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  1. Cost of living in Melbourne

    Even $95000 to support a family of 4 would be doing in tough - gone are the days where Australia was a cheap place to live - I would not do it in your situation - you will be under so much money stress and do not underestimate the stress of leaving friends and family - that is huge. Would I do it again now? No
  2. Aussie weather

    38 degrees in Perth yesterday 28 overnight and humid - it is almost never humid here - now it's autumn we get humidity??? Again 38 degrees here finally gave in to put A/c on - will be on all night.Normallydon't need it as we get the Freo Doctor bringing a cooling breeze - he's gone walkabout! Never got these temperatures in summer. Also just listening to the news we have had a record 54 days without rain - weather it is a changing!
  3. Success 6164 - Feedback

    If it is only you and your wife forget suburbs - look at Fremantle - everything on your doorstep and you can walk everywhere. Henderson a short 10 minute drive away. I think she would be bored beyond belief living in Success or Cockburn on her own when you are off travelling. I also lived lived in Dubai for a few years.
  4. Rent Rise

    I think you have got to bite the bullet on this one and move to a cheaper suburb or state! That is a huge amount of rent to be paying. Making the move to another suburb or state is so much easier than the big move you did to come to Australia. Although I do know that once you have made such a big move to come here sometimes you feel stuck because you made such a big move and it feels so hard to move on. You have to be brave and decide what is right for you but staying where you are does not look like a good option. You don't sound really settled here - maybe a move back to where you came from once you have got citizenship might also be on the cards? I think the rent increases are legal - check your contract. Most would allow for an increase every year. Also looking to the future you don't want to be renting forever. Good luck with your decision.
  5. Avon ceasing operations in Australia and New Zealand

    Very sad - end of an era
  6. Sounds like you have made the right decision and work is very scarce here - well in WA at the moment
  7. Disabled parking

    They are issued by the Department of Transport. - taken from their website - Overseas and interstate permits Valid overseas and interstate parking permits may be used in Queensland and are equivalent to the Australian permit. Queensland parking rules apply.
  8. Plumber/gas fitter wages

    Please think carefully about what you are doing.These posts are from 2013 when Perth was a boom town - now WA has gone bust - unemployment is very high - good luck with your decision
  9. Best wishes to the Pom queen

    Oh No - so sad to hear this I hope you get better real soon PQ xx
  10. Cost of living in Melbourne

    Perth is way more expensive than Melbourne!
  11. Flight deals

    I used Best Flights also years ago - since then have just booked with airlines directly. Thanks for info
  12. Painter going to oz for work

    Can't help with visa question but Melbourne is not crazy expensive - Perth is. Australia has become very expensive but knowing and having lived in Melbourne (recently) and Perth (still do) Perth is so expensive. Perth also has the highest unemployment rate in the country.
  13. I think you will find Applecross pretty bland. I live in Fremantle and there is plenty of vibe - I think you would love it - I would stay in Freo if I were you - lots of local pubs with quizzes most nights of the week. You would meet lots of people. Real holiday atmosphere also.
  14. Getting a UK mortgage after 7 years in Aus

    Thanks for more info Ken
  15. Getting a UK mortgage after 7 years in Aus

    Thanks for the information Ken. I was actually in the UK at the time - very frustrating!