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air con not working in rental


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Been in our rental now for 8 months,air con packed in about a week ago,they sent someone over next day and he said total buggered needs new motor,maybe other things dont know but i have no idea as im just living here,the agrent and i believe owners are involved in that.

Im sure guy says bearings had seized so need a new motor.

I let agent know and they said be in touch they sai waiting for the quote to come in to fix,they never got back to me and i asked again and said it was a major quote,i wonder hiw much?

I said before this we need it fixed asap we have a 17 month old and she is feeling it,myself and wife are also but we know our girl is feeling it more.as the house is not getting cooled down its like 34 during the day and sometimes this at night or more.

The fans we have are just blowing the hot air aroung.we have fans on day and night but its just a waste of time.

Our agents last reply was owners was looking to replace the a/c to what i wonder,something less expensive or maybe cheaper to replace it as a package more than just a motor,i just thinking its weird if its just a motor why they just not replace it,as its an evap and all the vents are in the rooms.

I am starting to wonder if the owners are tight as we have had cracks on the walls which have got worse,but nothing thats going to be a danger so i can understand on this if not looking to fix it.

But if this does go on and on with the air con where do we stand its crazy hot in here and im paying full rent and no air con,i have been in other houses and not as warm as this,are they built different some take in more heat that others etc?

Im hoping they are looking into replacing this very soon and not messing us about as to be honest this is a joke,way to warm in here without the air con day or night.

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Make sure any liasing between you and the agent is in writing / e-mail. I would personally give them a few weeks from the date of it being checked by the workman and if its not repaired id be asking for a rent reduction to cover the cost of you buying a mobile air con unit.


Cal x

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How frustrating especially in the heat.


Ours was a bit different but our dishwasher packed up, someone came around and said it was basically completely dead. So we waited for a new one and waited. We were told one was ordered and would be delivered shortly, the next email we got (from a different person at the agency) was that they were still trying to source one! This was after 6 or 7 weeks so was getting pretty frustrated.


In the end I phoned the RTA (I'm in Brisbane) and they advised us to issue a "Notice to Remedy Breach" which we did. It gives them a certain time (I think around a week but can't remember for sure) to rectify the problem but they advised to give them a bit longer as a goodwill gesture which we did (2 I think). So anyway, that finally gave them the impetus to sort it out!

Took almost 2 months in all.


Good luck!

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I phoned up the company who came to look at our air con which has been playing up last week. They had told me to when it was next hot and they would come out the next day to look at it. They told me they were totally rushed off their feet with the hot weather and wouldn't be able to come out for at least a week. They were going to phone me to arrange a time...... No call yet.

It might not be your agent being slack at all, it could be that they are just as busy where you are. They can only get it fixed as quickly as the air con companies can come out.

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We are in the same position. Ducted air con not working since Christmas, we've had people out to look etc and now we're still waiting for a fix. Apparently it's going to take an unspecified but significant amount of time to fix under warranty. We have conducted everything via email and contacted the RTA yesterday who suggested submitting a form 16 to them and a form 11 (I think ) to the rental agency, which we have done. From what they have said, we should be entitled to a rent reduction from the time it was reported until it's fixed. Though that isn't the point really, because like you, we just want it working!

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thats something i could consider but we might want to extend the rental another 6 month to 1yr again and doing this would not make it easy.if they dont fix asap then yes i would be asking for reduced rent until fixed or so we can use with the saving a portable air con.

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You may be able to get it repaired yourself and claim back the cost..



Provided that the written agreement does not state otherwise, you can initiate urgent repairs.

You should advise the owner/agent of any urgentrepairs that need to be done. You can write,telephone or serve them with a 'Notice'. If you can’tcontact them after making reasonable attempts,

or you contact them and they take no action, youcan then have the repairs carried out by a qualifiedtradesperson and claim back the costs. You shouldget at least two quotes. The urgent repair costs mustbe ‘reasonable’ and the tradesperson must give

you a written report on the apparent cause of theproblem.

Examples of urgent repairs are works necessary tofix:



  • a burst water pipe or broken hot water system;
  • a gas leak or electrical fault likely to endanger
    people or damage property;
  • a sewerage system blockage or broken seweragefitting;
  • a serious roof leak;
  • damage from flooding, storms or fire;
  • a broken major appliance, such as a stove orrefrigerator, if included in tenancy; or
  • a broken air conditioning system if the property isin an area where it gets very hot.
    1. If your tenancy agreement has been prepared by theReal Estate Institute of WA, you will find that it doesnot allow you to undertake emergency repairs.






















Source: http://www.commerce.wa.gov.au/consumerprotection/PDF/Publications/Renting_a_home_in_WA.pdf


The key things to consider is whether your tenancy agreement allows urgent repairs and whether you live in an area where it gets very hot (rather vague that one!)

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It's worthwhile noting as well, that any facility provided within a rental has to be replaced om a like for like basis; they simply can't pull out a split and replace it with a portable, for example.


But no, it's not an essential service so doesn't have to be replaced on a rapid timeframe.


Make sure you get something from the repair man to state whether the motor seizing was due to old age, or a fault with the system or something; air cons seize, compressors blow up etc if they are run continually with doors and windows etc open - essentially they can't cope with the load. If that's the case, you'll be liable for the cost of the repair, so get it in writing that it's not your fault!

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I did not ask anyone to come check it it's not my place I only rent,the property could be 2006 if not before that and been several tenants before us,we even was told from next door that last couple here had air con 24/7 there is no manual on how it works but easy enough to know and we just used when we needed it.

windows open to allow it to work better.

things to break down with age and me as a tenant ok if say I was on the roof doing something with it ok my fault I pay for damage but it's broken down I don't know why and sure am not responsible.just wish they get it fixed soon as with a 17 month old it sure not nice on here and fans just don't work.

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