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Found 547 results

  1. Guest

    Am I an Australian citizen?

    Hi, I came out to Australia on my parents passport in 1966 on the Fairsky on one of those 10 pound pommie schemes. We stayed at Bradfield Park hostel in one of those army style corrugated iron dome huts. I was 3 when we left. As both my parents are dead and I can't ask them if I was naturalised and I've never had a passport am I an Australian Citizen? My Father told me I automatically became one but now I'm not sure. I'm just going through the final stage of landing a government job and don't want to find out I'm not eligible. I have never left the country since arriving here. I have been on social security and have voted before but have never had anything to say I'm a citizen or have dual citizenship with Australia and England. After 45 years in Australia I would like to think I am a citizen. Is there anyone else out there in the same boat?
  2. Hi I'm seeking assistance or looking at advice for what is to be expected on the form 80 UK character assessment visa form?? My dad's going to be applying for a visa but his bee. Deported back to the UK I'm wondering if this will have any impact on him trying to enter a new country like NZ? his been in England now almost 4years and I'm happy an so proud to say my dad has not been in one bit of trouble with the law not once will any of this go in his favour when applying for the visa?
  3. Hi all, My partner and I will have been living together for 12 months in July and want to apply for the Partner Visa (de facto). I'm Spanish and he is Australian and we are living in the UK. We don't know whether to apply offshore or move to Australia and apply from there. We both have stable jobs but we both feel we are not progressing and want better opportunities in Australia. We are concerned about the difficulty for me to get a qualified job (graphic designer) while I'm on a Bridging Visa. We would like to move around January 2020 to Australia. His UK visa expires in November so he would have to renew it if we decide to apply offshore. Our options are: A) Apply in July for 309 visa and pay for his visa in the UK with the potential risk of having to stay in the UK for over another year. B) Move to Australia when his visa expires and I'll go there on a tourist visa – eVisitor subclass 651 which doesn't have the condition of no further stay – with the risk of not getting work rights on the bridging visa when I apply for the 802 partner visa on shore. I read it is possible to ask for the right to work but I don't think it is guaranteed. Most of the jobs offers that I'm seeing right now require Australian citizenship, permanent residency or rights to work on an ongoing basis. I'm not sure if the bridging visa or even the temporary partner visa would satisfy this requirements. Which route is best to take? Thanks!
  4. Hi, just wandering if anyone in the process of transferring from the R.N to the R.A.N.. We are in the process of doing it ourselves at the moment, and was just wandering if anyone else is out there in the same boat. :jiggy:
  5. Hello! Long time reader, first time poster. I have been researching visas for awhile and now it's getting closer to the time I need to make plans. Our situation: I am an Australian citizen who has been in the UK on a working holiday visa which is set to expire in Feb 2018. It’s looking like it would be difficult for me to get a work visa in the UK for a few reasons. The main issues being that the company I work for is small, isn’t on the registered list of sponsors and the fact that the business needs to prove they’ve advertised the job for 2 months and can’t fill it locally. This doesn’t bother me too much because I feel ready to move back to Australia. However, I can’t just think about myself as my boyfriend (UK citizen) is here. We are both in our 20s. We have only been together for a year but things are going well and we are planning a future together. He is open to the idea of moving to Aus (we’re going there later this year and I’m sure he’ll fall in love with it haha). FYI - We do not live together. It’s tricky timing as he’s just got a promotion at his job. He works for a large international company which may come in handy for us if they are willing to sponsor him. His qualifications/experience is in marketing, account management, sales and E-retail management. We have been looking at what Aus visa options there are for him and I’m wondering what would be best. Work visa – Does his experience qualify for a work visa after the changes to the skills list? Does a company need to sponsor him? Work sponsorship – Perhaps the Australian office of his company could sponsor his visa? Working Holiday visa – As he is under 30 it seems easiest to just get a working holiday visa to start with. However, it’s a real shame you can only work at a company for a maximum of 6 months. If he entered on a working holiday visa, started working at a company and they wanted to sponsor him after 5 months can he switch to another visa type? Partner – This doesn’t seem possible as we don’t live together yet I understand work visas don’t count towards eventual permanent residency, is that correct? There’s so much to think about with both our jobs, visas and moving that I have been getting a bit stressed by it but I’m trying to get the process started sooner rather than later. I appreciate any insight people have.
  6. Hello there I was hoping someone may be able to help. We submitted our skills assessment with AIM (Australian Institute of Management) three weeks ago. On the website it states it will take up to 4 weeks to get back to you with a result. When we submitted the application we filled out the page asking for credit card details so that we could pay the fee. The four weeks is up next Tuesday and AIM hasn’t acknowledged our application (although I know it has been delivered as we tracked it with the courier) and they haven’t deducted the fee from the credit card yet. I wanted to check if anyone had submitted an application for a skills assessment with AIM and if this was normal or whether we should have submitted an alternative way to pay? Also does anyone know if there is a delay in processing skills assessments with AIM? Any info anyone could provide would be appreciated. Thanks C
  7. Guest

    Australian Plugs.No fuses?

    How come there are no fuses in ozzi plugs leke the ones we have in the uk? i have baby monitor which topped working..i thought fuse be blown in plug but no fuse..mmmm any ideas?
  8. So we've been in Australia for just over a week and so far so good... The hotel we stopped at for one night was fantastic and not expensive. It was Marina Quays International John Lund Drive, Hope Island, QLD, 4214, Australia for if anyone wants to know... We've bought everything we needed for us to last until our container arrives and found that SuperAMart was great and decent quality. We bought a few bits from Fantastic Furniture but we found the quality on some stuff not as good but cheap prices and the Office set we bought was excellent quality and good value. Food so far I aint compared any prices tbh cos we are living here now so why think what it did cost when this is what it's going to cost from now on so just pay it lol But the meat is so cheap and can't wait to have our first BBQ shortly... We bought a great one from BBQ's Galore... Bunnings is great it's a B&Q DIYS store and we bought our Petrol Lawn Mower and several large free standing fans from their. The house we're renting is fantastic a lovely sized garden and massive outdoor living area. The 2nd family living area has a table tennis table in it now and has loads of space around it :-) Got Cable installed 2 days ago and it's nice to be online but only getting 8mbit out of the promised 30mbit but have contacted them to look into it for me. Pam applied online for her tax code. We all went and applied for Medicare today so things are progressing well on that score. The weather has been fantasic and if this is winter wow. But i must say it does get cold on a night and wished we'd brought a few more warmer clothes with us but have bought now so sorted. Yesterday we sat out in the afternoon and had to listen to next doors music whch was rather loud to say the least. I've emailed our property agent to ask the best way to handle it cos I don't want to cause more problems by putting my foot in it early on lol But I'm sure a nice word will do the trick. On my tenancy agreement it asks me to considerate to the neighbours so maybe I'll have to point that out to them if it happens again... Pam starts her job on Monday which will be when we'll start a routine and I'll get some chores done around the house. But all in all we are loving the total experience of Australia and the way of life and people are so friendly it's unbelievable. Our container arrives in Brisbane on 9th September so still some time to wait for our goods to arrive here. The car hire we have is with Avis and it's a good deal long term lease because of the length of rental. We've got it for 4 weeks to start with then can extend 3 times before we have to start a new rental agreement. We got an upgrade to a Hyundai i30 and the car is great and we think this will be the car we buy in the future. I'll update more as we go along Howard
  9. hi has anyone made the move from the RN to the RAN? Considering doing this when my 22 years is up and any advice would be greatly received.
  10. The bacon I've tried from the supermarket is unlike anything I saw in the UK. The bacon appears to be cooked (not just cured or smoked like UK bacon), and it comes in horrible vacuum packs that as well as bacon also seem to contain some kind of gelatinous goo! Can anyone recommend a brand that is a bit more akin to what pommy bacon is like? Before you say it, no I haven't been to the butcher yet. That's on my to-do list this weekend. Or at least it was until I volunteered to work this saturday....
  11. New immigrant should be aware of the income tax in Australia. Tax rates 2014-15 The following rates for 2014-15 apply from 1 July 2014. Taxable income Tax on this income 0 – $18,200 Nil $18,201 – $37,000 19c for each $1 over $18,200 $37,001 – $80,000 $3,572 plus 32.5c for each $1 over $37,000 $80,001 – $180,000 $17,547 plus 37c for each $1 over $80,000 $180,001 and over $54,547 plus 45c for each $1 over $180,000 The above rates do not include the Medicare levy of 2% Find out more Medicare levy End of find out more The above rates do not include the Temporary Budget Repair Levy. The Temporary Budget Repair Levy is payable at a rate of 2% for taxable incomes over $180,000. ATO Link: https://www.ato.gov.au/rates/individual-income-tax-rates/
  12. Anyone out there willing to share their experiences about them going over by joining the Army. Our process has been pretty quick and now just waiting for the labour agreement to start the ball rolling again. Seems to have come to a stop after initialling getting an email two weeks before selection interviews. What happens when you get the labour agreements, costs involve. If we have submitted bloods, CRB etc already to the OSLTB we will need to re-submit them for DIMA? Lump Sum will it be taxed? Would appreciate a good ole chin wag with anyone, we are going to Wagga Wagga. I'll stop waffling now Thanks Marie and Paul
  13. just been told that when you transfer your licence across in QLD that you have to take a highway code test is this still the case Cheers Dave, Petra, Quianna,
  14. Hi all, I'm mighty confused! Please help I'm an applications programmer getting all my stuff together for a skills assessment by the ACS. I don't have a degree - only a BTEC national cert - but I do have 20 years experience and I'm not sure whether I should go for the standard assessment or whether to go down the RPL route instead. I'm tempted to at least try regular assessment first (as there's less paperwork!) and re-apply under RPL if I don't get through the first time... I'm not too sure which ASCO code to use. As things stand, I have 110 points which means I would have to go for state sponsorship (although I believe that I could get another 10 points if I do well in the IELTS English test). The general code for applications programmers is 2231-17, but there is a code on Western Australia's priority skills list for the particular technology that I use; it is 2231-79, "Computing professional - Progress". WA is the only state offering sponsorship for Progress people and having spoken to the WA government at a recent expo, I know that I'd have to be assessed under 2231-79 in order to apply for state sponsorship as a Progress specialist. I'm torn between the various options... WA is the only state that has Progress on the priority skills list, so I could go for 2231-79 and hopefully get fast-tracked into WA by virtue of taking the state sponsorship. But... I'd rather live on the east coast and I wonder if having a skills assessment as a Progress specialist as opposed to a general applications programmer might actually work against me if I make my visa application to a state other than WA. There seems to be a fair amount of Progress work on the east coast and I'm confident that I could get a job there but I don't want to get labelled as an out-and-out Progress guy if it might work against me in QLD/NSW/VIC. So... what to do? Regular assessment or RPL? Get assessed as a Progress specialist, take state sponsorship and live in WA for a couple of years? Take IELTS, get assessed as an applications programmer and go for the regular skilled migration visa? Thanks in advance for all advice, Tarby
  15. Hi there, I only moved to Oz last week and so I am totally new to this forum! I am an English qualified Solicitor (3PQE - civil litigation and conveyancing) and was wondering if anyone else is in the process of trying to cross qualifying and has any advice regarding the process and/or has any advice re the job market in Sydney and whether it is preferable to get a job in the first instance as a paralegal or an English qualified solicitor. Any help would be much appreciated. Many thanks Sarah
  16. Hi does anyone have any experience on how long the ACS are taking to process a Skills Test ?? Mine was received by them on 9th Aug. No news yet. My allocated "person" has stopped communicating by email suddenly - just get an automated response. (ENS , 121) cheers, Richo.
  17. Guest

    Australian Fancy Dress

    Hey All! I'm having an Australian themed party next week to celebrate our visa. Everyone has to come in Aussie fancy dress. I'm struggling with what I should go as, I have the obvious ones in mind, but as Im the host I want a really good outfit. Anyone got any good ideas? Thanks all! Shreen
  18. Guest

    Our Australian trip so far

    Hi guy's Just a quick update from our trip so far, We flew with Quantas from Heathrow to Sydney with an hour stop over in Bankok, the flights were fina even a bit better than expected although i was pretty uncomftable being quite a big lump, the rest of the family were fine though and the flight crew were great. We then had to fly from Sydney to Adelaide which was tough after such a long first flight but the scenery from the plane over oz made up for that. We then stayed in a hotel in Adelaide called the Grand Chancellor on Hindley which was very central and fine. We had a quiet couple of first days just sleeping and exploring the city which is beautiful especiall;y by the river Torrens and the cricket ground. We then picked up the motor home from Apollo and stayed at our first big 4 site which was in Adelaide shore's, nice site with loads of amenities but we did not use any as we were busy sorting the motorhome out then we done some shopping and it was then time for :SLEEP:. Today we have driven down to Port Elliot and spent the day at Victor Harbour which is a nearby town which is stunning with a long jetty out to an island where penguins live, also their is a whale museum and loads of other stuff going on. We are now the Port Elliot site which is fantastic and right on a stunning beach, i have bought a couple of rods and me and my 2 lads are going fishing in a short while. The weather was hot on Saturday and Sunday, chilly yesterday and sunny but windy today so a bit of a mixed bag :cool:. My thoughts so far for what they are worth, Australia from the tiny part we have seen is stunning and the landscape is awesome. The cost of stuff is very expensive IF you buy in small outlets in the city and in restraunts, for instance you will be charged $4 for a litre of water, $3.50 for a mars bar and $3.75 for a can of coke, although today we had a very reasonable meal in Victor Harbour for $70 for 5 of us including drinks. The key we reckon if you want to save money is shop in the supermarket, we went and done a big shop in Woolworhts and we reckon it's the same as in England, for example you could buy 48 cans of real coke for $36 which is something like :cool: 80 cents a can so really good value if you buy in bulk and meat and fruit and veg also seem pretty reasonable. The big thing we have noticed so far in our short time though is how friendly the Australians have been, they cannot wait to have a chinwag and are very polite and incredibly helpful. Update in a few days :wubclub:
  19. Guest

    Australian Student Loans

    Hello. Can someone give me some information on how the student loan system differs? in Britain the loan covers your fee's and also you get a certain amount for living costs etc per year whilst you study. Is the Australian system similar? I hold dual citizenship. Is there a student forum set up for Australian students similar to The Student Room: Student Guides, Help, Advice & Community I've searched about a little bit but can't seem to find anything. Thanks.
  20. Hi every one, I am after some advice regarding transferring from the British Army to the Australian Army. I have been on the official web page and Emailed several times the supplied address. I have not heard any thing back from them therefore would appreciate hearing from any one who has any ideas on how to get in contact with the recruiting personnel. Thanks for your help. Cheers Julie
  21. Hi, This will sound really stupid to the outsider, however it's our situation!! My son was born in Oz 10 months ago and so is an Australian citizen. Both parents are British citizens 'otherwise than by descent'. My daughter and I are lucky enough to be dual citizens. He is eligible for British Citizenship by Descent and therefore we can/ should automatically apply for a British passport for him. However, we have taken so long to make our final decision to move back to the UK and been so clouded by the process that we didn't realize that it would take 4-6 weeks for his British passport to come through, and the website says ideally allow 6 weeks (because it's a first passport). I guess I based it on the fact that it took 2 weeks for my daughter's first Australian passport in the UK. And any previous renewal of our passports irrespective of nationality have all been returned within 2 weeks. We need to return before then as I am due back at work on 18th February. We went back to the UK for a month in December, and so he was given a standard holiday visa for our trip on arrival. Ironically we traveled on our Australian passports all the way as I had been told that you shouldn't swap your passports over in the air?!!! Anyway there were no worries either way as we were visiting family for a holiday. Is it possible for us to travel on our respective passports, I'm guessing all of us on our British but him on his Australian - him on a 6 month holiday visa, but as soon as he arrives we apply for his British passport and therefore no problem with him staying. I have read on previous forums, issues around Border control and him not leaving the country within 6 months would mean that he would be classed as 'overstaying'. We could have a short holiday in France within that time and him leave the UK on his Australian and then return on his UK. I we were to declare that we are returning for good but he doesn't have the British proof and they don't feel that we should give him a holiday/ visiting family visa would we be in alot of trouble? Would there be a problem with him entering twice for the same reason within the last 3 months? He obviously has no proof of being British except for our proof: birth certificates, passports, etc. - and we'd have out passport application form and supporting material with us. We tried contacting the relevant organizations in both countries but keep on being re-directed to the website which don't answer this specific question, and yet I'm sure we're not the first or last. The inlaws have said that they would post the application for us (as it would be much quicker and then they could sent the passport to us) but I think we need to attend an interview for a first passport, and if someone else goes instead of us with proof of ID and consent we still need to be in the country. Anyway, has anyone had any similar experiences? Thanks loads.
  22. Hi, everyone id like 2 have some feedback from oz experienced people if someone like 2 tell me where the most polide australians live and where are the best jobs 2 get in Aussi land thanx 2 all for your infos have a nice one !
  23. Hi, I need to swap my uk license to haev an australian one. Any ideas what documents I require to take with me? I am in gold coast. thanks
  24. Quick question. If you hold a P1 Australian Drivers license and then move back to the UK can you swap that for a full UK driving license?
  25. are they trustwurthy has any body had dealings with them .