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  1. AJ

    Where do i stand

    Bond in WA is 4 weeks rent.
  2. So why did he not do a skills assessment and gain his ARTC, then get PR in his own right? He was here for 10 years
  3. AJ

    Relocation agents WA

    I wouldnt waste your money. There is no guarantee they will get somewhere for you any easier than you can. There is a rental crisis here at the moment.
  4. AJ

    UK State Pension

    I dont know about a reciprocal agreement but you should have had a TFN number. Contact the ATO and you will be able to get it
  5. I hope these ladies do get to keep their jobs. You dont need qualifications to waitress in a cafe, that certainly shows by some of the service you get! Untrained 18 year old! Whats wrong with that, as long as you can be pleasant to your customers and remember a few orders I think most people could manage!
  6. Maybe it would be best to return and look after them in your home country if you dont believe in the way things are done in Australia - just saying!
  7. AJ

    Perth's inner west

    Fremantle is looking very run down at the moment
  8. AJ

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    Here we go! WA toes the line and gets out of quarantine asap only for some little idiot thinking he can jump quarantine. Hopefully he doesnt have it but does these people realise what a lockdown costs the country! Coronavirus Perth: Hunt for traveller Kyle Stephens who skipped Perth hotel quarantine | PerthNow
  9. At the moment a lot of plots for new builds are so small you wouldn't fit a pool in. I rented new builds previously in Melbourne and I would say be careful who your builder is! The show houses may look good but a lot of houses are very poor quality. Just depends what you are looking for as well, I like having a bit of space rather than just having a colourbond fence and 6 inches of ground between us and the neighbours. Now in Perth to get land that is affordable you would be looking a good bit out from the city, so consider travel time as well if you are working in the CBD.
  10. Hi I dont think so, it was a few years ago. I am sure I only phoned them up and said I had moved to Perth, must have quoted a reference, told them the council area I was in and it was all done, then I got an invite a few months later.
  11. Don’t know about Cc applications but should be declared to the ATO as income
  12. I dont know how long it takes now I did mine a few years ago, but I did my test in Melbourne, and the ceremony in Perth. I just called them and let them know when I moved.
  13. AJ

    Relocating to Perth

    I quite happily live in Perth. I have also lived in Melbourne for a few years. If I wish to make a comment on either I will- this is a public forum!
  14. AJ

    Relocating to Perth

    Perth starting to become very popular these days. A year ago people moaned about it being isolated and boring! Wonder what changed?
  15. AJ

    Perth quarantine

    Info on charges is on the WA Government site under paying for hotel quarantine FAQ