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Found 229 results

  1. FNotman

    Teacher Registration

    Hi there, any teachers that have relocated to Australia (Adelaide to be specific)? What was the process for registering with the relevant teaching board? I’ve been reading and apparently all supporting documents need to be certified copies but I’m unsure where would be best to have them certified…
  2. Hi there! I am currently working in Finance in the UK and hope to finish my diploma next year. I am then planning to move out to Australia. I know I will need to retake my qualifications. Please can you tell me which ones I will need and where I can find them. So far on google the responses I am getting are that I will need to do a bachelor's degree. Which I do not have but I will have my level 4 diploma qualifications. Any help or advice here would be great, Many thanks. Mike
  3. Hi everyone, I have a BSc Physics degree, but my professional work so far (3 years) has all been in software engineering (specifically, programming and testing). If I wanted to go the points-tested route for a 189 visa, I think the most sensible nominated occupation is Software Engineer (261313). This requires a skills assessment from the ACS. However, I think with my current degree I'd need a lot more work experience to pass the assessment, since my BSc has very little focus on IT (I don't think there's a single module which is totally IT-major). One thing I'm considering is studying for a masters, and I'm confident I could get one in a subject which is 100% IT focused. My question is this - if I did get a software engineering MSc, would that be considered 'well' by the ACS? Or would they still look at my Physics BSc and say that my overall education isn't IT-focused? I guess I'm asking - does the MSc 'override' the BSc, or not? For reference, the ACS has a summary of what they consider 'suitable' in the skills assessment here. Would an IT masters with my Physics BSc put me in the first 'skills' row as indicated below? Note: As I stand, I can get 75 points on the immigration test. If I get 3 more years of work experience, it will safely put me in the '3 to 5 years' skilled employment band, and give me another 5 points. I think I'm correct here in my understanding that the 2 years 'relevant work experience' indicated above is NOT counted in the points test - so, of my 3 years work so far, I could only use 1 and I'd have to add another 2 (let's say 3 to be safe) in order to get the extra 5 points. Thanks, I really appreciate your input.
  4. Hi, My partner and I would really appreciate any help with skilled visas for Plumbers. I have so many questions and I keep getting told different things. We're wanting to go down the route of skilled migration as a Plumber in Australia. We have both lived in Australia previously for 4 years (I was sponsored) but left due to family reason back at home in the UK. So, my partner has a NVQ level 2 in plumbing (Not a level 3). Do you know if NVQ level 2 is enough of a qualification for a Plumber? He has over 5 years plumbing experience in the UK, and 2 years plumbing experience in Australia. We've been advised that to pass VETASSESS you need to have either Gas or Roofing experience. However, he doesn’t have much experience working with gas and no experience in roofing. My partner is currently completing a Gas course to get the knowledge, would this be enough for VETASSESS? Please can you give us some information about how hard or easy the test was for you. Any tips, advice or guidance would be great. Thank you in advance for your help. Jeanette
  5. Hi there, I'm trying to find out the Australian Equivalent to my UK CACHE Level 3 Diploma in Specialist Support for Teaching and Learning in Schools (QCF). Does anyone know?
  6. Hi, EOI can anyone advise? Where you fill out the education section on the EOI, do I need to list my GCSEs, A levels and PGCE or just my BA Hons degree for which I will be claiming the points?
  7. Hi, recently we have moved here to New South Wales and I am wondering what is the equivalence of National 5 and Higher Scottish Qualifications here? Thanks
  8. Hi, I have been living and working in Australia since February 2015. I have, however, been with my current employer since October 2016. My employers would like to sponsor me for PR, but since I have not been with them for 2 years, I require a skills assessment with Vetassess. I have 12 years experience in my role, however I am not degree qualified. I have contacted a company called Get Qualified, and they said my experience can be transitioned/recognised as comparable to a Graduate Diploma - http://qualifyme.edu.au/qualifications/graduate-diploma-of-management-learning/ . This qualification is nationally recognised. This is actually higher than a Bachelor Degree (Undergraduate program). On Vetassess website, it says that in order to get a positive skills assessment, I require a qualification comparable or higher than a Bachelor Degree for my chosen occupation. So, in theory, if I get this qualification, would that be sufficient for a positive assessment?
  9. Hi everyone I am a teaching assistant, I have worked my way up through my qualifications from and NVQ 2 to now holding my Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA). I want to eventually work here in and am currently living in Berwick, Victoria. My dilemma is I do not know where to start regarding finding out if my quals will be recognised here and if they are, what if anything do I need to do to make them official??? Many thanks in advance to any help offered
  10. :wacko:Hello everyone, We have just joined this fab site today, most of which I have spent ready other peoples stuff which has really helped me in my quest for answers!! Myself and my other half are wanting to move to Oz asap!! We want a better, more outdoors life for our kids, 1 and 2. We have no actual qualifications, my other half is a lettings agent and property developer who is self employed and I work for him....and look after the little ones!! So we cant get a skilled visa and was wondering if anyone else is in the same situation or can give me some advice. Is it still the case that you can buy a business to get a visa?? Well as you can see I am totally clueless so any advice would be great!! We are looking to move to Perth, early next year if poss!!!!! Look forward to hearing from you all :hug: Lucinda and Miles
  11. Hi all, I'm currently in the midst of going through my De Facto visa and i am currently working as a trade assistant for a roofing company. My question is, back home in the UK i obtained a HNC in Engineering Systems, and was hoping i could use this to my advantage to kick start a decent career over here. Sadly i never had an opportunity to use my qualifications so i have no practical experience in the field. Is there some way to get this qualification recognised over here by australian employers so i can at least apply for higher skilled jobs? It just feels as it would be a good door opener in that respect. Thanks for any and all answers. Cheers
  12. chrisnlinz

    teacher help

    Hi Im new to this forum and wondered if anyone could answer a few questions I have about teaching qualifications? We are just in the process of starting our application process. I have a further education PGCE (14+) and a dance degree. My pgce placement was teaching at fe and he level. Since graduating 2 years ago I have been on supply in secondary education, mostly as general cover (dance teachers never seem to be off work!) mainly english, maths with some performing arts cover. Ive also had a couple of long term stints in PRU's. As well as this I work self employed as a dance artist/choreography. I suppose the main thing im worried about is how easily I will find work seeing as my pgce is fe and my work experience has been secondary ed plus i gave QTLS not QTS. Also will my pgce be recognised over there. We have our hearts set on Perth when and if we get out there. Hope someone can help!:biggrin:
  13. Robbouk

    Skills Select and Qualifications

    Hi Confused again, Visa 489 Does your 'highest qualification' have to be in your nominated profession for the points to count? The Australian Computer Society has already said my BTEC in Business & Finance does not count as towards a professional qualification when they are assessing my skills for a nominated Visa, which I cannot argue with, BUT completing the 'Expression of Interest', you are asked to enter your highest qualification, so is that for 'general education'? This is the passage that concerns me from http://skillselect.govspace.gov.au/2013/03/07/points-for-educational-qualification/ "Any other qualificationYou can receive 10 points for any other qualification or award which is recognised as suitable for your nominated occupation in your skills assessment by the relevant assessing authority." They certainly dont make this easy!!!!!!!
  14. Hello all, New to the website but seems very helpful thus far. I'm a REME technician in the army (class 1) and planning the great escape to Australia with my aussie girlfriend on a defacto visa after serving my 1 year termination period. Wanting to stay in trade I was hoping for some solid information and the immigration website doesn't clarify much. I have a NVQ level 3 in electronic engineering amongst other trade related qualifications. Is there a course or exam i can do to get my qualifications and experience recognised by australian employers while in the U.K? perhaps a guild of some variety i can join in the U.K that is recognised internationally? I have read about a skilled worker exam to do during the visa application but I'm not sure if that is for skilled worker visa applicants only. Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated. Especially any ex army who knows about the resettlement side of army termination and what courses etc would help. Many Thanks
  15. Does anyone know how the Australian trade skills compare to the UK? My partner is an advanced rigger here in New South Wales. Looking at similar jobs being advertised in the UK, they call for at least an NVQ 3 certificate. How does the Australian qualification compare?
  16. Has anyone applied to Vetassess for the Personnel Officer occupation under thier CIPD Post Grad Qualifications? I was looking at doing it but was advised that even though they are accredited by the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority as a Level 7 Post Grad qualification, therefore higher than a bachelor degree, it would not be considered as equivalent to an australian bachelors degree...................I was somewhat surprised by this so wondered whether anyone had tried it....... :arghh:
  17. Hi everyone, My husband Paul is a locksmith, starting his career as an alumium & Pvc fabricator, he concentrated some years ago upon locksmithing to that end he now holds the 'Masters' qualification which is with the Master Locksmith Association, & trains constantly to develop skills with 'safe opening'. An agency recently told us that unless he held City & Guilds 1,2,3 he was wasting his time for Australia, which seems absolutely rediculous as this qualification is above all of those, has anyone had this problem & how was it overcome. buzzybee
  18. Hi all, this is juts a bit of a heads up and slight warning to all those soon to be making the move to OZ trying to find work !! I am actually and Australian by birth but moved to the u.k when I was ten with my mother, now that I am 34 I have Sponcerd my fiancée for a partner visa...(he and I have been together for 7 years) and he was granted a permanent Australian visa and we packed up and made arrangements with my OZ family to live with them in NSW (my father lives here) my fiancce and I arrived in NSW on the 1st of march 2013 , the first week we went and sorted our tax file number applications (this is like a national insurance number for tax reasons) and we also opened a joint bank account , got our NSW drivers licences sorted and we also registered at a government job finding Center. The second week we just relaxed a bit .......and then by the third week we were "all systems go" to try and sort out employment ! Now my partner is a fully qualified fiberglass fabricator and has a huge amount of experience building very large boats with super references, he also has ten years experience in the security industry again with super references , he is also ex police and a very employable type of person, fit and healthy with a tidy presentable outlook. I would consider myself to be pretty well experienced and good at a few things including sales, customer service, management and I am also ex British armed forces,I also have a lot of experience in the security industry and am a fully diploma level 3 qualified personal fitness trainer and sports Rehab massage therapist. Neither of us smoke or drink and we don't have children at the moment, we have a clean criminal background and full NSW drivers licences...........we are both well presented and have access to a car. We have had our CV done professionally and they look pretty good..and we tailor our cover letters to suit the job type.....now it has been about 9 weeks since we arrived and up until last week neither of us had found employment despite a HUGE amount of effort !! .....With luck I did finally get a job but my fiancée is still searching . We have consistently from 10 in the morning until 4.30 Monday to Friday been in that job Center looking and calling and dropping CVs into places looking for a job....and as a result of that this is where I have actaly found employment !!!!!!! ........The job center we were at offered me a job !!!!!.........but NONE of the jobs either of us have applied for have returned to us at all.....and that is now over 30 each !!! you need a "licence or a qualification" to do absolutely everything over here ..no word of a lie...this including bar work and you will need to completely re do your security qualification completely with is 1000 dollars to do ! , cleaning and the most simplest of jobs all have licences including lollipop ladies and laboures...everything !!!!...and all licences cost quite allot of money !! ...and without a job money is hard to come by...none of our U.K qualifications are recognised here at all and we cannot transfer them either !!! We would need to do the course again !!!! It's RIDICULOUS ! So please BE WARNED...IT'S PRETTY RIDICULOUS! :-( not happy right now about this. ​
  19. NorthumbrianDavid

    Nurses with diplomas

    Really basic question which has probably/surely been asked before - feel free to point me off to another thread, but: My wife is a qualified nurse with 10 years experience but she holds a diploma and not the full degree. Would this be 10 points for the visa? Is an Aussie diploma the same as a UK one? Points Evidence required 20 Documents that prove you have a Doctorate degree 15 Documents that prove you have at least a Bachelor degree (including a Bachelor degree with Honours or Masters) 10 Documents that prove you have an Australian Diploma or trade qualification 10 Documents that prove you have an award or qualification recognised by the assessing authority in the assessment of the skilled occupation Thanks
  20. i am looking to secure a job in australia, i am am healthcare assistant/carer 21 years old, i have my NVQ level 2 and NVQ level 3 in health and social care also my safe handling of medication certificate, and alot of other certificates including, moving and handling, safeguarding of adults etc. i am needing as much help as possible in finding out if the uk qualifications in an NVQ are equivalent to australia's qualifications in the healthcare industry??. any help would be grateful.
  21. Hi, I was wondering how to get my British NVQ qualifications in Carpentry and joinery recognised and certificated in Australia? Thanks, Ian
  22. angelofmercy186

    Recognised Qualifications

    Hi I am a fully qualified apprentice trained electrician with 17th, 2391 and soon to become JIB approved. I am also doing a Foundation Degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. I was wondering wether or not it will be recognised? My apprenticeship taught me to level 3 and this course is level 4 and 5, I thinks its half a degree. Any help would be appriciated
  23. Hi, Im moving to Sydney with my wife in december (all being well) and am interested in chatting to anyone who has recently moved or started work as a mortgage or financial adviser. I have various UK Finance exams & certificates allowing me to be a mortgage adviser in the UK but am not sure what Local exams or qualifications are best to get when I arrive (or if my existing ones are acceptable in oz too.) Any advice is greatly appreciated. James ps: i only joined today so hope this post is in the right place.
  24. Greeting to everybody. Nice to be back after some very busy weeks. Turned out that my ELTS test wasn't so bad after all (overall 8.0), but unfortunately not good enough to allow me to pass the new point test, which kind of despairs me :arghh: Right now, my situation is: Age : 25 English:10 Qualifications: 15 Total: 50 Provided that I can get my previous work experience recognized (casual teaching for 4 years, but on very occasional basis before being hired on a contractual basis in 2009) I would be able to claim 5 more points. And 5 more other points if I am able to gain ss. But I would still be short of 5 points. Also, with the looming system based on the principle of the "expression of interest", I feel like that if I am not able to apply before july 2012, I might never have another opportunity. So, I need to wisely weigh my chances before considering to go a step further (i.e contacting an agent for professional advice, with the cost and time therefrom involved). At the moment, I have to questions pending: 1) Do you think I could claim some extra points for qualifications with the new points test, provided that I was also positively assessed by Vetasses for my training occupation (life scientist) ? 2) What are the requirements to be able to claim points for credentialed community language ? I understood from the previous point test that one could obtain five extra points if one possessed "professional level language skills in a designated language" (in my case french), but I can't figure out what would it takes to obtain the same amount of points with the new point test. Any help or advice will be much, much appreciated. Thanks in advance. Regards, Cedric
  25. Hi, we would like to try to apply for a state sponsorship under GSM. I have 45 points alone and need 65. I am going to sit the IELTS test to try to get band 8 which will get me the 20 points i need- urgh- quite hard. However, if I get band 7 I will get 10 points and then I will only need 10. Want to try to get a state nomination which will give me 5 then need 5 from my partners skill. He is a very experienced office manager but has no 'formal certificate ' as such. does anyone out there know exactly what VETASSESS will ask for if we aply to try to get his quals assessed? Thank you- appreciate any help I can get with this one!!x