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  1. Do you think the possible overhaul will be announced in time for what would usually be another round of invites in April, or do you think it's all too uncertain still? Sorry to jump on the post but we're in a very similar position and feel like we're stuck in limbo! I was hopeful they's start slowly opening things back up around now but it's not looking likely is it!
  2. Hi, I'm just looking through the forms we need to fill out and some of the information on the character forms (Form 80 and 1221) are very repetitive. Do we need to fill out both? Also, do I need a police check even though I'm not the main applicant (190 visa) - just I don't want to pay for something I don't need!! Thanks!
  3. Thank you everyone, we have fair amount of equity in out property and my husband is going across with his UK job which pays reasonably well. I'll have to just take work wherever I can for a while I expect. Assuming our house sells before we leave or very soon after, we should have the financial ability to buy a house if we can get hold of one! Will we be able to get a mortgage though (190 visa) or do we have to live there for some time? We're hoping that because my husband has been employed for 10 years by the same employer and will continue to be, getting a mortgage might go in our favour?
  4. Thank you everyone! Really appreciate your replies!
  5. tonks

    Christian Schools

    Hi, I'm anxious about the school sizes in the Sunshine Coast. The one we were looking at has over 3000 pupils from Prep-yr12. My children are in a school now with 1000 pupils from Reception-yr12 and as my son has some coordination delays and a couple of learning needs, we're worried how he'll cope in a school with some many students. Private school isn't really an option for us as we will be going across on one UK wage (my husband is taking his job out there at first) and I don't know how long it will take me to find employment as Teachers Aide positions seem to be very highly sought. However, the Christian schools in the area are much more affordable and have a smaller amount of pupils. but although my husband and I are both christened and baptised, our children aren't. Will this be a requirement if we wanted to look into one of the Christian schools? Thank you!
  6. Hi everyone, We told our family yesterday of our plans and were pleased everyone responded positively and even said they'd visit (still not convinced they will)! Husband's skills assessment goes off today to and he's booking his English test. I know that everything is so uncertain with Covid but it makes me feel better that we're actively doing what we can! I have a few 'random questions' though if anyone would oblige, posting here as the topics are quite broad Beds - we have 2 double and a king size bed, can we ship our mattresses/bedding and is it worth it or are the bed sizes completely different? We are getting a container anyway as have just bought beautiful sofas so not worried about using the space, just practicalities. Air B&B - anyone have success with a 4-6 week let whilst waiting for container to arrive/house hunting? Spiders (sorry!) - realistically, so I can prepare myself, are we likely to be encountering large/dangerous spiders on a daily basis/weekly/monthly? Do we need to sleep with one eye open? Are we going to have to inspect each room before we enter it for the rest of our lives? Basically, is it as bad as my UK friends are making out? How you make it safe to leave furniture/play equipment outdoors? Is that not a spider trap? Will we need to bug spray/inspect whenever we want to use our outdoor items? Finally, clothing - as a fashion conscious 30 year old, am I better off stocking up on warm weather clothes and taking them across in the container? Or will I have access to enough up-to-date (English standard) shops? Is there anything else you wish you'd have thought of that we should be thinking of? Sorry, I know it's a few things at once, I'm a worrier! Thank you!!
  7. tonks

    190/491 Queensland

    Hi everyone, after 4 years of consideration about what we’d like to do, we’ve decided we’d like to move to Queensland. However, we’re now having a slight panic! We were hoping to apply for a 190/491 visa (my husband is currently on the Priority Skills Migration Occupation list) but have seen that it is closed to anyone not already living in Australia. is this a covid precaution or is this usual for Queensland? Are we out before we even get started? Thank you!
  8. tonks

    Car finance

    can anyone tell me how to delete this thread please?
  9. We're planning way ahead as we want to start budgeting now. I've been looking into shipping our house contents and see a lot of people say not to bother and just buy new if we can afford it, but what about personal items that won't fit in a suitcase? We have some really big pictures of our children that cost a fortune and won't be able to go in our suitcase, we'd eat to bring them. We also have a lot of books and other personal items, and I know my husband won't leave his TV and set up (his other baby). Plus a few sentimental toys. What would be the best way to send those items? I've looked into air freight briefly and I've heard you can get creates on a container, but is it cost affective?
  10. tonks

    Car finance

    Are we likely to be able to get car finance when we get out there? What would we need? I'm guessing proof of employment, passport etc. but anything else?
  11. tonks

    How long is a standard lease?

    Thank you everyone! I think I worded the question poorly, rather than looking for a 5 year tenancy, I meant more are we likely to have to move within 5 years or are most landlords in it for the long term, which you have answered perfectly for me!
  12. tonks

    How long is a standard lease?

    any advice appreciated!
  13. Hi, My Husband and I are in the very early stages of considering a move to Oz. One thing that is important to us is security of a home. We are a young family with 2 children under 3 and we aren't in a position to buy for several years. We will therefore have to rent for quite some time. In the UK we have a very secure rented house, we rent from family and have no risk of having to move. What I would like to know is how long a standard lease is if landlords often decide to sell? Are we likely to be able to find a property (Sunshine Coast) where we can plan on staying for several years (at least 5)? It seems that a lot of properties are owned by a developer, which I imagine increases security as they aren't private landlords as such? Thanks!