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Completing form 80


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Hi all,

Need some advice. Am trying t complete the form 80 as applying for 186 visa with employer sponsorship, and what a nightmare form. I have a couple of questions. Firstly, it asks if you have personal contacts in Australia including sponsor, I assume that as I am being sponsored I have to put my employer in this space even though they are not a personal contact to me. The only thing is it asks for employer name, date of birth etc, and my employer is the Sydney Children's Hospital Network unless my manager goes in this space.


Also, it asks you to list any travel to any country in last 10 years including holidays, I can't remember exact dates as this goes back to 2004, can I just guess an approximate date?


Also, I have to put down all employment, is that in last 10 years or all as I can't remember dates since I left school.


Thanks to all for advice


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I was told to fill it out the best I could. IE someone of your position is reasonably expected to no or what ever the agent told me. I also put in the the schooling and education part "please see attached CV"


I don't recall the having to answer the personal contacts bit ill have to dig my form out. Maybe I put my sister


I didn't think it was to bad TBH just tedious, I think i was well prepared though with dates of births of all family members and certs and other paper work.


Oh i remember i had to do a stat dec about the expired passport. What a joke, who's going to A) travel with a passport that's out of date ( i can see in to the future and i knew i was going to need this old passport that's well out of date to complete me form 80 NOT!!!) or B remember where it is 10 years later (in the man draw er in the UK)

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I completed mine and lodged in November last year.i spent a while going back through my employment since school googling addresses! I did everything I could remember for holidays except every French day trip.. It took a while finding out things about me! I have attached everything to the application, had the medical and now I wait... Good luck!

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Took me ages to do ours, digging up info, searching the net for addresses of places of work from eons ago. I gave them everything from education to current job. Our agent said only to do what was relevant to current job but I googled it. Ignored her;)

I don't have any faith in her at all, unfortunately. If we'd known about this when she lodged the EoI, we would have had plenty of time........grrr. Am fed up ping ponging info to her!

Uploaded everything she needs to lodge visa application...waiting for her to confirm.....waiting, still waiting...:eek:

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DelaneyM, when did your nomination application go in, I had acknowledgement letter on 20th November 2013 for nomination but still awaiting approval. Also, I tried doing application online week beginning 13th January 2014 and a warning sign comes up saying that my details cannot be verified with my nomination and that if I proceed, my application might be rejected, did you get this message at all? Or did you wait for nomination approval before doing application? When did you get your case officer, after nomination or after application?

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