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OZ printers not compatible with UK cartridges and visa versa


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We had a problem with UK printer when we moved to OZ as it would only accept UK cartridges. I thought at the time that this regionalization was unique to HP. Now we had to return back to the UK (with an OZ-bought Samsung printer) and the problem is exactly the same - it will only accept Australian cartridges!!!


I looked into changing chips etc but you have to print a report with all the info for that - and it wouldn't print. Don't really want to re-fill cartridges as it might lead to other complications - including being rejected by the printer. I contacted Samsung UK and they said that there is absolutely nothing I can do, not even reset a region on the printer.


Does anybody know an OZ/Asian-Pacific retailer who can send cartridges to the UK? Any other 'creative' ideas would be highly appreciated as the printer is colour laser and almost new. Don't really want to keep buying printers every time you move the country!

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Oh no, does this always happen, my girlfriend shiped her printer and is current burning up the ink (teacher)... Will we not be able to just buy new HP ink? We have seen the correct (or what we thought was correct) cartridge on sale here in Aus, but we are still on the UK ink.

We did the same brought the UK bought printer over. Had to buy a new one here, even though the printers are the same model the cartridges are different, bit of a con really but never mind. The printers are really cheap anyway. Watch where you buy the ink. You think places like Big W and Kmart will be cheap but sometimes they have the prices right up, one time I paid $24 for black and $30 for colour in Kmart, and then found them round the corner in the newsagents for $16 for black and $24 for colour!

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An update:

I contacted Samsung UK again and was lucky enough to speak to a pleasant chap who guided me through re-setting the region on the printer... now it is compatible with the local UK cartridges! You can also find re-setting guides on the net...

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