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    IT Professional Moving to SA

    What is available on the skills list is no relevance in reality to job prospects and employers. We and several of our friends have found that out, to our dismay. There is no way my OH could further his career in SA as the job he did in the UK doesn't exist here. They haven't even reached that level, yet. We came in under IT Project Manager and were under no illusions and didn't come here for big money jobs. We could have stayed in London for that. It was a change in life style, we want a different one. Don't be put off SA completely, keep an eye on the situation, but in the meantime, look at Sydney,as apparently that is where the big company IT work is the mo. I firmly believe SA encourages migration, as we bring money to the state, we buy cars, furniture, rent or buy property etc. Reckon they secretly wish we'd all clear off back to the UK and leave out spent money here.
  2. Wen66

    IT Professional Moving to SA

    The IT market is a nightmare in Adelaide, imho. My other half has been looking for nearly 6 months. Lots of interviews and plenty of coffee chats. He has networked his heart out, making as many contacts as possible but the message is, alot of companies are sitting tight for now, no budget or wont take the risk. Do lots of research, make lots of contacts. IT jobs are about who you know and being specialised in your field. IT is very different from the UK, no matter what anyone says. If you are lucky to walk into a job, you are lucky. Even some of our seasoned Aussie friends are on the bench, looking for work. OH half has had offers of work back in the UK and Dubai but we love Australia, my kids love it here, so we're staying put In saying all that, SA can't sit still. I believe it is on the cusp of something good. It has to change to survive. It may take a few years, more even. If local government would wake up and see what a brilliant state they have, bunged to the gills with enthusiastic Aussies and migrants wanting to work. Politics suck here even more so than the UK and that is saying something. Good luck, follow your dream, but definitely come with a contingency plan, some financial back up and an open mind. If my OH is in the position to help by then, he will.
  3. Things I wished I'd brought....emmm, my VW camper van as I miss her soo much.......Chocolate....proper stuff, Cadbury's not the same here.....although I have discovered TimTams, so I am happy:wink:
  4. Wen66


    I haven't noticed too much tailgating, some, yes but not alot, in and around Adelaide. Is it an offence in some states? Stick your crash cam on the rear window and make it obvious.....:wink: Takes a little getting use to, driving here. Speed limits are so slow, fine for built up areas, definitely, but on the bigger express way type roads. jeez.....and speeding fines are soo high....:eek: The big trucks are the ones that worry me, I move out of the way when one of those appears in my rear view........
  5. Wen66

    St Patrick's day

    Personally being Irish, I prefer this version.....:-)
  6. Wen66

    Uk standard motorcycle helmets

    We would love to get biking again :wink:but jeez, the speed limits are soo slow :eek:and the fines are sooo big......:policeman:....
  7. Wen66

    Uk standard motorcycle helmets

    Will hang on to our lids. We've always used good lids, never gone cheap. OH raced 600's and has had several offs, lids have done their job! Cost us a blinking fortune as every time he did have an off, he had to buy a new one to race. Scraped lids didn't pass scrutineering...... Hopefully SA will see sense soon. Cheers:wink:
  8. Wen66

    Uk standard motorcycle helmets

    We were told, ours wouldn't be legal. £ 400 lids unusable;( Wish we'd realized that before we left the uk. Would have sold them....
  9. Ok, it's from last night......:wink:
  10. Wen66

    Why the beach obsession?

    Holy cow! That looks like something from a movie.....:eek:
  11. Wen66

    Why the beach obsession?

    There would be no room, if we all loved living by the beach. Thank goodness for variety....I love the hills, trees, beach, ocean...architecture old and new......we live on a beautiful planet....x
  12. Yeh! It worked. Couldn't get this is work before.x
  13. Wen66

    Cyclone Marcia

    Watching 7 news coverage....stay safe, everyone.x
  14. Wen66

    Mum of son soon to emigrate

    The best thing parents can give their children are roots and wings. Roots, to give them a firm grounding in life and wings, to fly and be independent. I feel, that is what my parents did for me and I hope I am doing the same for my two boys. Needless to say, it didn't stop my mum breaking her heart when we left for Australia, a few months back. But she is coping, Viber is awesome for free phone calls and Skype is fab for her to see the boys. I, no doubt, will be heart broken when my boys leave. I think every parent knows and understands how you feel. Keep your chin up, let him go. He will always be your son, no matter where he is in the world. xx:hug:
  15. There is a petition on the go, not sure if I am allowed to post it but here you go....https://www.change.org/p/keep-the-metcalfe-family-in-australia-sign-the-petition-to-keep-the-metcalfe-s-in-australia