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  1. AJ

    How is Megan doing so far?

    I wonder if she has remembered to apply for a Visa and work rights for Harry!
  2. AJ

    How is Megan doing so far?

    Yup seems like Ms Markle is not as clever as she thinks she is! Forgot a few minor details. Definitely not going to be a case of what Meghan wants - Meghan gets now then Harry is it!
  3. AJ

    Can I quit this job?

    Inform the ATO and they will investigate
  4. Am glad you think that highly of yourself, but no one is indispensible - just saying!
  5. I wouldnt go the workcover route for the sake of 2 weeks wages! 1. It takes forever 2. On a lot of jobs one of the questions they ask is if you have ever claimed for Workcover, think it makes a difference to whether you are considered or not!
  6. AJ

    How is Megan doing so far?

    Exactly - she will use the press attention - which she is stirring up herself as an excuse to dump Harry. She's knows exactly what she is doing, got married to royalty, had a kid to ensure lots of guaranteed child support - got him to move over to Canada - once she gets them to the US and establishes residency bet Harry gets dumped and he cant do anything about her having the baby there as they dont adhere to the Hague Convention. Suppose she had to find something to do Suits was getting axed, but she has forgotten to stop acting, so fake!
  7. AJ

    Making the move from Victoria to WA?

    Hi, we started off in Melbourne 10 years ago, and moved to Perth. Took me a while to get used to either place (I am from Scotland as well) and we went back and forwards a couple of times, been in Perth now for a few years. My partner does FIFO work so much easier to be in Perth for him. One time I was adamant that I didnt like Perth and wanted to move back to Melbourne, so back we went, lasted 6 months, came back here bought a house and settled now. People say Perth is boring but in my opinion after living in both, its so much better here for little kids, we are in the Northern Suburbs so have several beaches very close, including Mullaloo, Whitfords, Sorrento, Hillarys. You can easy nip down the beach after school where in Melbourne we are at least 45 minute drive from a decent beach. Melbourne City was soo busy, Perth is quiet but I am much more comfortable wandering around there myself than in Melbourne, also I will drive anywhere here, where I would only drive locally in Melbourne. We are in an older suburb and its so much nicer and friendlier that the new build estates that we lived in when over East. I do like Melbourne but Perth fits us better. We dont go out much either, prefer to socialise at home.
  8. AJ

    Electrician in Perth

    After you do your skills assessment you can get a restricted licence which means you can work supervised as a Trade Assistant. Trade Assistants are NOT just on Apprentice wages, you have to get a licenced electrician to sign off your work. You will have to do college and work supervised for around a year I think it is, things have changed a lot since we came over. With a restricted licence you will also be able to do electrical work that does not need connecting up to mains power. Things like building Switchboards. Each states licencing is different and they are all supposed to Mutually recognise each others licences but they don't. Duncraig is a very nice suburb. You may be thinking about a contractors licence - that is to work for yourself as a sole trader. Have a look at this https://www.commerce.wa.gov.au/building-and-energy/electrical-licence
  9. AJ

    Indian wife partner visa

    Maybe poster is not sure if they identify as the wife or the husband!
  10. AJ

    Partner visa interview

    By the looks of all the other posts they forgot about this Centrelink condition to receive benefits Updating relationship changes You need to tell us when your circumstances change. This includes changes to your relationships. If you don’t, we may pay you the wrong amount and you’ll have to repay the money. There may be other penalties.
  11. AJ

    Ceremony experience? Young Children?

    Sure its no problem, we had our daughter with us, she was already a citizen, but came up with us when we did the pledge, they even gave her a little toy kangaroo. There will probably be loads of kids there, the speeches are quite drawn out and boring so just take something to amuse the kids until its your turn to do the pledge. Then after that its done and you get a wee party pie and a glass of wine, congratulations on getting your citizenship:-)
  12. AJ

    Joint account

    No point stressing, fess up and pay them back what you shouldnt have had in the first place.
  13. I thought you could only work for your sponsor on this visa?
  14. AJ

    Feeling isolated and lonely in Perth

    What exactly is behind the rest of Australia?