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  1. URGENT!! Just uploading docs - does my 16 year old daughter need a police check? She turned 16 on 8th Feb this year. TIA! Xx
  2. Thanks so much for all the info guys; you’ve all been really helpful Can I ask another question to those of you with knowledge of the 190 visa? Can I be getting anything else sorted while we wait? I’m clueless re everything including the medical; can we be getting this done while waiting to see if NSW will sponsor? Do the children all have to have one too? How do we arrange this, as in, where do we go? I’ve googled but want to make sure we do the right one that can be used for the visa application… A HUGE thank you in advance, as always.
  3. According to this article, Secondary School Teachers are ranked #2 on the critical workers list. Does anyone know if this is accurate/a true reflection of the current situation? I’m a Secondary English Teacher…
  4. Thank you Southlander. If you applied for teaching too, how come you’ve been waiting so long if teaching is on the critical skills list? Did you go for state sponsorship? If so, what state? (If you don’t mind me asking, of course! Just trying to get my head round it all). Also, can I just check something on the visa application fees front? For the 190, I have it as: $4,045 for the main applicant, $2,020 for a partner (and any child over 18) and $1,015 for each child under 18 years of age. We have 3 children under the age of 18 (now - the eldest is 16). I get this to 9110 aus $ = £4963. Is this right? Is this what we’ll need to pay if they decide to go ahead and sponsor me? And what happens if they later retract the offer since it’s not guaranteed until you have the visa in your hands? Do they refund you?
  5. Sorry to keep posting and sounding dumb, but…at what point is it classed as being ‘submitted’? Just so I know at what point to start my official waiting from So, I’ve replied to their email invitation to apply for sponsorship by NSW. I uploaded some docs at this point - evidence of the points docs I think. But no medical? It said 6 weeks to find out NSW’s decision. Where am I in the ‘two year wait’?!?
  6. I’ve no idea My other question, reading these replies (other than why, when NSW and I’m presuming other states in Aus are reporting thousands of teacher shortages, such the long ass wait) is at what point do you know you’ve been successful? At what point can you stop worrying that you’ll never get a visa? I don’t actually mind waiting; what kills me is the not knowing…
  7. Ausvisitor - again, thank you very much for your replies; I really appreciate it. On the job front - if NSW do offer sponsorship, at what point do I start looking for a position? My husband is really worried about his medical. He runs 5k a day and is in the best shape but has been on Propranolol since his dad died (slowly coming off them now), and they recently found what (thankfully) turned out to be a benign tumour at the base of his skull. Could his medical affect any offer made? Can we be getting this sorted while we wait to stop him fretting about it?
  8. Ah, I see, thank you so much! Although I’m now gutted. What are the chances of them offering sponsorship, do you know? The whole process is just so tentative and vague…
  9. Morning all, Hope everyone is safe and well this morning. As per my title, I received an invitation to apply for NSW nomination (subclass 190 visa) as a Secondary School Teacher two weeks ago. I applied straight away and so am now waiting, again, to get to the next step in the process. Problem is, I’m not actually sure of the process : 1. What does the invitation to apply actually mean? 2. Could we (husband and 3 dependents included in application) be turned down at this stage? What’s the likelihood of obtaining the visa after receiving an invitation to apply for state nomination? 3. Can anyone help re general bullet-points of the process from this stage onwards? As in, when do I start looking for a job? Does it have to be in NSW? 4. Can I be getting anything else sorted while we wait? Medicals? Police checks? I’ve just signed up for an Immi account as thought I needed to in order to complete the medical checks but my application isn’t on there - I applied via the Expression of Interest/Skills Select route? I’ve googled lots but the information is either too vague or non-existent. Actually embarrassed to admit I’m this clueless on what is such a huge issue in our house, and husband is leaving it all to me because I’m the main applicant Needless to say, any help will be MUCH appreciated! TIA xx