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  1. caramac

    AMA plan to get more doctors in rural areas

    It sounds like a good idea in principle and something has to be done to provide good, long term service to the rural communities, but the AMA can’t work in isolation, they need all the other healthcare professional bodies to work in conjunction with them. It’s ok to give incentives to doctors, but no one is going to be willing or able to give a satisfactory service on their own, even if they are from the area originally. They’ll need ancillary staff too, even if that’s just an extra nurse. They’ll also need access to clinics, path labs, radiography services etc, which isn’t so much of a problem in rural towns, but almost impossible in very rural areas. There have been muttering along these lines for at least the last 19 years (when we first came to Australia and my husband worked in some rural communities), so it doesn’t sound like anything new really. TBF, all those incentives are already available to doctors who undertake locum work for a few weeks (accommodation, travel, car, enhanced salaries) without the need to commit to a long term contract, and while their families continue to live in the major centres with good schools and infrastructure. It’s a very difficult situation to try to solve.
  2. caramac

    For the chop

    I agree with this up to a point. Any sensible person wouldn’t have more children than they can afford. Most people stop when they know they’ve reached their limit. Sadly, the feckless ones (who this policy is aimed at) will keep being ‘careless’ with their contraception for a variety of reasons, and the only people to suffer are the children born of that carelessness. If we’re going to start believing that society doesn’t have a place in the raising of the next generation, where do we stop? No funding of education or healthcare for children born to parents on benefits? Our children didn’t have a state education, so why should we pay for those who had children they can’t afford to educate? And why should those who are childless pay tax to educate other people’s children? That’s not a serious question - it’s to the benefit of society to have a healthy, educated population. As for the original post re men on benefits should have a vasectomy, I don’t know where to start! There are plenty of people not on benefits who I consider shouldn’t be parents - those who think eugenics is a good idea for a start, but I wouldn’t go so far as to say those people should be sterilised. Just as they may change their beliefs (I won’t hold my breath), so may those on benefits become millionaires. It’s also worth considering that most people who receive benefits are in work and it’s not their fault that work doesn’t pay enough to live on.
  3. caramac

    Buying Cars in the UK

    I’m always a bit suspicious of dealers, but I think Bristol St have a pretty good reputation. So do Arnold Clark. At least it’ll give you an idea of what’s out there - they’re both national companies, so have a huge database of cars to search! Good luck
  4. caramac

    Buying Cars in the UK

    Second hand or new? There are so many car supermarket type of places everywhere, you can just go in and buy one! I went into Bristol St Motors in our local town, told them what I was looking for, they showed me a few online, had a couple delivered the next day or the day after and I went to try them. I chose one, paid for it and they cleaned it, checked it over and I picked it up. You’ll be in a strong position to negotiate- there are so many cars to choose from! it just takes a few days to get the paperwork sorted out, but the dealers usually do that for you.
  5. caramac

    Uni fees for returning residents

    I’ve read on here in the past that some universities are a little more flexible with the rules, so it may be worth getting in touch with some that she may be interested in to find out. I wouldn’t get your hopes up too much though, sadly - your daughter will apply through UCAS and will need to give all her education, exam result and residency history and I’m pretty certain they’ll classify her as an international student. I remember my daughters having to tell them how long they’d been resident in the UK for the Student Finance application. Have a look at these websites to see if there’s any information that might help.. https://www.ucas.com/ucas/undergraduate/apply-and-track/filling-your-ucas-undergraduate-application https://www.ukcisa.org.uk/About-UKCISA/What-we-do#layer-6392 Your daughter could also have a look at the Student Room forum/website to see if she any find ways around the rules from others who’ve managed it! https://www.thestudentroom.co.uk/
  6. caramac


    Thank god for that!! Wish I felt almost fully charged though...
  7. caramac


    99. Is that how much power I’ve got left, or am I at the end?
  8. caramac

    State of the NHS

    When we went into Medicare this time, my daughter told them that she is just here temporarily (she is Australian) and was told that although she can’t have a Medicare card (we’d assumed she wouldn’t anyway) she would be seen by a gp or hospital under the reciprocal arrangement, even for non urgent things, so maybe it works like that both ways. I always assumed she’d have to use travel insurance if not resident except for emergencies.
  9. caramac

    State of the NHS

    It’s definitely happening here in Australia too now. I’ve been a bit saddened by how much convenience food and ready meals are available in the supermarkets here now. Given that Coles and Woolworths are run by ex uk managers it’s hardly surprising. The shops themselves are so much better than they were 20 years ago, but the availability of c*** is a bit sad. There are far more full time two parent working families now than ever before, so I can see the appeal of a ‘quick fix’ dinner, it’s just a shame they’re made of rubbish. Theres also the issue (certainly in the uk) of cookery being taken off the curriculum - today’s parents never really learned to cook, so can’t pass skills on to their children. It’s a huge time bomb really, just as smoking was in the past. One thing I have noticed as a positive is that this generation of young people seem much less interested in alcohol than mine was/is, so perhaps it’s not all bad news..
  10. caramac

    State of the NHS

    And you only have to look at who will benefit from it being put into private hands to know why they’re doing it. It utterly sickens me. We have one of the most cost effective health systems in the world and it is affordable in one of the richest countries in the world, but the will isn’t there because those in power aren’t trousering any profit. We’ve seen it in social care, education and housing (more expensive and less quality, accountability and service) and it’s only the pubic’s love of the nhs which means the govt are being careful (sneaky) about how they’re privatising it. I think many people are waking up to what’s going, which does give me some hope....
  11. caramac

    State of the NHS

    I completely agree re closing beds etc. Walk in centres have been closed, the 111service isn’t fit for purpose (too many unnecessary ambulance calls which diverts crews from more urgent cases), social care cuts which means moving vulnerable people out of acute care into social care is much more difficult, etc etc etc... I can see the point of charging people who misuse services, but there’s a problem with where the cut off point would be. Do you charge the drunks, the drug takers, the ‘attention seeking ‘suicidal’’, the constant ‘worries well’ who take up an inordinate amount of a gps time. Or do you take it as far as the obese who get type 2 diabetes and the smokers who get copd or lung cancer? Health tourism is an issue, but it’s difficult to quantify and the admin costs of possibly recouping the 0.3% of the budget it costs is more than it’s thought the overall cost to the health service. i think this explains the problem quite well - it’s not easy. https://fullfact.org/health/health-tourists-how-much-do-they-cost-and-who-pays/
  12. caramac

    Thinking of moving back after 9 years

    If you can afford it, give it a go. We moved to Perth when our girls were nearly 5, 3 and 13 months, then back to the uk when they were 9,7 and 5. My husband was offered a job in Sydney, so we returned when they were 14, 12 and 10, but only for a year (girls hated their school and it was a crucial stage, so I took them back while oh stayed here until he got a job in the uk). All of them have now finished school and two are through, or almost through undergrad degrees and we’re (some of us) now back for another stint, in Melbourne this time. We may stay, we may go back again. Who knows... All three say they’ve enjoyed moving and can’t imagine being in one place all their lives. Their teachers always used to comment on how they had a different perspective on things because of their experiences, so don’t think that you’ll be doing your kids a disservice even if you decide to come back sometime in the future. Your children are still so little, it’ll be lovely for them to connect with relatives, but it’s still possible to have a relationship with people even on the other side of the world. In the end it’s only money (if you can afford it, or lucky enough to have expenses paid) and life’s an adventure!
  13. caramac

    Funny town/street names

    Just driven through Break O’day council area in Tas. Tootgarook always makes me smile too.
  14. caramac

    ice takes hold across Australia

    It’s very sad - it really does fry their brains and makes them so aggressive.. Hideous stuff. I really like Tas, it’s so pretty and quiet!
  15. caramac

    ice takes hold across Australia

    According to oh, Vic has cracked down (excuse the pun) on ice use and a lot of users have moved south to Tas. He has a merry little bunch under his care atm...