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  1. AJ

    Visa help for children

    They will be able to go, once they can qualify for a visa in their own right.
  2. AJ

    after granting visa

    If your thinking about bringing your new wife and child with you I think maybe you better get them a visa first!
  3. Does someone actually pay her to talk so much shite?
  4. Only stupid parents who don’t have their privacy settings set to just their friends make anyone able to see their pictures. And I have yet to see one of my friends posting pictures of their child on the toilet so a bit exaggerated
  5. AJ

    Sydney Couple can’t live on $300k a year

    well if she thinks its ok to spend $450 a month on Tea, I wouldnt be asking her advice on my business! and if she needs to spend that much on cosmetics every month she is just being stupid! Maybe she should stop indulging herself quite so much! Maybe wont need to spend so much on wine if she is not stressing about how much it costs to live in Sydney
  6. AJ

    Booster seat for 7 year old

    It will not have the Australian Safety Standards so would not be legal and would affect insurance if you had an accident. You cant get the ones with no back now either.
  7. AJ

    Medical Inquiry for Visa 189

    I really wouldnt know that one sorry. I just know that I had mine removed but it was many years before I got my visa and am on Thyroxine, did not affect medicals
  8. AJ

    Medical Inquiry for Visa 189

    You wont get refused for the thyroid problem. If it is removed or part removed she will probably then have to go on Thyroxine for life. It will take a few months to get the dose regulated but Thyroxine is cheap as chips here so no big cost.
  9. AJ

    1st time home buyers grant

    You need to be PR or a citizen
  10. You will use it here in the Winter, I would bring it.
  11. AJ

    Family Visa

    If you can qualify for a visa you can, it doesnt make any difference if your parents are PR.
  12. AJ

    Central Coast Newbie

    I totally disagree with this. Get kids into school as soon as you can. It gives them a chance to make a couple of friends that they can hang out with during the holidays. 7 weeks is a long time for kids not having mates to do things with
  13. AJ

    What job will get you an Australian Visa?

    Don’t know where this guy gets his information from. There are loads of unemployed Electricians just now or on short contracts. Also so many that have started up on their own all under cutting each other. Why should they make it easy to get licenced?
  14. Nope but I would put the hose on them! Owners need to be more responsible and keep them on their own property, domestic cats are not wild animals!
  15. Why not? I dont mind cats but I dont have them and I wouldnt like anyone elses roaming about shittin in my garden and climbing on my car!