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  1. AJ

    Melbourne vs Perth

    We moved from Melbourne to Perth a few years ago. I would say I wasnt sure at first but I prefer Perth to Melbourne. Much better for little kids, not so busy, depends what you want really
  2. AJ

    187 RSMS VISA refused

    There is an awful big difference between Cook and retail manager, no wonder it does not sound geniune to immigration.
  3. AJ

    143 Contributory Parent visa

    I dont think they need to be citizens but should have been here a certain amount of time.
  4. AJ

    Renting my uk house, pretty urgent

    Yes you can, we do our tax through an agent, (a good one not H R Block!) and we can deduct expenses like Agents fees, mortgage interest, repairs etc, we had to replace a fence and the oven last year and these were deducted. Also there is a lot more safety certs to be done in UK, some have to be renewed every year and these are deductable.
  5. AJ

    Renting my uk house, pretty urgent

    Try Direct lIne for Landlords insurance.
  6. AJ

    Renting my uk house, pretty urgent

    We rent ours out. You have to declare the full rent as income, but you can offset the mortgage interest (not the mortgage), agents fees, any maintenance costs, costs for yearly certification like Gas Certificates, we pay around $3200 tax per year here for a rental income less than what you will be getting. You wont pay tax in both countries, you complete NRL1 as a non resident landlord and you dont pay tax in UK
  7. AJ

    HECS debt-owing money

    It also applies to Centrelink debts, Newstart, Youth allowance etc.
  8. AJ

    Pregnancy after 186 approved

    That would be good, but I just like to cover all bases so I would check again that it doesnt just count from when your PR is granted
  9. AJ

    Pregnancy after 186 approved

    well if you are pregnant now you are going to have the baby before 12 months so will you be entitled to maternity leave?
  10. AJ

    Magic Moments.....

    Remember the night you fell in the sh1te, you had your best suit on!
  11. AJ


    It wont be a big deal if its only the Child Care Subsidy you get. If there is an over payment they will just ask you to pay it back. Just amend your Estimated family income and activity hours for this year so it wont happen again. With the Childcare Subsidy they do withold 5% of what your entitled to anyway just incase of overpayment.
  12. AJ

    Can I take ......

  13. AJ

    Can I take ......

    Of course you can take them, as long as you are happy to pay the import duty
  14. AJ


    Theres a lot better places than Butler and Clarkson!
  15. oh well, dont think this was the reaction the OP was hoping to get! Maybe just have to wait in line just like everyone else!