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  1. Mt Eliza _ Melbourne Suburbs

    I'm sorry to hear that, but I'm definitely up for a coffee/lunch soon. Should be in Norfolk sometime in Sept/Oct, depending on how well house hunting goes this week
  2. Mt Eliza _ Melbourne Suburbs

    Too good an offer to refuse, and I is constrained by pension rules in the UK, so it seems like a good idea for a few years. It's complicated - two are going back soon, eldest finishes uni next year, then is off to live in either Russia or Japan, middle and I are spending a year back near you (are you still here), while she applies for grad posts and we'll travel back and forth in the holidays. House hunting in both places begins in earnest next week - a foot in both camps!
  3. Mt Eliza _ Melbourne Suburbs

    We're sitting at Melbourne airport waiting for our flight home after three weeks of suburb hunting. We all loved Mt Eliza, so it's probably where we'll end up buying in the end. It has a lovely relaxed feel to it and is close enough to Dandenong (where my husband will be working) to commute. None of us want to leave!
  4. Sunset/sunrise Photos

    St Kilda. 31/7. A bit chilly, but beautiful!
  5. Suzuki Scottie

    I'm very sorry to hear this news. Sincere condolences to you and all who love Scott xx
  6. Holiday ideas?

    My eldest did the same in 2013, although the cost of the ticket had gone up a bit (£300 iirc - still very good value)! They also had a few overnighters on the train, but the hostels were incredibly good value, especially in Eastern Europe - £5-10pn. It's a great way to see lots of places on a budget and you meet loads of other young people doing the same thing. I'd do it now if I was free for a month or two (think I'd need hotels rather than bunk beds now though :laugh:)
  7. Holiday ideas?

    We went to Canada (Vancouver and Vancouver Island, which was our favourite) last year and all loved it. If you can make it work, I'd definitely recommend it. Beautiful, amazing place and the people couldn't have been more friendly and welcoming. We only saw bears at Grouse Mountain though :wink: We also went to Seattle and Portland which were easy by train - very lovely journey once you get through US border control!
  8. Your son will probably have to be assessed before any (if any) benefits are paid. As others have said, this government is making life difficult for some of our most vulnerable citizens, so you may (depending on your son's disability and your circumstances) need to be prepared for a battle.
  9. first there was hurricane katrina

    It completely missed us here. It was a bit dull and drizzly, but that was about it. My parents are in Cheshire and they said it was pretty bad for a while, and planes trying to land at Manchester were having a hard time of it, but it seemed to pass quite quickly. This winter has been really good up here - much better than last year which was dull, cloudy and wet. This one has been mostly bright and sunny with a few frosts, but no snow (again). Really lovely.
  10. I will. There are some beautiful places around, including where we live at the moment. We're very lucky.
  11. Shhh.. don't tell everyone or it won't be affordable much longer. I look at all the space and untapped potential up here and wonder why everything and everybody is crammed into the SE - crazy, but it's lovely not having to live down there.
  12. Get your flu jab.

    I'm glad you've not had this - it completely floored me for over a week and I had time off work which is unheard of! I doubt the flu jab would have prevented it either - too many different strains around for it to be a perfect science.
  13. Get your flu jab.

    I think, fingers crossed, I'm at the end of this now. Had it since New Year and sound like I've got a 40 a day habit! It's nowhere near as bad as Whooping Cough, but it's definitely not nice.
  14. Dismal England reactions?

    :laugh: Luckily for us, most places seem to be!
  15. Dismal England reactions?

    Exactly! We have to pay our daughter's rent in London (she's at uni there) - one room in a shared house costs over a third of what we're paying for a six bedroom farmhouse up in the wilds! This year she's in Russia and her rent is £250 pcm for half a two bed flat. Not looking forward to her being back in London next year! We're looking at Melbourne for later this year which will be more expensive than here or Tassie! Maybe we should have a rethink..