C)!!! Oddly enough, it's not north/south that makes a difference with the temperatures so much as moving inland. Just 20Km inland from here and you can get frosts overnight! All well and good, but no double glazing or central heating here! I do love wearing shorts and t shirts every day (and the sun screen and sunglasses!) Funny story: My friend is a primary school teacher and at the start of term she was putting her sticky label words around the room: "table", "chair", "door" etc and ended up with a few left over. The kids were very interested in the one that said "heater" and had NO idea what one was! We do have wood burning stoves in some homes though, and reverse cycle air con. btw, we haven't used out wellies once. We don't seem to get much mud. And if you do, because there's more rain in summer than winter you wade through in your thongs and wash your feet after!
  11. BuddysMum

    Has anyone left good jobs/lifestyle?

    It all depends what you want in life. We had a good salary in UK, a small mortgage and a moderate lifestyle, but were able to finance two holidays in Australia in two years so must have been doing ok. We certainly don't have as much cash here, our mortgage is larger and we slid to near the bottom of the housing market again. But we are happier than we have ever been and feel as if we have come home! It's not for everyone, and I don't think I would try to persuade anyone to move over here, on the basis that if persuasion is needed then they certainly should NOT migrate. But for us it was the very best choice and we have no regrets at all.
  12. They never attack you if you sing and dance as you pass beneath them.
  13. BuddysMum

    Anyone moving to Gladstone in 2011/2012?

    Our son is at a private school. They are much more affordable here. We chose that for him because it is a faith-based school (they all are, I think) and it is small.Ours is linked with our church so it is a real community thing for us. We are really happy with it. Sadly we only go up to year 10 at the moment so he may be moving to another high school next year unless we expand this year. Not a problem, all the kids transition well. The faith-based schools are not only for those with that faith, but I guess you would have to be fairly happy for them to be taught within that faith to send them there.
  14. BuddysMum

    Hi Everyone!!!

    WE live about an hour's drive south of Rocky, in Gladstone. We go to Rocky for major shopping and sometimes just for lunch! If I can help I am happy to. PM me as I don't get on here very often these days.