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  1. It will reopen in April 2021. Hi Smirti, pregnancy shouldn't affect your visa eligibility (if you receive an invitation), however, be aware that you'll need to undergo health examinations for the visa application which includes a chest x-ray. This may affect your pregnancy so that's something you need to consider.
  2. Hi FMH, you don't need to submit any supporting documents with the EOI. You only need to submit supporting documents for the state/territory nomination and the visa application. Which state/territory are you planning to move to? Check the relevant state/territory website for documentary requirements for the nomination application.
  3. Jia

    190/491 Queensland

    Hi tonks, have you considered applying for jobs in Australia while you are overseas? Your husband probably has a better chance of securing a job offer from an Australian employer since his occupation is on the PMSOL, and he will be eligible for a travel exemption on the basis of being sponsored by an employer on the PMSOL. Check out this page on the Department of Home Affairs website for more information: https://covid19.homeaffairs.gov.au/travel-restrictions#toc-3 DHA specifically states: "The Commissioner of the Australian Border Force and decision makers may grant you an individual exemption if you are: a foreign national sponsored by your employer to work in Australia in an occupation on the Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List (PMSOL)" Of course the 190/491 visas are still an option later down the track (particularly if you are already living in Australia). It doesn't hurt to get a head start on your Australian migration plans. Might as well start job hunting while waiting for things to go back to normal! All the best PS. Also I would consider applying for jobs everywhere in Australia, if only to secure a sponsorship, just to get a foot in the door so to speak. Once you and your husband are physically in Australia you can always change employers, move around, etc.
  4. Jia

    Witnesses for Partner Visa Help

    Hi Phoebe, the online application only allows you to add details of 2 relationship witnesses but in reality the more Form 888's you submit the better. I would ask close friends and family. Bosses and co-workers are not really essential. It's best to ask people who have known both you and your partner since the beginning of your relationship and have seen you together regularly.
  5. Hi cvohra, I can't advise without seeing any documents. If you want to have a chat feel free to contact me directly via my website.
  6. Hi CHEL, yes you should be able to do this through ImmiAccount as well. Open the application in ImmiAccount, click the "Update details" link on the left side menu, then click on "Notification of incorrect answer(s)" and submit the relevant information.
  7. Jia

    Medical screening advice

    Yes perhaps not the best choice of words...what I meant was "immigration legal advice" which can be provided by both RMAs and immigration lawyers (same thing really).
  8. Jia

    Medical screening advice

    Hi brightoctober19, it is a good idea to get legal advice whenever there is a health issue. What visa are you and your wife thinking of applying for?
  9. Hi SteveinPerth, you can try applying for a travel exemption for your MIL based on compassionate and compelling reasons (https://covid19.homeaffairs.gov.au/travel-restrictions). DHA doesn't provide any clear guidance on what constitutes "compassionate and compelling reasons" other than the "death or critical illness of a close family member", however it doesn't hurt to try. Your MIL will also need to have a visa to travel to Australia.
  10. Jia

    Visa options

    Hi Kaushal, it's best to speak to an immigration lawyer to get some clear legal advice regarding your options.
  11. I was thinking the OP could get a head start on getting an Australian degree during the pandemic, before Australia's borders re-open (the latest I've heard on the news is that the borders will not re-open till mid-2022 but don't quote me on this). Points are not relevant if OP is hired by an Australian company and goes down the employer sponsored pathway to permanent residence (ie. 482/186 or 494/191). Also, not necessarily relevant but Australia's digital technology industry is growing and will create a demand for more skilled workers in the next couple of years: https://www.hcamag.com/au/news/general/australias-tech-skills-gap-putting-10bn-economy-growth-at-risk/246503 Might be something OP could look into. Bear in mind that the occupation lists are going to be updated so I would not make a career choice based on the current SOL.
  12. Jia

    190 Nurse

    Sorry, my bad! I must have misread the original post. Please ignore my reply above.
  13. Jia

    Tied myself in knots

    Not bad, thanks for asking! Good luck with the application
  14. Hi cvohra, what visa are you on now? Have you considered reapplying for the 186 visa? Your employer will also need to lodge a new nomination application. Also just out of curiosity what is the reason you applied for 186 DE not 186 TRT?
  15. Jia

    Tied myself in knots

    Hi StevenP, just out of curiosity what visa are you on now? You mentioned you are in Perth. Was employer sponsorship not an option, since you are already in Australia? I hope I didn't misread your original post because you said you were "stuck in Perth".