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  1. LaraBond

    Will OZ landline phones work in the UK?

    Ours do, regardless of legal issues, and the caller display too!
  2. An update: I contacted Samsung UK again and was lucky enough to speak to a pleasant chap who guided me through re-setting the region on the printer... now it is compatible with the local UK cartridges! You can also find re-setting guides on the net...
  3. We had a problem with UK printer when we moved to OZ as it would only accept UK cartridges. I thought at the time that this regionalization was unique to HP. Now we had to return back to the UK (with an OZ-bought Samsung printer) and the problem is exactly the same - it will only accept Australian cartridges!!! I looked into changing chips etc but you have to print a report with all the info for that - and it wouldn't print. Don't really want to re-fill cartridges as it might lead to other complications - including being rejected by the printer. I contacted Samsung UK and they said that there is absolutely nothing I can do, not even reset a region on the printer. Does anybody know an OZ/Asian-Pacific retailer who can send cartridges to the UK? Any other 'creative' ideas would be highly appreciated as the printer is colour laser and almost new. Don't really want to keep buying printers every time you move the country!
  4. LaraBond

    Does anyone suffer with Fibromyalgia

    I suffer from Fibromyalgia and the warm sunny weather is a blessing for me. When it gets cloudy, windy, cold and rainy I am literally "under the weather" - ridden with aches and pains and tired to exhaustion. Unfortunately, my OH decided to go back to the UK, so I am really dreading it. Painkillers don't work for me. Would be good to know which ones are effective
  5. LaraBond

    Will OZ landline phones work in the UK?

    I found in my box a cable with RJ11 jack at one end and a UK jack at the other. Just need to find an electrical charger for a mobile to fit or use an adapter.
  6. LaraBond

    Will OZ landline phones work in the UK?

    Seems like there is a hope. Ours are Telstra dect phones - one of the latest ones. Any info on these?
  7. Sorry for a daft question but we bought here a very nice and rather expensive set of landline phones, so shame to give them away when we depart to the UK. I read somewhere that OZ and UK home phones are incompatible? Or if we just change the leads to the UK ones they might work back home? Anybody knows?
  8. LaraBond

    Confused about where to live?

    Francesca, you are not alone who feels "ripped off" here. I am afraid this is a common feeling amongst recently arrived ex-pats. We have been in Brisbane for 2 years and feel increasingly ripped off. Despite getting the PR we are forced to return for economical reasons. How it works: Australia and more so Brisbane is in recession. Yet more and more immigrants are welcomed into the country because immigration in OZ is a great money spinner and generates a lot of revenue for the government and businesses. They know very well that a lot of newcomers will go back for various reasons: either get homesick, lost a job, can't find a job, can't pay enormous healthcare and dentist bills, find living here too expensive or simply can't stand the heat! So in the meantime these immigrants get fleeced for every penny they got - visa fees, doctors, property market, rentals, consumer goods, various state charges for buying a car and a house - the list can go on and the scale of it is enormous. The more immigrants - the bigger revenue and more work for the locals who provide services for these immigrants. The Australians don't like immigrants yet the country can't sustain without them. Now that the unemployment is high you have to be a local to get a job - Brisbane is so clicky! Us and many of our friends have faced this already. It is all about whom you know, not how good you are. This is just the beginning of recession here - it will get worse and the recovery will take a long time - check economic forecasts. We love the climate and the relaxing lifestyle of Brisbane but going back.
  9. LaraBond

    dental treatment abroad (kids and adults)

    Thank you so much Chiara, I will definitely consider this.
  10. LaraBond

    dental treatment abroad (kids and adults)

    That would be really good. Thank you Chiara
  11. LaraBond

    dental treatment abroad (kids and adults)

    Thank you Whoiam. I will explore this option. Would be good to hear some more recommendations.
  12. Can anyone recommend a good dentist in Brisbane please? Preferably with years of experience in more complicated work.
  13. LaraBond

    dental treatment abroad (kids and adults)

    Hi Chiara, I need lots of dental work done and thinking of going abroad because of the prohibitive cost in OZ. Can you please find out which dentist your friend went to in Phuket and what they think about it? Can anyone recommend other good reasonable dentists in other countries? I am talking about complicated expensive work - crowns, bridges, implants, not trivial fillings. Any help would be much appreciated.
  14. LaraBond

    Help - Do I shiop my electrical goods?

    Newly built houses come with built-in dishwashers but otherwise it varies. You may prefer to put in yours even though there is one installed. The house we are renting is nice but the dishwasher is cheap and prehistorical. Another thing is, you get much more for your second-hand goods here if you want to sell them than in the UK.
  15. LaraBond

    Help - Do I shiop my electrical goods?

    Our washing machine works fine here, no problem with connections. Definitely bring, especially if it is good European make - Bosh/Miele cost a lot here.