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Anyone recommend a good immigration lawyer?

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    Hi all,

    I am completing requirements to obtain a positive skills assessment for my profession and hope to be in a position to submit an EOI by September.

    The thing is, there are questions I am unsure about, no matter how many times I read the rules, search forums etc.

    No doubt lots of you will resonate with how trying to migrate can be a stressful dream, and a vulnerable time. As this is so important to me, I am happy to engage and pay decent money for a good lawyer, but trying to find one is like a minefield. I can't really afford to spend thousands on "initial consultations". The ones I have tried so far haven't exactly left me feeling confident. Half the time I have been enlightening them on stuff, not the other way around.

    Does anyone have any good recommendations/personal experiences with lawyers/firms they'd recommend? Any UK/Irish lawyers on here who hired someone to handle their migration as solicitors/barristers?

    Really appreciate any replies, thanks

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    All MA's who post on this forum are good. @wrussell, @Alan Collett, @Raul Senise, @Richard Gregan. You can get in touch with any one of them. 

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    Do not engage a lawyer or a solicitor/barrister.   Find yourself a good migration agent.   They are specialists in what they do.  Path2aus has listed several who post on this forum. Choose one of them. 

    Scot by birth, emigrated 1985 | Aussie husband applied UK spouse visa Jan 2015, granted March 2015, moved to UK May 2015 | Returned to Oz June 2016

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    Agree with the above. It’s a migration agent you need. And any of those mentioned already would be a good starting point. 

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