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Citizenship signed photo


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I'm getting ready to apply for my citizenship and have come across a stumbling block.

I don't know anyone of any of the professions on the list of people who can confirm your identity, let alone one who's known me for a year.

I know a teacher, but they are casual so ruled out.


What on earth do I do?

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What about an optometrist? We asked OH's business partner who is an optometrist and whom has known us and the children since we arrived in Australia, but even if you don't know them personally they should be able to do it for you.

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I would be inclined to phone your doctors and ask if someone there would sign it. They may not know you by sight but they are likely to be able to confirm you are you through their records and then it's just a matter of signing to say you look the same as the person in the pic (if that makes sense).

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