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  1. AJ

    Are you downloading COVIDSafe app ?

    With only 9 live cases in WA I dont see the point of having it.
  2. AJ

    Aged pension

    I read my post back and thought it sounded like a bit of a lecture! I meant that Age Pension is a Centrelink benefit as in Newstart, sickness allowance etc not just that its a benefit if you get it - :-), well I know what I mean!
  3. AJ

    Aged pension

    Age Pension in Australia is a benefit not an entitlement, you do not pay contributions towards a pension the same as you do through National Insurance Contributions in the UK. He will have superannuation if he has worked all his life.
  4. AJ

    Which shipping company??

    Not all companies have the capability to allow staff to work from home. They would need more than a pen and paper,
  5. AJ

    How is ScoMo doing so far?

    If you check your own attachment you will see that debts after 2015 are not robo debts - apologies I said 2016. As I said before these debts were the only ones calculated by the automated system. Your post states that people may receive a robo debt after their tax return - again using the same term as the media! The class action is about debts that used averaging of income when people did not or would not supply their payslips or bank statements to confirm what they reported at the time.
  6. AJ

    How is ScoMo doing so far?

    There are no such things a Robo debts. The ones that were classed as Robo debts were only for a period of around 3 months in 2016 when the systems automatically calculated the debts. After that they were done by humans but income averaging was used. The media latched onto the term and still use it every chance they get.
  7. What payment do you think you will get?
  8. AJ

    How is Megan doing so far?

    So, how are they not threatening to sue all the photographers that took this lot of pictures?
  9. AJ

    How is Megan doing so far?

    Just think Of the travel cost though. Ginger and Whinger will be flying first class everywhere so there will be another 6 first class flights for security to be paid for as well!
  10. AJ

    How is Megan doing so far?

    Why cant they pay it out of their own Milllions? They dont want to be Royal so their entitlement should stop. Imagine the cost if they decide to start flying here there and everywhere,! Doubt anyone would want to kidnap her - would probably give her back after listening to her whinging for a few hours!
  11. AJ

    How is Megan doing so far?

    I wonder if she has remembered to apply for a Visa and work rights for Harry!
  12. AJ

    How is Megan doing so far?

    Yup seems like Ms Markle is not as clever as she thinks she is! Forgot a few minor details. Definitely not going to be a case of what Meghan wants - Meghan gets now then Harry is it!
  13. AJ

    Can I quit this job?

    Inform the ATO and they will investigate
  14. Am glad you think that highly of yourself, but no one is indispensible - just saying!