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457 Visa - Double Demerits (Happy Christmas !)

Adrian F

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Hi All, I am currently living in WA on a 457 visa and was lucky enough to receive a traffic infringement notice recently. It seems I got caught out by a change in speed limit on a section of freeway just outside Perth on Christmas day. No complaints though - my fault.


My question is this. As it was a holiday period it was double demerits and so I received four points. However, I had previously been told that if you are still driving on your EU licence the maximum points you can receive under any circumstances (even allowing for double demerits) is 2. I have looked online for guidance on this (Department of Transport, WA website for example) but can find no reference to it at all.


Has anyone else heard about this 2 point limit or have I been given a 'bum steer' (which I suspect is the case) ?

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I got pulled by the police in nsw for doing an illegal right turn and I just got a fine ($230 I think!) the police officer told me that they couldn't add the demerits to a uk lincence. I questioned what would happen if I was pulled a few times and he told me I would receive a telling me that I could no longer drive in nsw. I know each states different and if I was you I'd give them a ring and ask for clarification. Hope I've been of some help xx

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Thank you everyone for the advice. I think I was given some dodgy feedback originally. In summary, it seems the points I can receive are not limited, they won't go on my EU licence but they will be waiting in the wings for if / when I get an Aussie licence. Sorted !


Thanks again.

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