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  1. I dont know how long it takes now I did mine a few years ago, but I did my test in Melbourne, and the ceremony in Perth. I just called them and let them know when I moved.
  2. AJ

    Relocating to Perth

    I quite happily live in Perth. I have also lived in Melbourne for a few years. If I wish to make a comment on either I will- this is a public forum!
  3. AJ

    Relocating to Perth

    Perth starting to become very popular these days. A year ago people moaned about it being isolated and boring! Wonder what changed?
  4. AJ

    Perth quarantine

    Info on charges is on the WA Government site under paying for hotel quarantine FAQ
  5. AJ

    Cost of moving to Oz

    The bill will come from the real estate so make sure they are onlybcharging you for usage and ask to see the bill from the water Corp that is excessive when you only pay for usage, the landlord has to pay the rest
  6. AJ

    Cost of moving to Oz

    Jeez what are you doing with all that water? You only pay usage when renting, the most we ever paid was around $45 for 2 months
  7. AJ

    Medication prices

    You need to remember that if you dont take out Private within 1 year of arriving in the country as PR you have to pay a supplement which is worked out on how many years you are over 31. This is charged for 10 years. We have had to take hospital and extras because of income, but have only ever used for Dental and Optical! If your income is over the threshold and you dont have private you have to pay a further medicare charge at tax time which works out not much more that paying your premium for a year. What is the Medicare Levy Surcharge? Initiated by the Government, the Medicare levy surcharge aims to encourage Aussies to take out private hospital cover – therefore reducing the load on the public Medicare system. Not everyone is required to pay the Medicare levy surcharge, but if you’re single and earning more than $90,000 or part of a family earning $180,000, you may be charged. We’ve put together a handy online table that lets you calculate exactly how much your surcharge will be, but to give you an idea, if your taxable income is $100,000, you might expect to pay an extra $1,000. Annual taxable income Medicare levy surcharge $90,000 or less 0.0% (no extra tax) $90,001-$105,000 1.0% $105,001-$140,000 1.25% $140,001 or more 1.5% Above table: Thresholds for individuals for 2019/20 financial year1 Combined annual taxable income Medicare levy surcharge $180,000 or less 0.0% (no extra tax) $180,001-$210,000 1.0% $210,001-$280,000 1.25% $280,001 or more 1.5%
  8. AJ

    Wanted to share my covid nightmare!!

    I dont really think it is the Visa's fault, if they choose to ignore advice on several occassions they have no one else to blame!
  9. AJ

    RRV application advice - proving ties

    Would you be able to do that? You would be resident and working in Australia so taxed here.
  10. AJ

    Are you downloading COVIDSafe app ?

    With only 9 live cases in WA I dont see the point of having it.
  11. AJ

    Aged pension

    I read my post back and thought it sounded like a bit of a lecture! I meant that Age Pension is a Centrelink benefit as in Newstart, sickness allowance etc not just that its a benefit if you get it - :-), well I know what I mean!
  12. AJ

    Aged pension

    Age Pension in Australia is a benefit not an entitlement, you do not pay contributions towards a pension the same as you do through National Insurance Contributions in the UK. He will have superannuation if he has worked all his life.
  13. AJ

    Which shipping company??

    Not all companies have the capability to allow staff to work from home. They would need more than a pen and paper,
  14. AJ

    How is ScoMo doing so far?

    If you check your own attachment you will see that debts after 2015 are not robo debts - apologies I said 2016. As I said before these debts were the only ones calculated by the automated system. Your post states that people may receive a robo debt after their tax return - again using the same term as the media! The class action is about debts that used averaging of income when people did not or would not supply their payslips or bank statements to confirm what they reported at the time.